There and Back Again, By Karen Neuls

The true test of time can come in our lives when we truly commit to walking the path of the yellow brick road or as some may say the Road to Enlightenment.  When we click our heals asking to find that place called home, the place we once knew, within our hearts we know the truth, yet to be revealed to the naked eye as once was, and is yet to come again in our hearts, knowing the power has always been inside of us, we just had to discover it for ourselves.

An adventure like no other I have just completed on my journey without having any idea what I was in for.  As a teacher of Reiki over the last 6 years, as well as learning and teaching others to love from their hearts as well as mine, to forgive, heal and help us soar over the rainbow where all our wishes come true……I myself must walk this path. For within my heart lies all hearts of the comic love and oneness that we all share. Our own Hero of Salvation.

Along this path, I share authentically with you my true experience, my honest and vulnerable feelings, happy, sad, angry, confusion and love and gratitude.  So you will feel it all.  If you aren’t ready consciously to read this, I will state that only those for their highest good be able to read, as I find this to be very sacred and I love and honor each and every one of you.  To never be afraid again for who we are.

Day 1

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” — Zeus (Hercules)

So my journey begins,  with my dear friend, as we are about to embark driving through the mountains to Vancouver B.C to see very highly attuned and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn,  and amazing enlightening master who I have love watching and learning from these last few years.  We were both so excited as we actually got to go see him in person!  He has a book out called Whatever arises, love that, and it is impeccable!  If you are ready for some big shifts in your heart, I highly recommended it.

Now I have done much healing already in my life at this point, teaching Reiki, integrating energy around the world, healing a lot of my past lives and doing the work as well as many  healing courses in the past,  all feeling shifts usually before or during,  but this was nothing like I have ever experienced and why I am stating this.  YAY!  Let’s go on an initiation that tests the sands of time and much more!  Oh the places we will go…although I didn’t’ know it yet!

 Our drive started out so beautiful entering the Rocky Mountains feeling so free and happy, so excited feeling the expansive energy and feelings of gratitude of what was yet to come!  I had already seen in my Akashic records I was going to be at this event so I was very excited!  Even just spending some girl time with my friend, chatting away being able to be our authentic selves.  The weather started to snow, fairly wet and the roads started to get a little yucky, the most between Golden B.C to Revelstoke. By the time we got to one of the mountain passes in the Rocky Mountains, it was getting pretty yucky and I could feel all the semi drivers just pushing you with such intense energy. Life is a Highway…the highway to heaven…and boy we were going there!  It didn’t feel good. I knew all was well, we were complelty safe and we were so happy taking our time.  Trying to relax the best I could as I drove, unsure of the energy I was feeling.

Just then, my mother is phoning me on my cell phone, and she is frantic.  She tells me there is a huge weather warning for Vancouver Island and Vancouver, a huge 3 day Typhoon, where they were predicting the power to go out, trees to be broken and the prediction that this was going to be the worst storm they have ever had. With everything that is happening around the world right now this was a big concern. I MUST turn around my mother had said.   There was no convincing her, I must listen….as I am driving on winter roads, ice and semi’s pushing me, my mom is saying this.  The Fear has surrounded me.

I sat there for a few moments, listening to this, thinking…..” How could this be”?  I had seen this in my own Akashic records that I would be at Matt Kahn?  I am also following my heart?  What is the true lesson?   I didn’t’ want to drive into a typhoon storm, especially in Vancouver….so maybe I was to sit and truly listen to what my lesson is. It did stump me some.  If anything this was like the tornado to OZ, and the whirl wind of scenarios s just to get to Matt and it was going all off in my head!  Fear was liking me at this stage.  Not long after I had seen on the road a dark fiqure around that same time, no coincidence I am sure.   I told my mom lovingly,   I wasn’t going to turn around, if anything we would head to Kelowna and spend a few days there.   And just like that, the music from Metallica, I felt this storm settling within, semi’s pushing me, a crap load of snow on the road,  my mom pulling me back and my ego and mind eating me alive.   What do I do? My inner knowing told me we would be fine, as I have done this many times before,   but my ego and fear was starting to have the best of me.  You see,  I am a very compassionate soul,  and I love people so much I used to just give in to make them feel better and forget about my own heart of what perhaps I wished I could do. Unconditionally this was a true test, plus my mom and me have always had a beautiful relationship, filled with love and joy. So this was very uncomfortable for me to disappoint her.  I also knew this is where I would have to stand in my power like I have never had to before. Telling my husband I was unhappy in my marriage and leaving was way easier than this obstacle, so this was big. So Hello Scarecrow…which way do I go?

So off we went to Kelowna, thinking well maybe we will know by tomorrow, and my dear friend who was holding space for me during this trip knew deep down also we would be fine, but was also very happy to do whatever I wanted.  Her comment was…….well the Typhoon is there because Matt is coming….YA!  Very right, big storm, big initiation, means beautiful rainbows and healing energy for all.  We just need to get there and TRUST!

