A dream is a wish your heart makes.

So many blessings and love that have come from the last class I taught in Regina, Saskatchewan.  It never seems to astonish me what the divine can show us and how we can serve when we open our hearts.

Within the healing meditation, I had instantly seen everyone’s guardian angles show up holding their crown chakras,  in this beautiful sacred circle.   Every time I open myself up to the divine to help bring forth healing for others, it always astonishes me and how much we are really truly supported.   Archangel Raphael’s green wings were very present the whole day,  and he was the first one to step through to work on these beautiful women.  He went right for their heart chakra,  and was not only clearing old energy he was placing something inside of each and everyone.   As then just at that moment,  Mother Mary comes forth, as I already knew this was going to be quite a heart awakening day,  even if they didn’t feel it at the time.  It is pretty amazing how much we can hold in our hearts,  and a lot of it isn’t ours.   She showed me that the women were like Cinderella’s,  but they were all locked up in the dungeon, because of their evil step sisters and step mother who were jealous of her.  They were keeping her from being her beautiful self with her gown and didn’t get to go to the ball.  So how can you see this like You?  Do you work so hard, and wonder when is it your time to shine and feel good?  Why can’t you just be part of the group as you have shown so much love for others, and they still continue to hurt you? I share a lot in my workshops and events,  how to become the compassionate hero and to move through this with gratitude and blessings!  Everything is here to help you! Ascended Master Jesus was also very present with us that day in our hearts, and I saw him step forward pulling the thorns out of these women’s heart chakras, taking their hurt away and allowing them to receive more love and to trust in the truth of who they are.  It was so unconditionally loving.

In these moments,  I had seen Mother Mary stitching a Cinderella dress on each and every women in the room.  She was placing and planting seeds not only of love and beauty for these women, but was helping to create a new them,  the real them,  the little girl inside of them that wants to be reborn and live her life,  like a fairy-tale,  but in real life.  How about you?  What is your dream? What color would your dress be?

She then places a glass slipper on their right foot and I see all of these beautiful women filled with inspiration and beauty, ready to take those next steps!  But wait, it gets better!

I ended up changing the music to something more powerful, but still a meditative field of energy.  I love to work with music.  Archangel Michael came in very present, and very powerful.   Sometimes he comes in and I don’t feel as much power, but this time he really had some work to do and I could feel it.    Archangel Michael is the protector angel, or as I like to call him, our knight!  Along my own path,  sometimes I have had to stand like him,  or like Joan or Arc and do what I am shown to do,  to become them.  It has been quite the ride, but all for love,  true love that conquers all!  It’s quite a mission and purpose we all have on this earth!  So I am honoring and recognizing this in all light workers who are rising again on this earth and those who have walked the path before us.

As the energy was increasing, I had seen Michael bring forth his team of white angels and the room was almost filled with so much light.  I knew there was some darkness and old energies that were needing to be removed. ( let’s just call that the wicked step mother and step sisters energy,  so any jealously, anger, sadness, envy, cords, chains, anything that’s not serving their highest good) Archangel Michael was here to help remove and clear.  We could call it like Feng shui…out with the old and in with the new!

Now I know it is always up to the person’s soul and you can never force or do anything that their soul and highest good is not ready to do. This is all part of the healing chain of unconditional love for all.   I ended up walking around the women around the circle,  almost like a ceremony was happening,  and my voice became louder and more powerful as well.  It was like I was winding up the circle,  almost like a Joan or Arc figure, or a knight,  powering up her troops for battle…but I wasn’t prepping them for battle,  it was to allow them to feel the power inside of them,  to break free from the chains that have been stopping them from moving forward,  to not be afraid of who they are and to allow love into their life.  I was placing Karuna Reiki Symbols on each and everyone, whatever I was told, to help assist in the healing and clearing.   It was big!   Then at this moment,  I had seen what Michael was doing,  he showed them the most beautiful place,  a place like Heaven, but here on earth,  a place where all their dreams are, filled with rainbows, waterfalls,  a place that feels like home, with balance, joy and harmony.  He told them he was going to help them take their first step across the bridge.

Just like that,  he held each beautiful women by hand, now with they glass slippers on,  and he showed me,  and some of you will know this feeling.  He showed me a very young child, ready to take it’s first steps.  I started to cry as I was channeling this healing mediation, as I knew this was big and yet so amazing.  When you see a child take it’s first steps,  it is the most amazing miracle,  knowing that child DID it!   And how amazing it feels to experience this.   I was so blown away at how beautiful that was!   For the grand finale,  Archangel Gabriel brought in her cosmic diamond white light of purity in, and showered them with blessings and gifts,  allowing a beautiful white lily to be placed in their hearts, allowing them to feel the innocence and purity that still is within them,  a feeling they might have felt they have lost,  but a reminder of what is and what is to come for them!

As I am also healing, going through my own journey, with love, kindness and courage.  It isn’t always easy, so I always let everyone know they do have the power,  they chose to come to earth as a baby, to be born into this world,  to experience the lessons of life and to learn from them.  We all have our paths written out for us,  you wrote your path,  you choose your parents and every experience in your life, in order for you to learn and grow.  How you choose to handle life is up to you.  You can struggle through life,  and the lessons become harder and louder,  but you will still get there.  Or you can wish upon a dream like Cinderella, believe in the fairy-tale that is in your heart and to open your heart to your true self, become who you really are, and flow through life, loving every experience the best you can,  because it does get better. No matter how much your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, you wish will come true.  You will know how to love and handle the step mothers, step sisters and help them along they way too! All in time!

Each event and class I teach is always different,  and always inspiring and can be quite powerful, but knowing and allowing to be in service of the light,  to ignite the light within others, to remind them and allow them to remember they are an angel too!  To allow them to follow their heart,  become their purpose,  which might be love, peace, balance…whatever it is, it is big!  If you only knew the power we can hold inside and discover for ourselves, and to remember we can wake up and to allow the fairy-tale of True Love Conquers all to become you!

For all events/ mentorships and workshops please visit http://www.reikiresonancehealing.com

May you feel love in your heart like sunny warm days, filled with rainbows, miracles and enchantment!

I love you!   Thank you for being you!

Karen Neuls

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