Angelia, Angel of the Lily

Angelia is a Master, Teacher and Elder that works within the Heart of Lemuria.  She has been a guide that I have known for a very long time on my path,  and to discover only a few years ago,  that she was the Angel of the Lily, born off of the Star of David and works and teaches the children of Lemuria.   This made sense to me,  as a Spiritual Teacher myself, teaching the child, the inner child, helping others find the innocence and purity within them, bringing back our self worth, self love, a higher vibration as well as prosperity in all ways.  And to truly Discover who we truly are!

Let’s begin!

I remember once on my path about 5 years ago, during the time of the big flood in Calgary, Alberta, 2013, I was going to Sedona for a Reiki Crystal Healing Course, which I almost missed my flight of not being able to get to the airport before the freeway flooded.  (Something else I have discovered, and maybe you too..each time I was going to be doing something big…there was a storm of some sort.  Tornados, Typhoon’s, Winter Storms and Floods).  I know now when this happens,  I get excited…as this really means a big shift and also transmutation and tranformation!  Never be afraid, and it’s ok if you sometimes I still go through it but it starts to become a passion of mine and it’s exciting!

When we become passionate about fear, there is no more fear!

SO….. while in Sedona,  I was told from a Man in a Crystal Store that I was from the time of Lemuria.  This was a new place that I have never heard of,  and I was also quite curious.  What was Lemuria?

Many reincarnated souls are from the time of Lemuria.  Many Lemurians are coming back to this world, to help bring the ascension of the planet.  Lemuria is one of an ancient lost civilizations which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis. A place where there was no such thing as disease of any sort, no poor people, because there was no such thing as money. The Lemurian people were both highly evolved and very spiritual. Mount Shasta, California is one of the mountains where the Lemurian’s still reside today and as the awakening and ascension of our planet is rising, the Lemurians are now surfacing and helping with this ascension.  This is what Heaven would be like for Us! Heaven on Earth!

The Jade Temple or the Emerald City in Oz as discovered on my path, is found within this mountain, all part of the celestial healing programs that I offer and teach to help you discover your true self, entering a magical kingdom filled with divine enchantment!  We enter into deep realms through your stellar gateway which is above your crown and soul star charka where you can access light, wisdom and insight with the help of Horus, son of Isis.  You will find Archangel Gabriel’s healing retreat above mount shasta who resonates with the White Lily, and of course Angelia.  Angelia was my most favorite song to play on the organ when I was a young child and something I was also preparing for even in my childhood.  What seeds of light do you think were planted within you as a child?  Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to discover this for yourself?

The interesting thing that I thought was quite interesting was that I was going to be travelling in California a month later after Sedona, driving right by Mount Shasta, where there was a healing temple within the mountain where 5th dimensional light beings still lived today.  5 years ago I was just starting this healing journey of self discovery and didn’t even think I could read an angel card! So if you are wondering if you have this within you…you do!

I was later told,  I was a teacher in that lifetime and I taught the child.   I remember thinking to myself….that doesn’t seem like a really big thing!   HA.   Like can’t my purpose be something more exciting…like being a high priestess!  Let me tell you,  we all have one amazing purpose to awaken within us!  And self discovery with the inner child is very powerful! It is all part of awakening to our true self,  to not be afraid of who we truly are,  to know we are innocent and pure, and to reach for the stars, our place in this world and to find that place we call home.  Inspiring and Living Life the way it is supposed to be lived!

Teaching through experince, healing the inner child is one of the most profound ways to ascension and salvation, finding your true purpose and passion in life.   The work can be really deep,  but so satisfying and freeing.   We are reaching the point of becoming 5th dimensional and healing this part of our path is almost #1 for becoming this.  As the healing courses continue, we go deeper into the mists of Avalon, healing temples of Egypt and Atlantis, the Knights Templar, and working deep with the Christ Consciousness that is available to us.  I have been really listening to my heart travelling to places I have once lived in past lives, that are resurfacing to help with the world ascend and trusting deep in the support of mother earth to help supply and support me. You can sit with your hands on your heart and ask…is there any places I am needing to go to help heal my heart.