This test, was more of me not to disappointment my mom, and that I must give in my power of what I feel is right. I need to be a good girl and listen to my mom. I have written and created a whole series of healing retreats all based on the journey of the yellow brick road, finding the love, wisdom and courage and to realize we have had the power all along,  as a compassionate hero who can only save ourselves. This has all come from the child inside of me and the divine guiding me what to do.  This does make sense to me of healing that huge part of me.  Although on a conscious level, my mom didn’t mean this, it was fully energetic what I was feeling..  She loves and cares like any mom would and never would want their baby to get hurt, let alone drive into a Typhoon!   There was something that was going to happen at Matt Kahn that she didn’t want me to do, but wasn’t aware of it consciously. Again as I always have said in my teachings, the people who love us the most will give us the biggest tests and lessons, so to love them for who they are!   See when we start this healing journey, it does affect everyone in our lives, and it was just an unsettling feeling she was having.  Little did she know that this would be very good for her and for the world.

We arrive in Kelowna, find a hotel, and as I am standing on the ground,  my legs energicatlly were shaking, I could feel so much energy,  and I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.  My friend affirmed with me that it was ok, as I was just shifting (breaking open it felt like, huge waves of energy fields…I can’t quite describe it).  A feeling I have never felt. It felt like my root chakra was opening. Something was happening anyway, as I was searching for crystals, oils, and thing to make me feel safe. I didn’t feel secure at all and I couldn’t ground.

That evening after checking into our hotel room in Kelowna,  I am already feeling the presence of may souls asking to go into the light, as I tend to get this and is a part of my path to help souls into the light.…something I have seen since I was a child,  I just shut it down because I didn’t ‘understand it and was afraid. ..More and more souls came as we both agreed to help them the more huge the line up became!    We did a beautiful little ceremony,  and then I saw to bring down a pillar of white light over the entire hotel…… we did, lovingly, ….and then some nasty looking dark forces also came as they didn’t like me so much and what I was doing,  but they vanished. Hopefully into the light.  Some souls choose to stay as they do have free will, but I feel these ones did go.  So just a little tired and ready for bed. Oh my, the work we do and the places we go!

That was Day 1

Day 2

You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…..Get on your way!!!  -Dr.Seuss-

Well I didn’t sleep much, thinking well. This hotel is really happy now and know that I think about it, it was asking to be cleared, as I heard “Holiday Inn” when we arrived that evening…….being in service in the light of God!  Goodness but good!  It truly fills my heart to help souls cross over into the light and to be even part of something so fulfilling.  I don’t go looking for it, I just learn to embrace it if I am meant to serve.

Let’s go!!!


Starbucks, Gas and I guess we are going ahead…the weather warnings were still not good, but I said to my friend, we will take it slow, if we aren’t meant to be there,  we won’t.   We can spend time in Hope B.C and turn around if need be. Truly deep down I was worried, even though my inner knowing knew to trust, like I said I have done many things before where I learn to trust…if the Divine says to do something, I do it…but know I am thinking storm. Like Mother Earth storm…not fun. And not sure what to think.

It is such a beautiful drive through the mountains and I was starting to understand why we were supposed to drive, as the supportive energy of mother earth was helping us both clear before we got to Vancouver and it was all part of the healing for both of us.…and when the mountains and trees know you can see them…they show themselves to you. You can see them smiling, dancing in the wind, like the wind in the willows, dragons behind the clouds and the mists.  So happy we are in this moment, thanking mother earth for all that she does and is doing in this time of need. Still with some deep fear within my ego and self still worried what was ahead, I kept driving trusting more than I have ever had to.   This is BIG…that’s all I knew. What the heck is going to happen I kept thinking! There were no expectations, and even no intentions.

As we get higher again in mountain tops,  its snowy again and the roads are sort of yucky,  my friend notices a crow who is flocking about, puffing himself up, and she gets a message from the crow, that we need to be careful ahead with the white semi that is in front of us.   So I carefully and safely passed him, and we just didn’t’ make any eye contact.

That was easy…”not sure what that was about”. I thought. About ½ hour later, I wanted to stop in the next town to make sure we had enough gas… so we pulled in to this town.   We could both feel the energy, and it didn’t feel good or welcoming. A very yucky feeling.   I kind of thought…oh well, there was no place to turn around, so let’s just get gas real quick and leave.  I pulled into the first gas station that I saw, both of us feeling sort of uneasy….unbalanced is the word I would like to describe it.  There was a women working there, sweeping the sidewalks, slowly and creepy is how I am going to describe it.  She was a zombie of some sort and I just knew to stay away and pay for the gas at the pump. I already knew not to go into the gas station. I starting filling up with gas as my friend also got out of the truck.  She pointed out to me, she didn’t feel right but we decided to hurry and get the heck out of here.   AS I was filling up with gas, another crow was gawking above, and wouldn’t stop. He was loud.  I felt like I was in a horror movie all of a sudden, and was trying my hardest to get this gas going!!   I swear the gas was flowing so slowly………in fact I believe my words copied Chandler’s off of Friends.  “Could this gas BE any slower”.  Goodness sakes what the heck!!!  I quickly went to the washroom, trying not to pay attention to the people, and swiftly back into the truck.

