Tips on How to Hear your Angels.

When your angels are speaking to you, they are like your best friends, they empower you, they encourage you and it is always unconditionally loving advice and healing. If it feels shameful, negative, stressful….just for some examples, then it is not the light.

I do want to touch on this, as I feel it is such a big part of us trusting in our hearts and the divine guidance that is given to us. I have seen others, as well as I have experienced myself, who think they are getting divine guidance, but it doesn’t feel right when they share it with me, so I really wanted to take this time to share, to help and to serve.

There is a lot of energy out there, and many guides that would love to work with you, but not all guides are for your highest good. There are some guides that might have not had the best life in their lifetime…and they would love to live through you…so they may give you advice for your life…but this is still not divine guidance. Some guides will feed you more out of fear, and sometimes can feel like a manipulation….or condition, than love. One of the best quotes I have ever heard which might help you with this and you can apply it to your life …… A Guru Says, Listen to Me…a Guide says, Follow your heart. Divine guidance is never against anyone else. The biggest part of trusting in divine guidance, is your intention to only hear your angels of divine white light that are going to give you advice that is for your highest good and the highest good of others, and to surrender and accept the healing advice that is given.

Here are ways you will know if a darker energy is speaking to you…because it would be something hateful, or to go against someone, judges, criticizes, not grateful at all…” I would hear words like this ” He has betrayed you” and then we feed on this. This took me awhile to work through…as this was a fear of mine…or something that has happened in a past life…so we can get so involved with that energy. I decided to give it to the angels, and if it is truth….may it be shown. I just decided not to pay so much attention to it as it was so draining and didn’t allow me to focus on my purpose. It’s all part of us learning.

Another way is this…Your solar plexus will also feel really yucky. Don’t fear this, as this energy only feeds on fear…thank it, and ask it to leave. If you really feel stuck from this, you can look for healing by a reiki healer or someone that can help clear this energy from you. Even just intending to ask Archangel Michael to place his hands on your back fully supporting and protecting you.

But there is this in-between guidance…that just doesn’t feel right, it’s not bad, just unclear. You might feel icky, your stomach might hurt, you might have prickly energy around your body…this is also not divine. Or it could be an attachment from others in this lifetime…leading you away from your path only because they are afraid of their own darkness and fears coming out. A truth they might be too afraid to face. I have seen this happen by attachments from others, pulling you more away from your divine path, then guiding you towards it. Any condition, expectation, or control would be examples of this. How does your heart feel about it. Regardless on the advice you receive, trust your heart.

Sometimes this ” not so divine guidance” can almost feel like a obstacle to make you worry more, to stress more, almost dis-empowering. ” You should be writing more”, as an example…anything with a “should” in the sentence…isn’t divine! Energy like this feeds on your fear, what you fear most…or what you have yet to heal. If it triggers you, then you can usually tell if it divine guidance or not. Your body will never lie to you…so pay attention to how you feel, how your body feels. If it feels yucky…then it is! I found it to be the hardest to accept on my own path, and you will probably experience this as well on yours….when I have seen this on others in the spiritual world, healing others, but not healing themselves. It doesn’t feel authentic or divine. A Spiritual Teacher can only take you as far as they have healed.  I have seen many Reiki Masters more in need of healing then someone who just has their Level 1 Reiki. I say this with no judgement, just discernment only as it has helped direct me more in my heart, seeing truth, clarity and how to serve. And typically in this situation…it was about loving my own heart and walking away. This is how the healing happens.

So if you are unsure….ask Archangel Michael to please clear your space as well as yourself, step away and ask for clarity and that the light be shown on the situation, instead of festering about it, trying to get an answer and letting the energy waste your day, on maybe what is really not that important to your divine path. You will get your answer 💕. Judgement is darkness…gratitude is the light.

When we ask for angelic guidance, it is important to ask your emotional self to be detached so that you can be more open to hear whatever needs to be heard. I like to call on Archangel Michael to help me with this situation and to protect me from any fear, with his blue cloak of protection around me as well as the fire dragons to burn a fire around me to unsure there are no unwanted lower energies.

If you do feel you aren’t able to hear your angels, this could be one of the possibilities of why you have a hard time hearing them. Our emotions can get in the way! It’s like sticking our fingers in our ears and pretending not to hear. I don’t want to hear the truth or accept that….Like the innerchild who doesn’t want to face their emotions and just pretend everything is ok. You need to be willing and open to surrender if you are going to really give your angels a chance to really help you.

The biggest fear is judgement. We are so very highly conditioned to believe almost everything we do is a sin, What people might think about us, what we have done is a sin, we are selfish for saying no, how is the divine going to forgive me. None of this is divine guidance.

