Our Soul’s Misson. Being the Courage.

As I was being high sped chased from a man that was just out jail…my trust in Archangel Michael and the universe would be forever changed…….

As I think here just about coming up one year to the date, Valentines Day…the day of love.  I was returning from Lake Louise after preparing for my newest healing retreats called Becoming the Master of your Highest Potential, Living your Divine Destiny.   I was visiting Archangel Michaels healing retreat which is found above Lake Louise at the Lake at the Fairmont Chateau…which I might add is a wonderus place to visit.  Very mystical, healing and enchanting!

 Archangel Michael is known as the Angel of He who is like God. He is the protector of all, and helps us let go of Ego and Fear and carries a shield like a knight to protect you from harm. He truthfully walks with you and never leaves your side. He is here to help awaken the master within you and to help you bring forth the Christ light that is available to us. 

I had spent all day at Lake Louise which was quite a miracleous discovery in many ways,  and what was going to happen especially after I left.  Working beside such a powerful Archangel, Micheal can show you many ways to not be afraid,  and to be that angel who can really help you with trust in your life.  I have a lot of stories to share, but just taking my time writing them out…as I have to feel and go through the experience again,  which is always so healing and empowering!  All in Divine Timing!

This is an example of what was put on my path,  heart thrilling and ascending initiations,  and almost passionate too!  I remember when I first was really connecting to Archangel Michael…he was really showing and guiding me what it was like to be the angel we were born to be and to help lead others to find this within them as well.

It’s not all light and fluffy….like calling on the angels to help us,  which yes it might be when we first open up, but each step takes us deeper…depending on how devoted you are in your path and how willing you are to surrender to the light.  I love to inspire and empower other leaders to be all the can be, it’s just in me,  and maybe it’s within you too!

It is important we ask, as we do have free will, and the universe will not intervene without you asking!   I do feel the devotion, the surrending and trust that I have had to do on my path , something that has always been in me, even as a child….is not only for myself but for the world.  And so my guides have been showing me the way,  in hope to share with the world the true power of service and being in our hearts.

Now,  you must remember I have already done quite a bit of spiritual healing already on my path,  as when I first started,  I didn’t even think I could be intuitive, didn’t know anything about how any of this worked, and let alone be able to read even an angel card to someone….but I kept on trusting and listening to my heart., and the more you pass your lessons, the more you raise your vibration to another level of ascension.   You don’t go out looking for this to show people the way or pushing or expecting people to do things…….but you allow the universe to guide it to you.  That is the difference between ego and the true soul’s path.

If you haven’t already read my blog…There and Back Again, by Karen Neuls,  I highly recommend you read it as since that change and initiation, my life has been a much different experience.  It was a whole trip to Oz and back and would like another heart awakening and thrilling experience.   We all have it in us!


My friend and I were eating supper in Canmore, Alberta and the night seemed very dark,  you couldn’t even see the moon shining.  It seemed forever for our supper to come,  and to even get the bill.  I know to trust in divine timing and there is always a reason.  I felt we were being guided to take our time.  So we went with it, even though I was already quite tired from the day.

Once we finally got the bill,  I had to get gas on the way home and change my windshield wiper fluid.  It was a chilly evening and very slushy on the roads.  I think I ended up driving to 3 different gas stations,  as two of them were just closing as I was driving up.  It was about 9pm.   The 3rd gas station was still open and I filled up with gas.  I was having trouble opening up the hood of my vehicle…which usually I have no problem doing.  The gas attendee had to come out and gave me a hand which was very beautiful.

As I went inside to pay,  the man was very friendly and I felt like I just needed to listen to him,  perhaps he was needing some healing of some sort.   He also talked for quite a while….and as I listened, I kept thinking “why were we being held back? “

The man wasn’t creepy or gave me an uncomfortable feeling,  so I just knew he needed something and I held space for him to do so. I remember giving him compliments to make him feel more empowered,  and it was so wonderful to have this opportunity.

Off we went which seemed like forever to get out of Canmore and something just felt very off and something dark.  I couldn’t put my finger on it,  but there was something shifting.  My friend and I had felt a portal open at Lake Louise before we left, with one of the Egyptian guides Horus, who is the all seeing eye and also the child!  I was planning on teaching there 2 months later, so the universe was making plans!  I just go with it and trust!  ( and it was truly an amazing experience filled with so much support and light, and being with a group of women when it did happen!)

The roads became more slushy and hard to see,  but it didn’t seem to last too long and we were on the home stretch.  I had turned on to a smaller highway as we were taking the back way home.  It was just a very dark night and you couldn’t see much moon light shining down.

Then all of a sudden my friend and I saw this women on the side of the road, walking and crying with just a blanket wrapped around her, and no coat on.  It was a very icky feeling,  but we knew that just didn’t seem right.   My friend said to me,  we need to turn around and make sure she is ok.   As I had this lump in my throat and stomach, I did turn around,  just thinking,  we will drive by her to make sure she is ok,  and if we have to call the police we can.

