How to Trust in Divine Guidance…when it doesn’t go completely like you thought!!!

Would I be thought of as a failure? Would people think I am just getting way to weird, living in the clouds sort of thing!!! How many times Karen do we need to tell you, maybe this isn’t what’s best….everything I have heard from my past went through my mind of failure and not being worthy of trusting in divine guidance  Why facing our fears and listening to our hearts is so healing. Be the Beacon of Light for this world! It is in you!

How can we trust in the guidance we really receive from our guides and angels? Do you feel sometimes you are called to do something, or your heart tells you to do something, and then it doesn’t quite end up how you imagined it, or that it might be something completely different than what your heart asked of you?

If I could tell you the importance of following your heart and why it is so healing and empowering…regardless if it doesn’t make sense to others. We are all healing and must really trust in our guidance within us.

The universe had asked me last summer to go to Sedona to do some planetary service work with some other beautiful women that have taken my inner child retreats. My guides specifically had told me, just this group, not that others couldn’t come, but we were working a lot with the Star of David and healing the inner child within these retreats, and my thoughts were they needed that integration of healing before they could be of assistance for this planetary service. Planetary service work as healers, is to go of service, surrender to the outcomes and help either people, situations or any sort of earth healing and I was very excited to teach these women more about how to serve and be in Sedona and guide them through meditations, visualization, exploration, visiting vortex’s and our own personal healing. ( maybe ride in a few spaceships as well)…but that’s a whole other story!

When we are of service, it is really when we step into our power and feel the light within us. Our whole life changes before our eyes because we go more into our hearts. This is the shift many of us are needing to make in-order to fulfill our healing paths, soul contracts and our own karma and being able to reach the higher dimensional realms of the divine. My being of service was listening to the divine that “only” this certain group was to be invited. It wasn’t that this group was more high vibrational, better than, doing their work, etc…there are many people I would have loved to have asked, and could have come with me, It just was specifically what the universe had asked of me….and I will now tell you why.

I just was in Sedona in October of 2018, 5 times before that in the last 7 years…and now just getting back from this trip of planetary service! My guides have been telling me I am going to be doing a lot more traveling….so ofcourse the first thing that always comes up is …..ok universe…where is all this money flowing for me to do so much travelling. I have seen and experienced miracles many times with this heart exchange come back to me when I have trusted in my heart and listened to my guidance. I just went in October and now Universe.. I am not sure if I can afford this trip for April! My guides said to me…use your points. I never thought to use my Avion Points from my business that I started up just under 2 years ago. I had enough points for the entire trip! Flight, car and hotel for 7 days! It was a free trip! Sedona isn’t a cheap place to go, so I was so grateful to receive this gift.

I had 4 women out of the group I had invited that were very interested in coming to Sedona with me, Humming and hawing as they all wanted to come. I told each and everyone of them, please follow your heart…it has to feel right and that I would love to have them come with me if they so felt guided. This is also part of their healing as well!

In the end, I am so grateful that each and everyone followed their guidance….and that this trip didn’t flow for them. It was interesting to see how it all unfolded. But we might still go again together on another trip!

I always love to teach others…FOLLOW YOUR HEART. A Guru says…listen to me, a Guide says, follow your heart, and to trust in that guidance. You are doing your healing work…you don’t need to go on fancy big trips to show you are doing your healing work. Your healing work comes from listening to your inner guidance because that is where the universe wants you to be. That is where you are doing your healing work!! I am not saying that going on beautiful big trips aren’t healing, but look at it like this….is it ” I should go, or I will be judged if I don’t go, I am not doing my healing work if I don’t go…everyone else is going….I feel guilty that I am not doing my healing work….etc……or is it a Holy Hell Yes GO! That’s the difference!

For example…one of my beautiful friends that was thinking of coming, really wanted to come, and felt bad not coming to support me……but felt that she is more guided to go back home to see her family this year and go to Sedona with her husband instead and use the money for that. YES! That is where she needs to be and that is how she can support me too! By saying no and listening to her heart! Her healing work will be much more of an impact then spending time in Sedona on this trip. We are all supported from the divine and it was so beautiful to love my friend and honor her path. That’s the unconditional love. I would want her to heal, and that is where she must be!

So in the end…just over 1 week to go to Sedona… I have no one coming with me. I was very happy to go alone for the week again….although I was telling my guides….really… you asked me to go in October by myself…which was so amazing, as I was really being opened down there, and I was asked to surrender my entire path and heart to the divine. Archangel Metatron came to me and asked me if I was ready to surrender to the divine and be one with god. I knew that was a big one, but yes I am ready! I already took the leap and came!