YUCK is all I could feel, not judging this energy, but just the feeling of darkness and sadness. Happy to be going again, feeling safe,  upon leaving I could feel so much heartache there,  much sadness and they must be needing so much love and light. Blessing and sending love to this town as we were leaving and when it felt right.   I heard later this town has a lot of suicides there, so it would be make sense of the energy we were feeling.  So many lost souls and darkness.  So thank you for allowing me to see this and be able to bless the world with more love, peace and harmony, making this world a better place.  Peace starts with me…although at this time I wasn’t feeling no peace.

Phewwwww….on the highway again, my friend and I laughing at our adventure already. Thinking WTF… trying not to think about this typhoon,  what the heck I am doing, but still trusting deep down all is well.  I am following my heart, I have my Tin Man, I have seen myself there already……and we are good.  I am convincing myself at this point.   My dear friend was so amazing helping me with this journey,  as she was holding space for me,  as I was helping her also supporting her on this trip. I heard from my heart to take her and pay for this trip for her to be able to even come. So talk about trusting,  I am getting better trusting in the supportive universe when god tells us to do something, so even with my debt still and taking my friend as well,  I was trusting.  I will say it always does come back to you. And it did!

As we were driving up another mountain not far from the town…climbing higher, and higher…….I see the hood of my truck flapping in the wind going over 100Km/Hour……..HOLY SHIT…….as I am driving on the highway waiting for the hood to smash the window. So just imagine flying monkeys swarming around my truck, trying to lift the hood so I will stop going and the wicked witch flying around telling me to surrender and turn back!  No kidding!   I was just about to pull over, and the WHITE SEMI was in my way, so I had seen him…if not we could have hit him.   That was the warning from earlier.  There was no side to pull over, so lucky there was no one behind us, and my friend jumped out so fast and closed the hood.  Thank you Fear, wow you are really eating me up at this time. 

WHAT THE FLIP is the word I will say!  …….although those really weren’t my words.  What kind of darkness was that…….something doesn’t want us at Matt Kahn this weekend.  This fear…is eating me up. Holy Shit…… know my mind goes this way….gotta love the fear and trust me by the end of this journey…I do love it!   


“THAT WAS A SIGN”  “ F__K”. “What the HELL”.  I am verbally saying this to my friend.

Ok,  Breathe………we are safe,  we are fine….I am super super grateful we were truly safe and our guides were protecting us always.( I am trying to convince myself of this still but still thinking what the heck, as I was told to go to Matt Kahn! ) Love everything that arises…ok Matt I am coming to see you!    Nothing bad would have happened and the light already knew and was prepared.  What an amazing lesson!!!

I can say that now!

This is starting to become a huge initiation,  not only earth bound, but all the elementals….air, fire, water, earth and spirit and Karen!.  Hello my courageous Lion, I am needing you now. You see when we are walking and doing the work, we will have initiations to pass, some small and some insanely large like this one….. Back in my heart……..still in my head………thinking. Who knows what.  My ego starts to go even darker now, and I am resenting coming, and I can’t turn around because my friend is with me.  And let me tell you, what a beautiful amazing friend, I know why she was the one to go with.  She honored the space I was in, as I was healing something big, which was about to bring big healing…although I had no idea what yet.  Some may call it the a journey of a thousand miles.

We loved the drive coming into the mountains by Hope B.C.  What a magically place so filled with love and healing energy.   I was seeing signs of my creative writing of my new courses I will be teaching and Archangel Hope herself is in this course. Now I had confirmation I was on the right track.  Pretty neat when you can see things before they happen, and then have that validation.   

We stopped and ate lunch in Hope B.C,   and also letting my mom know we are safe, the weather was just a little rainy.  I was really feeding the fear now as this was my last chance to back out.  I can’t believe how powerful that can overtake you when you get to that place….even when your consciousness awareness is already quite awake.  I sent a message to a friend from Vancouver Island asking her what it was like there… usually the news makes a raindrop into a monsoon….and no…it was crazy stormy, really bad winds and she said to be safe as she was staying inside.………again WTF Universe!  This just was the last decision to get to Vancouver now that is next!!!  I can’t turn back now. I was brave and told my mom I was going ahead but I would be safe and thanked her so much for her love and keeping me safe. I complimented her for her beauty, love, wisdom and courage to help me and to trust in me J  It was beautiful as her last email was to me…I trust you J   Look what love can do.

I decided to continue, gripping my steering wheel, and looking everywhere for signs………To make matters even more fun,  I forgot my GPS back home.  We kept driving knowing I was going to enter Vancouver……really a Typhoon??  I have been trusting pretty deeply in my path already,  trusting in everything I have been asked to do, letting go of the fear but this one……..was a little tad BIG.    We stopped just after Chillawack,  and the weather wasn’t too bad, some wind and rain… except the street we went down to get a coffee had no power with a tree broken down…..and again…..” is that a sign” ???  