WELL…as I turn around, and go in the opposite direction of home,  there was another vechile that had pulled up alongside the road….and then we could see this women running away from this vechile, across the highway with another car coming infront of her ….she almost got hit.   We knew this wasn’t good at all, and the next thing I knew, this women was right beside my vechile, as my friend rolled down the window to ask if she was ok.  She came running up to us, I opened up my back door and she jumped in.   OMG

I looked at her…and said…”It’s OK, you are safe now”, but inside of me saying holy fork Michael!

As I turned around to drive back the other way,  my friend did most of the talking.  She was a social worker so I knew she would know what to say to make this lady feel more comfortable.   As I just listened to the stories coming out of this ladies mouth,  she was in a very bad and abusive relationship and has tried to leave many times.  I won’t share with you the stories she told me and my friend…it just opened my eyes to a reality I wasn’t used to hearing.  She had slept outside the night before with just her blanket that her grandmother had given her,  the only thing she had left.

I was calling on Archangel Michael to protect us as my right leg was shaking and vibrating so bad…almost hard for me to even keep my foot on the peddle of my car. There was so much fear. We decided to take her to a nearby hospital where they could take care of her and a place she would be safe.

The vechile behind me, with this man was tailgating me, trying to scare me and I am sure this women as well.

The story just kept getting better, as I kept calling on Archangel Michael asking him to protect us and to not be afraid.   I’m not truly sure if you can feel the fear I was having…but it was pretty intense.  I know I was feeling my own fear,  a lot of fear from the women and even more from the man driving behind me and right on my tail.

So as the night was getting more exciting…the women kept talking about this blanket she had,  it was from her grandmother and it’s all she had left.  I had asked the women in the back seat,…what her name was.   She told me her grandmother’s name was Dorothy.   Of course it would be that!

NOW…this is always a very big sign the universe is with me,  as these healing retreats I am teaching do have an aspect of the Wizard of OZ in them…the path to enlightenment, becoming our own hero along our own journey.    I knew from that moment on,  we would be safe.  That was my sign that this was meant to be, and it was all aligned…..we were safe.

I do work with a lot with the elemental dragons as well,  especially the Fire Dragons which you can call on to burn away any negativity or darkness around you. Diana Cooper has an amazing oracle deck out, where you can learn more from them!

Funny enough just minutes later of me asking the dragons to help me ( which it’s kind of fun to pretend to be Khalessi the actress from Game of Thrones)  the man had to turn off.   He was gone and out of sight completely!  Wow!

We arrived at emergency and I told this lady we would walk in with her to make sure she would be ok, and to also make sure she didn’t run.  The story kind of gets funny now,  as I take her up to emerge…the nurse asks me why we are here.  And I am authentic…..and too the nurse…” Well I picked up this lady on the side of the road as her boyfriend was threatening her…and my guess she might have not made it through the night”.

As the nurse looks at me,  with big eyes, she asks the lady for a health card, which again she only has her blanket.   They made arrangements and we sat down in the waiting room.

The security then comes to me and wants to talk with me…and it is about 11pm at night now.   They looked at me with these really big eyes…and say “ Are you OK?  Most people don’t do this sort of thing!   Do you need to talk to someone in Trama?” 😝😝♥️

LOL , As I sat there thinking…and quite grounded and sane, knowing this was all planned…..and that I have had quite the day,  portals opening,  healing work and all part of what Archangel Michael was teaching me…do I really tell them Archangel Michael was with me the whole time and it was divine timing?

My friend and I were supposed to be angels for this lady this evening and that I was to trust again in the universe…and the whole OZ thing….. I just nicely smiled and said “ No I am ok, but thank you.  Which to their response was “ No, Thank you for picking her up,  Thank you!”  It felt good to leave knowing they would take apporate care and she would be safe.  I didn’t even know her name.

As I drove home that evening all these moments of reflection was coming to me.  Wow, what a difference this world would be if we weren’t afraid, and especially when we can become more open to the awareness that god is within us,  that there is a divine plan unfolding, and to trust in your heart. The only way this world will heal is by us learning to open our hearts,  see our true soul’s mission of why were are here and how to be that change and angel!

So I could tell you I did feel like quite a hero that day,  very fulfilled with light and joy for how much courage I truly do have and for how safe I truly was!   Thinking of how many times in the past I have been made fun of or having the strengh to leave relationships behind, even if they still critized me…this was me…and this is my souls purpose.  And to inspire others to open their hearts, to have faith and trust we are always supported.  Being the example of change.

I always know the universe will only give you what you can handle and like at the beginning of my blog,  I had already been going through many initiations along my path even to be able to trust this deep,  so don’t be afraid when you ask the divine for help, as your angels and guides love you so much and would never put you in harms way…and when you feel things shifting in your life, it’s time to trust even deeper,  and you will get through it.  Trust me!

So Happy Valentines Day!  What a celebration of LOVE…for how this world is healing.  It is an honour and I look up to all the other lightworkers out there making huge changes,  as we are all ascending and rising the human collective together!  May the Light always be with you,  May you have the strengh to see truth and trust and to awaken to your true soul’s mission!   So thank you!

I love you

Karen Neuls





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