I also know this also changes the dynamics and healing of my family, my friends and my relationships, never the less my heart is ready! My heart wants to empower and be the light for others to be who they are, and not let judgement, criticism or opinions stop them from following their hearts. This helps others become the light as well. When we do this….we love everyone…if we truly become one with the universe…every step we make makes this world a better place! Even if it is completely different than everyone else is doing or if they agree with you or not. Ascension happens for you if you choose it.

So I sat with this…as the universe wasn’t giving me any clues about Sedona…just that I wasn’t going alone….who was I going to go with? I authentically thought, I don’t want to go with just anyone, and would love to go with someone else in their hearts, or open to some sort of healing, as that can shift and change the whole entire trip itself! I wasn’t going to party or drink…I wanted to sit on red rocks and talk to the intergalactic council, my angels, integrate and rejuvenate, ask how may I serve…that sort of thing!

In the end…I thought of my mom. She lives about 7 hours away from me, so we see each other once in awhile and thought this might be really special for her. I said to the universe…OK…I am not sure who you are wanting me to ask…so I am going to ask my mom…and we leave in 1 week…and if she is meant to come with me, she will and if not, she won’t come. My mom has Parkinson’s Disease, but does so amazing. She is just a little slower to get things done. So I knew this would be a different trip if I took her, but I thought it might be really nice and so healing for both of us. I do remember my guides saying this was inner child work and as I thought about that…..this was all starting to make sense to me.

My dad doesn’t fly, and my mom hasn’t been to Arizona….she is just starting to do more things for herself in the last year, and would she say yes so spontaneously? She might need timing, planing and thinking before saying yes….as typically most might think she needs to make sure my dad is ok, that the volunteer work she does is covered, and to maybe change a few things……so let’s see what happens….

At the beginning of the conversation I was a little nervous because I am going to tell my Mom I am going to go to Sedona AGAIN, without my children and husband and that I was going alone…AGAIN, as the group of women that I had asked couldn’t come. I did authentically think…what will she think, as I am following my heart…but it didn’t turn out the way my guides told me it would. Would I be thought of as a failure? Would people think I am just getting way to weird, living in the clouds sort of thing!!! How many times Karen do we need to tell you, maybe this isn’t what’s best….everything that went through my mind and that I might have heard in the past.

So yes there were moments of me thinking…AM I getting true divine guidance? I asked my Mom to come with me to Sedona. At first she was unsure and doubtful …but by the end of the phone call, she was so excited to come. I told her I was so excited to go alone as well, so only if it was in her heart…and not to feel bad and come in obligation. I would love and not judge her regardless. It is very important for her healing and for mine. If she came out of obligation…the healing perhaps wound’t have shifted as much or at all for either of us. This is the importance of honoring yourself and how we can really help others heal. Why would anyone deny someone their own healing, by going out of obligation…because we feel guilty! Going out of obligation isn’t the key to healing. Even if it truly upsets them…it will be healing for them and for you.

We booked her flight and she was leaving in 1 week! She faced such a big fear, but chose to follow her heart. What a big leap of faith. Sedona is so healing to begin with, it is one big vortex….and with the red rock being so healing, is so stimulating for the brain and really uplifts and rejuvenates our soul. The energy there also really puts you in your place, and can throw things into your face that you are denial of…so I knew this would be so healing for us! Parkinson’s disease typically comes from stress and dis…ease of being in control and not trusting in life!!  It can be a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. …interesting when we talk about movement…she made a big move forward! So wow, I knew this was a big internal and external shift for my mother! Trust and No Fear is what she choose. My divine team of Angels told me, this was a huge healthy step for my mother. Can we love ourselves for that…Absolutely!

She has her Level 1 Reiki just for herself, and has really opened up to her healing as much as she wants, looking at some holistic health as well. Now being a spiritual teacher myself….every time she is talking and spending time with me, I am always giving her positive advice, uplifting thoughts…encouragement, even in my own healing path I have been authentic with her with every step I have been making, regardless if there is an opinion.

Even if someone doesn’t understand, you still speak to their heart and soul…so seeds are planted of love even if they don’t fulfill it in this lifetime! I know when we follow our own hearts and make those changes to love ourselves, honor ourselves, typically our own family or friends might have their own opinions about what you are doing…where you are travelling to, the choices you are making….because they just don’t perhaps understand, and you can make people really uncomfortable when you step out of the comfort zone many are used to staying in. It is easier to stay in the dark than face the light. I have learnt to honor and love everyone’s opinion regardless if it matches mine. This definitely took awhile for me to heal this, but when we receive this key to healing and it doesn’t trigger us anymore….nothing truly can stop you from following your heart!