Where the flip is my Glinda and my guides telling me if this is good to go. I am not getting signs, I see power outages and trees broken down!!   I am asking for signs and they aren’t coming.    Wind blowing like crazy now where I can’t almost see the road because the rain is coming down so hard. There was no way I could ground.  The weather was really bad as we were driving closer to the Ocean.  I was hoping that when we go there it would be fine and that was my sign.  But Nope!

Karen get crazy?  Karen get hostile?  No,  not Karen………she is a sweet little girl! A KareBear,  This was the beast within the beauty of Karen……GOODNESS, and I know we all have it and I was embracing it!

I love it!  I really do.   I loved that I could go to that place truly with my friend and heal what was meant to be healed with no judgement…….just wasn’t feeling the love at that time!

I told my friend…….since the storm is supposed to be in Metro Vancouver as well…that maybe we should stay more away from the storm.  My friend thought that was ok to do,  although she did say if we stay closer to the Unity Church,  then we don’t’ have to worry about driving in the storm as far.  I was so unsure what to do.  This was no easy test or lesson! 

I had downloaded an app on my phone so we could get directions,  and thought  maybe we could stay in Burnaby instead…….so as we were entering into Burnaby, there was so much heavy rain and wind,  but it wasn’t really bad…..but I was thinking the worst of the storm hasn’t hit yet. 

It felt like Metallica again!   What was my mom going to say!  GOOD GOD.  I knew I would be safe deep down, but such a big shift to work through. I can’t disappoint and feel shameful for not listening. And I am 40 years old…hello little Karen again!  Healing the Inner Child like never before!  Again if I am going to serve and teach in the light of the Divine.. I have to walk it.

We drove by the hotel in Burnaby….and it didn’t feel right at all…not a good area of town…..Yucky again……so only one option left…..close to the Unity Church in Vancouver…but still out of the Metro.  

There was so much traffic and we kept getting rerouted,   and it wasn’t flowing!  I said to my friend………IT’s NOT FLOWING…this is another sign………when we are on track…things flow 😉  Now as I see ourselves on the Polar Express needing that Hope to truly believe in all of our hearts, and the train at this time is on ice on the water with the ice breaking underneath it…not knowing if the train will get through it……..but this was me, my friend and my truck.  I think there was a tree that had fallen over so we couldn’t keep driving, traffic everywhere….in my eyes it was way worse.

What am I doing here?   I started telling my friend……” You know what…..I am fine either way,  I would be just as happy to turn around,  because I know we are always on the right path…..regardless…..and it’s not wrong to turn around.  YUP…my heart says……..this isn’t right, I am ok to go..i will love myself regardless. I can love that too. I bet this is the lesson!

YA…no…. We did end up at the Hotel in Vancouver, praying that there would be rooms as I had switched hotels from the Metro. A little more than I wanted to spend…but I didn’t really give a crap at this time.    The wind was less now and just a little rain, Burnaby was worse, so that gave me some comfort.  I thought, well, we will just make sure we have lots of gas, food and water, if the whole city goes out of power, etc.   Then I knew we could be prepared and safe.

We just had enough time to check in, and quickly freshened up.   I for the first time in my life, didn’t care what I looked like…and for those of you who know me…this is Big.  I wore my comfy second day travelling clothes, and didn’t fix my makeup or hair….I was so exhausted.  Oh well, Matt Kahn, I know you love everything, and this time it didn’t matter.  I didn’t care. It was like I was going with no armour…just my REAL self that was blown the crap open to get here.   I was mad at the Universe at this time, as I needed to be grounded and I was so excited to go to this event…why was this happening.  I can’t go there flustered and ungrounded.  This was so big for me and it felt like a reunion of some sort in my heart filled with love. Why was it like this?

We arrive at the Unity Church,  having to wait outside as there was a line up starting, I think around 400 people were coming…and I was watching everyone else…none of them seemed to be concerned which gave me some comfort.  You see I was looking outside myself for answers….  The big storm was to hit that evening.   Funny as we waiting outside the church, the sun comes out and everything is still.  Thank you God, I really did need this.      YAY…Ok maybe this is right………LOL Yes it is right Karen!!!!!  Just a tad of a relief.  I entered feeling grounded, balanced and knowing not to be afraid as we are all born to do this.  Thank you Joan of Arc.  No fluffy stuff when you have powerful guides with you…jeepers.

What an amazing evening, we were almost one of the first 50 people in the church, and everyone was filled with so much love, I could feel it.  We found really great seats, where we could see Matt Kahn nice and close.  And then such a beautiful miracle, as Matt Kahn is standing there, greeting everyone at the front of the church…I was so surprised to see this…how beautiful this was.  So I jumped in line, so excited and emotional all at the same time.  I was going to let myself receive…as usually I would say to myself,. Others need that more than me.   That was like one of my many wishes coming true.  I got to hug him and talk to him briefly, and I told him I never even expected this at all. He said…this is what he does.  I felt loved.  I have seen many spiritual teachers make strong boundaries so my heart was so filled and it felt right. Thank you God that was so worth it. If he only knew what it took for me to get here…and I think he might of because he gave me and my friend a really neat look…:)  LOL  Maybe not, but it seemed like it.   What a miracle and a gift.  I can still feel today how much that impacted me!  That was worth driving in the storm.