It always flows!  When we keep walking,  all darkness fades away!

If you are reading this, You also have this within you and so much to discover!  It is truly fascinating!

I became a Reiki Master in 2012 within just a matter of less than 2 years and I was passionate about teaching.  I had learnt a lot more about my guides, my angels and Archangels that worked very close with me.  I had no idea when I started this healing journey…and it all just came, the more I kept walking and teaching and trusting.   It was a remembering that I once knew,  in my blood, in my heart, mind and soul.   When we teach we truly really learn.  I just had to keep learning, embracing and teaching!

I started teaching Kids Reiki to children and then courses on self love to women and always bringing in the little girl within us. Still with no idea what was ahead. And just,  learning step by step whatever else my heart told me to teach.

After 5 years of teaching Reiki, and being part of many other beautiful spiritual courses,  I was feeling a bigger purpose inside of me, not that teaching reiki isn’t,  I had just discovered I loved teaching the masters…become masters and when ever that will take you. Reiki was a stepping stone for me to help awaken.  I found my energy field was almost too much light to teach  a Level 1 Reiki class, and their soul would struggle to stay in that much light for that long and my classes weren’t filling up any more.   I am so happy to share and help people heal and will always authentically direct people where I see them going..with no judgement, as I would love to see them open up to more love and joy!  There is no competition when it comes to doing our souls work, so I will always honour this.

I have travelled to many places where I have been in past lives and still more to come.   I had a very strong past life time in New Orleans, where I felt a very strong connection to Joan of Arc. I was a slave in that lifetime, a leader who was trying to free slaves and help them escape. My husband was also with me, and he was a captain in that life time, who choose his ship and money over me in that lifetime, something he has always regretted and its interesting to see all the beautiful healing that is happening within our families.

  As I have walked the streets of New Orleans,  I have felt many pillars of light come through my body, clearing dense old and some very dark energies,  which I have been back to visit, and the places this happened…have been remodelled…the energy has changed!  I didn’t go expecting this or trying to do this,  it just all happened and was a huge part of my healing and helped create what I am teaching today.   How amazing and fulfilling is that to know we can truly change this world and have had many similar experiences where ever we are called to go!

Living life Inspirationally helps change this world for the better.

How do you discover your true mastery that is waiting to be awakened?   What energy did you come here to anchor?  Follow what and who inspires you!  Don’t be afraid of the light you carry inside,  as it has much wisdom to share not only with you, but with the world! A master doesn’t climb a mountain,  a master moves them!

And you have the ability to do this in this lifetime!

Earth is like a school,  the universe will open a door,  gives us the homework and it is up to us to pass the test.  Once you learn this,  you move on to a higher grade of learning, connecting more with your cosmic heart, a higher energy of ascension, always learning, always moving and always growing!  And then the more you learn, the more you become your authentic self, the more you inspire and create what you are here to anchor not only in your life, but help anchor this into the world for the whole human collective.

It is truly about service,  how may you serve?  Are you serving your own heart?

It will be the most inspiring work you will LOVE and LIVE!  I have learnt that no one can take away your purity, you have always had it,  and it’s time to start being it!

Say yes to your heart.

If you feel guided to work with Angelia, the Angel of the Lily,  envoke her before bedtime and ask her to visit you in your dreams.  She will take you to the jade temple,  where you will be assisted by your divine team of light, helping you with a higher understanding and purpose! She will bring you insight through this healing temple and bring forth experiences in your life, to help you heal and awaken to a higher truth of love.

To Remember, when I Let go of what I am,  I become what I might be!  -Lao Tzu-

It fills my heart to walk this earth with you,  one step at a time!  Thank you for being part of my experience and my life!

May you walk this earth knowing your true souls purpose inspiring and spreading your angel wings, feeling purity, innocence, gratitude and blessings, for this world needs you and you are a master, a lightworker, filled with so much light!

I love you, Karen Neuls

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