They don’t need to know your opinion or defense to your decision about why you are following your heart, why you are doing this…etc. If we feel we need to open our mouth to defend our actions…we just get pulled into guilt or dis-empowerment which are not part of the divines love…only what we were brought up to believe. So can we love others unconditionally and see where they might need healing as well? I love to say…a simple “Thank you” and keep walking. Sometimes I have had to speak my truth, but it comes in the more grateful and loving way with no blame…just truth of what I feel. That’s all you need to do!

My mom has really been learning through me, because she is open to it. I know others that don’t want to hear love and guidance…or refuse to receive it…and that’s also ok. They aren’t judged either…and they perhaps still have more healing to do before they do open up. Archangel Michael has came to me and said…Karen they don’t want the light…so don’t open your heart to them…not yet anyway! There is still more things that need to happen inorder for them to heal their karma. Let them be who you are…you can just decide if you want to be in that energy or not. Us Lightworkers..we want to help everyone…but not everyone wants to heal. So continue healing yourself!

So can I love myself for that and say I am worthy of that love…Can I love others for that too? Ofcourse! The complete opposite of what we were grown up to believe! My mom has learnt to stop doing so much of the ” should’s” or doing things out of obligation and more what she would like to do. Her Parkinson’s has really taught her to take care of herself, to perhaps not always be available for everyone else as she opened up and told me in Sedona, she is so grateful, as it has opened up a whole new fellowship of people in her life and perhaps teaching others as the healer she is ( a nurse for so many years helping others). Just in a different way! This is the shift….What am I learning, and How is this helping me, instead of why is this happening to me? That is so profound!

We had an amazing trip, 7 full days. I took my mom many places, vortexes, Sacred sites, walking labyrinths, visiting crystal stores….we were getting zapped…as I told her…and she did amazing the whole time! She faced so much fear…I feel all the way to her cellular structure and DNA….so wow! What a brave women…and her middle name is JOAN…lol! Joan of Arc is one of my main guides who has really shape shifted me into truth and to be that warrior and to help others receive that as well!

I also know now that this was what was supposed to happen…the divine and my heart lead me along my path.   If they would have told me that I was taking my mom before…the healing wouldn’t have happened and since my guides said ” only this certain group can be invited”…made it flow divinely.  If I would have said…”well I am just going to open it up to more people and not listen to my guidance…it wouldn’t have been the same.  We do want to know so much from the divine, questions we really want answered,  but if your angels give it to you too soon,  you won’t heal…you must walk your path….so they gently guide you and you need to trust and follow through with your heart…even if it is isn’t what you expected!

I am also so very grateful for all the women who I had asked to come with me as part of this healing trip and that they followed their hearts as well. This would have not happened otherwise. I do know there will be another time when I can take a group with me!

Now I think to myself…if I wouldn’t have started my healing path, learnt to follow my heart and guidance…do you think my mother would have done or seen this for her? Probably not and both of us might live very different lives as well. It is all a choice.

My mother chose this also…and she has to chose her path. We can choose to live as a victim or we can choose to live life victoriously. I cannot heal her, but it does empower me to know she is embracing more than perhaps she might have if I wouldn’t have trusted in my own heart. For all the times my heart would have been hurt, made fun of, my inner child who so needed to feel loved, never fit in, has really started to love herself. She doesn’t take bullshit anymore, judgment or fear, she embraces her real true self and even has loved those who are yet too afraid to love themselves……yet! It can be very scary to start to follow our hearts…but the exchange of energy and healing that comes from it, is so fulfilling, and it is just fear that stops us…and let me tell you…the fear you feel, is probably not even yours! When we do our own work…we are healing 7 generations back and 7 generations forward! We are all in this together!! So what is stopping you? 😘

Joan Of Arc. I am not afraid..I was born to do this.  Oracle Deck by Meaggan Watterson

Heal with Joan of Arc.

Integrating Love and Leadership into your Heart.

Light a white candle asking that Archangel Michael be with you, helping to protect you and that only the divine white light is with you. Allow him to clear any fogginess, projections, lower vibrational energy around you and in your space.

Ask Joan of Arc to come forth….and really feel her warrior healing energy.

Ask her to help you:

Joan of Arc, please help me open my eyes to see life differently from the heart of the divine. Help me see the truth, so I can be a beacon of light for so many others. Please uplift my soul and help me face my fears so that I can trust in what my heart is telling me to do.

Feel her healing energy surround you and loving you unconditionally.

Please now help me encompass my bravery and faith that I was born with, as well as any past positive leaders that I might have been, and I ask to integrate this into this lifetime.

Thank you Joan of Arc for this healing. I will walk my truth with faith and bravery as the Leader and Lightworker I was meant to be.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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