It was such a beautiful evening, I could see the stage that Matt and Julie were sitting on, and I could see the stage was filled with green healing light…almost like Matt was the wizard, along my journey in OZ, but he was real, not behind a curtain or veil , and I knew that deep in my heart, I still had to make my own journey in my heart home, to find the power that was always within me.  I have seen Jesus many times along my path, and as I closed my eyes to feel the energy, I had seen him with this thorns on his head, but all in green.  In fact in the audience there was green auras around the room, as I believe Jesus was helping them heal.   I really loved seeing this, Christ, who I have seen many times, but this time it felt a sense of knowing that I was safe and that I could really trust. What true heart opening experiences.  When we walk in the light, the darkness will always be there, pulling you apart and it is a part of truly trusting to walk and not let the darkness to pull you away from your heart.  I have felt so much love and support within me and all around me.  Thank you.

So back to the Unity Church with Matt Kahn and no ego, Matt, Jesus the divine and love enlightens us all.   The beautiful teaching and talk I had listened to,  helped me see, that by saying no to my Mother, made her sit in her fear, but was also healing something deep down inside of her,  and also within me. That it was ok to follow my heart and trust in the divine, even if others cannot understand, and yes doing so, also helps them trust and follow their hearts.  Even since then, I have really had to say No to more and more people, relationships, and not in bad ways, just in a way that my heart says to move on and to keep serving the light and yellow brick road where I am supposed to be going, and in doing so, others will find the light within them.  It felt so loving, so right and so fulfilling.   Little did I know the next day Matt was going to clear all ancestral lineages, and soul contracts, and would make sense why the Typhoon was there as well as why my mother didn’t want me going?  It was a soul convergence of healing.  So beautiful.  AMEN! 

Day 3

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!  So this is Love, So this is what makes life divine- Cinderella

Well, I slept better, finally as when we got back to the hotel that night, but still shifting through so much of an awakening that my body was still quite tired.  Still the storm warning was on and again I am hearing…the worst is yet to come……

One more full day being able to spend with my dear friend and Matt and Julie.  We had a great breakfast, and our beautiful waitress reminded us that the storm warning was back on, and it was going to be full force tonight!! The worst part was coming now. Wonderful.

Hmm…ok well I knew we were supposed to be here now, at this point,  with so much validation that today would also be a good day!

The energy was much different the second day, new people, some probably from the Friday night, but it was how it was supposed to be!  Matt and Julie brought love to the table.  It also was raining and windy outside, no sun like I had hoped. 

Again, such a beautiful day with so much enlightening energy, love and fulfillment.  I sat there feeling proud of me, loving this moment and everyone around me, loving myself for all of my journeys, and especially this one.  I have had already done a lot of healing along my path,  had many enlightening experiences, healing much karma, learning to set myself free from the old, having compassion for all souls and learning the gift of the gratitude and blessings that resides in our hearts so my soul was ready for this. I get it.

The afternoon comes, when it is almost time for Matt to “repeat after me” integrational energy and healing, is what I like to call it.   I look outside the windows above and the wind is blowing really hard and you can see the trees and branches hitting up against the church.  It was the FEAR, and my fear trying to make me afraid one last time, at the moment when Matt helped clear our ancestral lineages and soul contracts.  The energy was very powerful, and healing all at the same time.  I have never been around someone so enlightened and compassionate yet, and I love being and learning from people who I would like to become. Who I get and resonate with.   I do know as I have seen and learnt, that a spiritual teacher can only take you as far as they have gone, and being around people who you would like to become fills yours heart with even more cosmic love.  Always listen to your heart.  Amen again!

  Thank you truly, Thank you. 

 Day 4

-Not all those who wonder are lost- J.R.R Tolkien

Ready to leave Vancouver.  Well, something deep inside of me was really ready to leave Vancouver…I was baked, cooked and done ! Ding goes the Bell, or truly Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead!   Hooray, we are on our way! Fulfilled but done.  My friend was hoping to put her feet in the Ocean, but as we looked outside, it was rainy and cold, and we decided it didn’t’ feel right.  I told her perhaps we will find a waterfall on the way home and stop there.

As we crossed the Port Mann Bridge, currently the second longest cable-stayed bridge in North America , I could see we could use this bridge,  as it was like a huge pillar of light with two large cable built triangles pointing up to sky. I told my friend, lets intend that this bridge amplify our healing, it’s a tool. Anything we need to anchor or let go, allowing the universe to do the work, whatever that may be. We surrendered and were open. The first part of the bridge we could both feel a large amount of energy coming down from source, clearing and anchoring us perhaps, and the second part of the bridge was like it was lifting us up and stretching our bodies even higher than before almost like reaching up to the heavens above.  Very cool feeling, as we thanked the Universe and the Bridge, the water and ocean below and the Earth.   It was done. Now we feel free and cleared.

Off back to Hope B.C, and just before we arrive I see a waterfall on the right, with cars below, which looked like a small little path.  There is our waterfall…and in such a beautiful space in the mountains.  There is something very sacred about Hope B.C and the supportive energy that resides there.  You can feel it.

