Love will Always find a way


The Princess shall indeed grow in Grace and Beauty, Beloved by all who meet her -Sleeping Beauty-


How many of us think…am I Sleeping Beauty! Or maybe I am asleep..I wish I could wake up to all the good in my life.  How many of you truly love this fairytale? When the prince saves her with a true loves kiss and she awakens happily every after.

Our whole lives are a story since the day we were born,  our own fairytale,  For the “Truth” wakes up love and lets the heart open its eyes.  Working strongly with Archangel Michael and Athena myself, who work in the temple of truth, can really help you along your path. Ask to visit anytime in meditation or your sleep. For the truth shall set you free in so many ways!  Especially when it comes to true love.  Below I share a healing session that I had just done on a client last week, and it is so beautiful to see the profound healings that can come,  stemming back to our childhood and healing that aspect in our lives.  She was happy to share.  The child is our teacher and by healing that part of ourselves can bring profound changes.  If you think,  almost every fairy-tale starts with the child and ends with love and healing in the end.

As a healer myself, it brings me great joy to be a guide to help others awaken, heal, forgive and embrace their true divinity. Again, I am just a guide helping others along their path and listening to the divine of how may I serve?  For it is up to the client to do the healing work themselves.  No one can do that for you 🙂

This beautiful healing session was filled with infinite self love and innerchild healing.  As I was working on this client,  mother of 4 children,  not much time to rest in our day to day lives, it was so lovely to see this client take a few hours for herself!  How many take that time? Throughout the healing session I am working on her, her right leg feels like it is wooden, not a real leg. Perhaps from past life,  but no real leg at all to move forward in her life.  She mentions,  she does have a really hard time moving forward, asking for help or taking that time for herself. There was a fear there. Perhaps as a child,  she was told to be quiet, and not ask for anything or maybe she was meant to feel bad when she did, so she gave up.    That made sense to her perhaps why she was having such a hard time moving forward.  We looked deeper into this,  as I ended up working on her heart chakra.  She was so afraid to ask for what she is needing,  and afraid her heart will be hurt if she opens up to love. She tells me there are a few people in her life that are needy and she pushes them away, as she is afraid to open her heart up to them. . She then tells me, her and her mother don’t have the best relationship, infact she can’t even tell her mother she loves her.  So this can stem really deep within our heart chakras. The healing and love that we are needing to receive.  She felt as a child that her parents were never there for her,  not at any of her practices or games, whatever she did as a child for sports or events.  You can see how this would affect a child,  and in the eyes of the divine, understanding with compassion,  our whole lives have been written out for us.   We have chosen our parents in order to learn and grow and heal in this lifetime,  healing one’s karma and opening up to the universal cosmic love and to be the REAL US. From above,  all of our higher selves are holding hands and supporting each other. The ones who hurt us the most, love us the most.

I felt guided to place a red rose on her as she is lying on the reiki table,  actually seeing her like sleeping beauty.

We go deeper in her heart charka,  allowing whatever to arise and love as she can at this time.  She is in charge of the healing, and again I am the guide.  Healing sessions come in levels,  each time you receive Reiki,  different aspects of self awareness and healing do come up.  The client then speaks up and says.. she lives through her children,  making sure she is at every game and moment in her children’s life…to make sure they don’t feel left out,  as she did as a child. She wanted them to know how much they are loved.  But the downside is that she is tired, and doesn’t feel balanced at all. Wanting to feel loved.   It was that moment,  that I heard intuitively,  that the one child she is forgetting about and not showing up for is the little girl inside of herself. THAT is the child who needs the love. She is needing to show up for her.   I love Reiki for this,  as it can really bring that self-awareness and healing.  That made total sense to her, another part of awakening.  When we look at self-love. How much do we love ourselves?  It can take a lot of courage to work on self-love and opening up to the compassion, healing and understanding of the WHY!  This is the truth of love we are searching for, that can set us free.

So we went deeper…and I asked her,  do you want to heal your little girl inside of you?  Of course she did, so I felt guided to bring in Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion and Mother Mary of Self love, both helping and healing her heart chakra of this abandonment.  When we look really deep,  we can even abandon ourselves without even knowing.   I asked her, to ask the little girl inside of her to come forth.   Where was she standing in the room?   The client started to cry as she saw herself lying in a casket…not awake.  I told her she wasn’t dead, but she was sleeping…like sleeping beauty. ( which I had already seen her as).  We intended to bring back the child inside of her that was left out,  that was forgotten, and to bring that source of unconditional love back into her heart chakra. It was a piece of love she was needing.  She could now see her little girl floating around the room,  playing,  sitting by a river, smelling the flowers. She looks happy….and we asked if this little girl wanted to come back, to feel the love she is needing to have and receive in her life.

Archangel Gabriel came forth with Mother Mary,  allowing this beautiful little girl to come back and was planted like a seed in the clients womb,  like a new born baby once again that was born , and the client held her in her arms and loved this little girl. Allowing the little girl inside of her to be loved, nurtured, to be awakened. ” I know you, I walked with you…Once Upon a Dream”.

There was more color, the client didn’t see herself as sleeping anymore,  and her right leg was now ready to move forward, whatever that might be along her path.  Trusting in her heart, following her heart, taking time for herself, loving and healing the little girl inside of her,  knowing her children in this lifetime are loved and will be loved, and will learn also to receive the self love they will need in their lives, by their mother focusing more on herself.  It is ok to love yourself, to see the beauty with your eyes open.

How many of you can relate with this in some way.  So now on a higher-level, as we cannot blame those who didn’t love us,  who weren’t there for us for the pain we carry inside of ourselves and that’s why our life is the way it is.  Understanding when see through the eyes of the divine,  through God…that we are all beautiful, we are all loved.   The reason people treat us the way they do,  is because that is how they were treated in their lives.  So for example if someone comes at you making you feeling bad for a decision and make you feel bad, you can use this to your advantage with LOVE! See them as a child screaming out to you,  for the love they haven’t received and they don’t know how to act any differently.   It isn’t right how people act,  but to understand the love that is needed in this world,  and by YOU starting to love your heart, to forgive and heal,  helps all feel loved.  People might not like it,  you might be afraid to hurt others by loving yourself,  but in doing so,  you will help liberate and awaken all.  Don’t be afraid…one step at a time,  and trust me, it is so worth it!

Remember to Dream. For dreams really do come true!

It is always a blessing to inspire and serve you!  I love you

Karen Neuls

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