For example…I remember having dinner with family and I find it can be difficult to be around so many energies…especially those who haven’t open up to the universe yet, and their energy can feel quite a threat to your light…although they are threatened more by the light inside of you! I was really having a difficult time with some of my family…and I had this anger in me, I didn’t want to open my heart to them, I didn’t even want to show them any compassion…I am tired of hearing about the drama in their life…..I just wanted to cook supper, eat and let the night be done. I felt bad about this. I didn’t feel like the angel inside of me who teaches and helps others to heal should be feeling this way. I hated the energy I was in. I was trying to work through having compassion, trying to surrender, trying to love them for who they are…I was not sending any light or giving guidance and I wasn’t afraid of them, I just hated that I had to be nice…..truthfully. I authentically hated this feeling. It was not me or my divine self. I have really learned to love them unconditionally with gratitude, because I wouldn’t be who I am without them. I have seen truth…and a lot of theirs they haven’t even shared yet, and still love them unconditionally, because I understand it’s part of their healing path. I have had to face and heal so many truths about myself with some close relationships, not only from this lifetime, but many past lifetimes as well, as this has been part of my own karma I have had to heal. For all the times I have had to create boundaries with them, so I wouldn’t be hurt, to stand up as the light, call truth out, and eventually Archangel Micheal telling me, to not give them any more light or guidance …for they are choosing this path and don’t want angelic guidance…yet.

They are beautiful caring people…just a very conditioned old way of thinking, of people pleasing and control. I cannot heal them…only they can. One day I hope they see the truth, to help set them free from their pain, and I understand it can be a very scary thing to do…as I have had to do myself. Even if I have made them angry, uncomfortable or fearful of me, for every time I loved my heart…I was loving theirs as well. Like seeds of light planted into their hearts…for the highest good of all.

The energy shifted as I finally realized to just step away, that is was ok to love my heart, that I didn’t have to communicate and ask how they are doing…what’s going on in their lives, I was just respectful and more of a listener. This was an internal shift and trigger I was healing…it was nothing to do with them….and of course How was I going to respond to them… always with love. I found the energy to be less draining and more freeing when I shifted that.

So as I sat with my Angels and asked for divine guidance the next day…this is what I received.

“Karen, you are working through more self acceptance, and accepting others as they are”. Do you not feel shameful for how you felt”. I truthfully felt so shameful for having those feelings. Acceptance is so big. To see how others and how they are choosing their paths…and I cannot help them. Only they can help themselves. I felt so much better, I felt loved unconditionally and I felt free from that pain. This is divine guidance that was very healing for me.

Divine guidance is always healing…for we are always healing on our path.

Divine guidance always opens your heart and you feel more healed every time the angels speak to you. A feather could drop in the room…and be the biggest shift for so many.

When we are prepared to work on ourselves and to remove the obstacles we need to heal and face, we will start to vibrate at a higher frequency, including healing our beliefs, habits, and even the company we keep in our lives, which may lower our frequency and keep us from attaining our dreams, we are given a lot of spiritual help! I was very protected that night with my family.

The divine already knows what you need and what will serve you best. The answers may be different than your expectations, sometimes you get your answers that you are asking for… and other times the angels will communicate to you in unexpected ways, but it is always healing.

Angelic guidance is also very natural, something that occurs in your life each day. Your angels may be very creative about how they will talk to you.

It might come through your own thoughts, or through someone else that you end up talking to. You may stumble across a book, magazine or t.v show that answers your questions! I have received messages through cartoons before…which I found so hilarious, but yet so real…and I knew it was divine guidance.

For instance, I was talking to my husband about going to mexico and that I was getting divine guidance from the Egyptian Ascended Master Horus, who is our third eye, and helps to heal the inner child. He is the all seeing eye and as children we are very intuitive. As we heal the inner child within us, the more we are able to see!

I was at the time writing about one of my healing courses that had the Wizard of Oz theme to it, and Horus was one of the masters who was wanting to help them heal for this course, ( trust me you will get this)….and he had told me I needed to go to Mexico to do some healing work there and visit one of the Mayan Temples. I asked for clarity on this guidance, and not long after, on the T.V, my children were watching a cartoon, and at that exact moment I was telling my husband about going to mexico…the cartoons name who was speaking, was named Horus and then mentioned the Wizard of Oz on this cartoon!! That is a pretty clear sign! I can’t remember what show my children were watching…but that is how my Angels communicated with me. So the next step is to listen and follow through. 💕❤️

When we get to advanced levels of our spiritual growth and communication with our angels, you can start to really feel a immense amount of spiritual energy and support coming from them. You also become more aligned in your heart and your path. Trusting with the divine source, you can become a living channel of the divine, living your divine destiny!

The more you dedicate each day to a personal spiritual practice, the more you will receive your messages from your angels.

For example, Regular meditations, self healing, healing of others, all of this starts to open up divine communication with your angels.

Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish and become! Do not be afraid or limit yourself. Your angels are already speaking to you! The divine is within you, never give up, dare to be vulnerable, and to remember true understanding only comes from experience.

I love you

Karen Neuls

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