My friend and I drove quickly into town, got gas, and some food to recharge before heading to the water fall.  At that time, when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, comes up for us. I love Jiminy Cricket! We thought we would meditate by the waterfall, which would be so heavenly, especially after our intense last couple of days, and then it turned into the divine asking me to channel a meditation at this waterfall…which I was very happy to do, and working so beautifully with Archangel Gabriel and Hope, I was really excited, not knowing what, but I would just go with the flow. 

My goodness, so excited, a little rainy but all good.  My little girl inside of me was finally feeling joy on this trip. We had our umbrellas and water bottles, and of course to hopefully collect some of the water as well.   I am starting to understand through past experiences, that it is so beautiful when we truly allow God to guide us, and the places we truly do go, the experiences and miracles that seem to come, without looking or planning, and knowing that truly it isn’t too far from your own back yard as Dorothy would say.  And really a waterfall…what are the chances.  One thing about this trip…just taking note, it was very much amplified and whatever we were talking about was coming true!!…just making note!

Hi ho Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go,  seeing nature like we have never seen it before…and let me tell you,  everything was alive, and once we acknowledge that,  many beings and creatures were happy to say hello. It felt so beautiful and your heart just connected to mother earth. We were right in the mountains.  We came across two beautiful large trees, filled with moss and life. The most magnificent white slugs were also around…which truly some sort of divine white were being from other planets…they were defiantly intriguing!   These two large trees we stopped at on our path were doors, one to enter and one to leave.  We stopped and asked if we could enter.  Now many people would walk this path, maybe some aware of the energy and some may not.  I heard yes, and as I did, I heard the gates to heaven.   Exciting!

   The path seemed to be taking longer than I thought, getting deeper into the woods and looking ahead, oh yay baby…my fear came back.  You see I am very afraid of Bears, and Grizzly Bears! I thought this hike was going to be easy and the waterfall looked so close.  I am hiking in a forest…which I will never do…with just an umbrella and a water bottle.  What freaked me out, as before I had stated that everything we had talked about was coming true…….and YES oh YES…we did talk about grizzly bears and them chasing us in dreams…………..HOLD ON!  NO WAY UNIVERSE!  NO FLIPPING WAY!  I AM not going to see a grizzly bear…………NO!  I am serious, as truly everything we were saying was coming true….. My beautiful friend who loves the woods, says to me…well if we are meant to see one, it will be ok!  

NO NO NO NO NO!  I don’t’ flipping care Universe!   NO NO NO. I will not do this meditation….How the hell do you think I will be grounded enough to do a meditation if I see a bear!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I won’t do it. I won’t do it!  My little girl in me was mad!

My friend so sweet, says we will be fine.  At this point I didn’t even trust her, and I had said to her. Hold on.  I need to check.  So I asked, and sure enough, my body expanded and it felt very safe.  Then I was fine. 

Just a short walk up,  I had seen the water fall,  and my little girl inside of me was so excited, I started running, totally forgetting about the bear thing,  and wanted to race up to the waterfall. I could feel it.  I didn’t even wait for my friend. It felt like a piece of home for me.  I have been to many waterfalls in the past, but there was something different about this one.

As we arrive to this waterfall…it was like a waterfall I have never seen, so pure and clean. The Gates of Heaven we stood at, as even as I type this now, my heart opens like I never felt before.  Very healing.  It was peace, harmony, love.  I cried, and cried as I stood there at the knowing, the feeling,  after all I have just gone through, hardly slept,  fighting my biggest battle yet and trusting so deep,  finances and all.  It was home.  Home in my heart.  I cannot explain it fully…but I see it as the image within Lord of the Rings, at Rivendell, the Elven realm in Middle Earth…where the Elves lived. The gratitude and the light I felt in my heart will always be there and so grateful that I can share this with others in their hearts too.   I didn’t even once think about Bears again.  I felt so safe. I felt home.

I saw white beings walking all over the place with my eyes open and one in particular  that looked like Orlando Bloom as Legolas  saying hello,  mythical  creatures,  and within the water fall.  It’s like we stepped into a portal into another world. Except me and my friend were awake and very aware.  Archangel Hope and the Christ light washing away my fears, cleansing my aura, body and soul.  I stood there channelling a meditation, recording this on my phone, allowing the sound of the waterfall to be in the background. The water was quite shallow, standing in the water, cleansing my feet, feeling the hope, the courage, the love and the wisdom within.  Thank you for this miracle.  The meditation is intended to allow others as well as myself to wash away our fears, to truly trust and hearing the water from the waterfall in the background was very cleansing and purifying.   I was allowed to take some healing water back with me, so grateful and again so fulfilled.  I had this feeling in my heart of so much love, and for myself too… for taking these steps, for trusting each and every time.  It is so worth it, and so freeing, like your own salvation within. A true love that has awakened me to love.   The mediation  I played  at my last Reiki Masters Class, and my heart chakra had to come in quite a bit for them to even receive the meditation  as I was also needing to hold space,  so I knew this was quite an expanded meditation.  I will know when to use it. 

We both ended up be allowed to take a staff from this sacred land, walking out of the woods, becoming the magician and sorceress. Allowing Gandalf to be with us. Our beautiful guide Orlando Bloom said goodbye and I feel his words were Thank you.   Perhaps as you read this, you can feel this peace as well.   

Off back to Kelowna,  to stay one more night, as we have sort of lost time when we were in the woods,  hours and hours went by without us evening knowing it.

We arrive just before supper and the road back was smooth and flowed beautifully.  I felt so much gratitude and excitement.   We checked into our Hotel, which I had reserved before we left and it felt like a good place to stay.  Right downtown, close to the water and restaurants.  We went up to our room, entered and as I placed one of my bags on the floor, my meditation bells clinked together.  I knew the room had to be cleared, which I usually do anyway.  My eyes went right for the closet doors, as I can still see them now, wooden dark brown doors.  Something was in there, not sure what, but it was hiding. My friend said. Let’s go ask if they have another room, as yes it doesn’t feel right here.

So sure, let’s be honest and tell the clerk why.  I have learnt not to be afraid without saying too much also.  I told the lady at the front desk I am fairly intuitive with energy and something just doesn’t feel right in that room, and I am curious if they had anything else.  Of course there wasn’t unless I wanted to upgrade to a suite.  WE decided to go take a look at it and then see.   This room was way better, you could breathe in it, which was a huge difference from the other room that felt suffocated. .  SO we decided to take it.

We went and gathered our things from the second floor, walking our way to the elevator to go to the fifth floor when I could see this thing…this energy from the first room standing beside my friend. It was following us.  OK!  Another person I guess that wants to go into the light. No worries, I am quite used to this and it is fulfilling. It’s just the work we do!!  Serving God…no biggy! No pun intended when I say no biggy. but so fulfilling!

Although this was a little different.  As we both entered the elevator, my friend all of a sudden went into so much pain………and of course my eyes grew larger…like WTF again…something I was used to thinking on this trip!   This energy had touched my friend and it wasn’t so nice.   My travels are always interesting…but not like this one.

OK…..sure more fear why not……..seriously why not Karen….let’s just embrace it all!  jeeze louise I thought after all that peaceful heavenly stuff I was done……..except this time a new Karen came out.  I became serious. I was so flipping done. Love and Light my ASS.  One beautiful thing as a Karuna Reiki Master, the symbols you can use as tools, can really help assist you. SO out came the big guns.   Ghost busters here we come…except I had no idea what to do!  I had thrown a symbol on the outside of the door before we entered, intending that this “THING” whatever it was, was not coming in with us. 

We entered the room, closed the door and just started working.  I had some holy salt I had made that I use in my bath water to help cleanse my aura…expect I was running it along the door and the 4 large windows,  my friend was sageing and using her sound instruments.   You should have seen us…LOL.   It’s pouring rain outside and you could hear this dark energy outside our windows, trying to get in. It was like its nails were scrapping on the windows.   OMG.  So picture the new ghostbusters movie…with the first female ghost that’s behind the door….exactly like that and trying to get in our room.  So hears the lesson!

As my friend then has to sit on the bed as she still doesn’t feel good, I am standing there in the middle of this hotel room….crazy tired already from this trip……..and having NO idea what to do.  No love and light shit happening at all.  Even reiki lightning bolts weren’t working.

I gave up and I surrendered.   Universe DO THIS.  I remember in one of Matt Kahns teachings,  he had said…when you don’t know what to do………give it to the universe I know this when I am healing and doing sessions…but this was different and a tad larger.!  SO that’s what I did!  My hands went into the air and I yelled out loud and very strongly, and very pissed…I believe my words were this…as my heart is still beating as I type this now.   Matt Kahns says to give it to you…… universe do it!   Archangel Michael, band of mercy and whatever else get down here and do it!  I don’t know what to do…so do it.

Instantly it was like a beam of light and energy was coming down (like you just had to push an APP on your phone ) over the entire hotel and my boots were strapped down with metal loops that came out of the ground.  All I had to do was stand there and hold space.  Holy shit balls Batman…the Universe means business.   I am sure I stood there for about 10-15 min or so, I couldn’t move.  My feet were so heavy.  I could feel the energy softening, as this energy was really fighting. You could still hear this thing outside.  This was an angry lady who must have died and has lived in darkness for quite some time. As more light was coming in  I had asked that her soul families in the light come to her,  allowing her to see the purity and innocence that she is,  one with the divine,  feeling unconditional love, and blessing her with love.  She finally went into the light and it was done.  Baked, cured with love and Done.  Easy Bake Oven!  LOL …is that what we did as kids?

I guess I picked up the staff at the gates to heaven and had to turn into Gandalf,  basically telling the dark energy you may not pass……and then baked it with an app from above! 

My first poltergeist.  My friend says to me, well the hotel is happy is fully cleared now.  I have no words.  Except my thoughts…oh GOD..i just spent more money to upgrade to a suite, to still bust a ghost, and I hope I can charge you for this God.   All in all,  it always comes back to us,  as I have seen this time and time again,  it’s just sort of funny in the end.  Charge it please!!   On another note,  so cute as later I did share this story with a friend, and she said to me…why didn’t you stay in the last hotel you cleared in Kelowna…………..HA!  Well, truly I know why as everything is all planned out. But that would been much simpler. It didn’t even cross my mind.  I guess Kelowna needs a few hotels cleared, in service of the light of God, it makes sense.  Walking the path isn’t simple and you never know what you are going to get along your way, but a deep knowing you are always protected and loved when you walk and are in service.

Where is our reality show I say to my friend…REALLY.  She laughs and says,  Karen,  the world isn’t quite ready for this.  We chuckled.

As we went to sleep that night, we could both see very large guides at each window and doors protecting us, as I had also asked and basically demanded this. I feel like all of my chakras have been blown open, I have hardly had anytime to meditate, sleep and feel grounded, since I have left on this trip and still couldn’t wait to get home.  I needed this, and so it was.

Day 5

You’ll have bad times, but it will always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to…Good Will Hunting.

Had a beautiful breakfast in the hotel before we checked out, and funny enough the manager came up to us asking how our night was.  I said it was very interesting, and thanked them very much. Nothing needed to be said.

As we were leaving Kelowna I had hoped that we could stop at a Crystal Wholesale Warehouse that I have heard great things about. You usually need an appointment to go, and I was unsure, but lucky enough when I phoned someone had just cancelled 2 min before I called, so we were in!  Very Divine. 

We arrived at this beautiful crystal heaven filled with many crystals, and again me and my friend lost track of time, feeling quite the buzz from the “Crystal Vault” but we had lots of fun and ended up buying a few little gems to take home with us.

Nothing like this journey and energy all in one to say the least, but somehow I know God only gives us what we can handle.

We ended up only making it to Golden B.C, as I have been driving this whole trip as well, and was tired. I really wanted to get home, but I couldn’t go any further. After last’s night episode I was really hoping for our last night to be better.  Our sleep was interrupted that night with some sort of electoral energy, that wasn’t happy but wasn’t really bad either.  Our room was beside the electoral room, and some sort of negative energy wasn’t happy and was happy to show itself to us…as I laid there so tired I was just sending it love and light.  My friend and I starting talking and we were both dreaming of our crystals we had bought and those from the warehouse, and the same ones.  They were talking to us as we were sleeping, so I guess we weren’t really sleeping.  I don’t think I have slept yet on this trip.  What sweethearts these crystals were! 

What I have learnt….is the dark energy if it comes at you or to you it is wanting to go into the light. I have been in many places, even deep into New Orleans, where the dark is so dark it hides, as it is choosing to stay. Again God will give you only what you can handle,  and I have been teaching and walking my path for a little while now, extensive healing, trusting  each level of ascension just brings on new things,  becoming the lightworker, learning to Become it, instead of accessing it. Being a leader and teacher to help others do the same.  Working with the Angels and Divine, isn’t all light and fluffy, it’s not.  The path on the highway to heaven is a journey, one we must walk in the light and alone.  And as you learn to love the darkness within yourself, and others, then you have nothing left to be afraid of. It does take a lot of courage and strength to walk this path, but something about when you can open your heart up to how may I serve, seeing the blessings in each and every day, the good, bad and the ugly. It truly does set you free to your own salvation and self-mastery, or what I like to say when I arrived back at my home after this amazing and enlightening journey, knowing now I am clear, free of soul contracts, cleared all of my family lineages and karma to date,, I can begin a new, which makes sense now to me, as what I am teaching and writing about for others, I needed to complete this. The journey to Oz and back, finding the wisdom, the courage and the love within, and that it fills my heart to be able to bless others and fulfill my own heart as well, as I choose and see now things very differently. This is just one journey, as we have many along the yellow brick road,  but I feel after this one,  embracing the fear, I won’t be as afraid anymore, as another light switch came on to understand and see love like I have never seen before.  I get it!

Everyone does need more love and when I am in a situation, I see the gift and it excites me.  For the greatest teachers and people In my life who have hurt me the most have helped me ascend far beyond limitation and conditions and I love them, bless them and thank them, as God is Unconditional love and I can only hope they follow in the footsteps into the light. How we do respond and love makes all the difference in your life!  Fear has changed me, as I understand the Love over Fear and the power it can have in this world to make it a better place.   I am not afraid anymore.  There may be some fear that still comes up, but not a fear that will make me afraid.  I am now ready to teach and enlighten others along their path, through a series of spiritual retreats, which I have been waiting for the green light to GO…something that was seed planted within me as a child,  as I help take them into their own story, through Oz and beyond the limits of time and space, flying above the rainbow with the bluebirds, healing their inner child and becoming the compassionate hero we are all here to be.  All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us…

And to finish and quote…Everything you were looking for was right there with you, all along. -wizard of Oz-

To finish my most favorite words as I entered my home when I arrive back from my trip was this….

“ There’s no place like home”

Thank you.

I love you.

Karen Neuls

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