Am I selfish? Why following your heart is the most important thing you can do for yourself and others.

Something we tend to ask yourself when we want to follow our hearts. Am I selfish for doing so?

I wanted to share with you a few pictures and my story of my latest journey in my heart to Sedona Arizona! It was such an amazing experience to travel alone, to discover such a beautiful place and to really be with myself.

I didn’t take off because I had to get away or because of stress, it’s because my heart, guides and angels asked me to go. My heart said YES when the universe asked me to go!

There is a feeling you know if it is in your heart…you get inspired and excited! It felt so divine and it flowed so beautiful, with a few obstacles ofcourse, but nothing that was going to stop me from walking this path in my heart. When we walk through the fear and darkness, it cannot touch us. To follow the unknown, to take the path less travelled. I’m not saying it is easy, but I hope my story inspires you to follow yours.

I would love to share with you why following our hearts is such an important part of finding the balance we so need, the self love and courage, empowerment and excitement in life.

There might always be something that will hold you back from following your heart. For me, I was asked to go from my guides within a 2 week period and being fairly intuitive, my angels told me I had to be back by October 22nd. I wasn’t sure why, but I listened. There is always good in store when we listen to our heart.

Of course running this by my Husband, his first words were

“ How can we afford this, and do you really need to go?” This is a very normal and conditional question. It’s the first thing that tends to stop us from following our hearts…money! And not only that….does it make us look selfish? As I speak about my loving husband and father to my children, my intention is how he has really helped me in so many ways, continues to strengthen me, encourage me, even if he doesn’t understand what I see, how much I am learning! If he triggers me, he helps me heal something that is still there to be healed, and vice versa. We have definitely learned from each other.

My response to his question was this, “My guides are asking me to go, and I will just work a few extra days to pay for it. I need to trust in this and I am going”. I have been trusting in this many times before, and the miracles that have come AFTER I had followed my heart always came to me and my family. Whether is was a really large birthday gift of money, or a small inheritance, more clients, bonuses from my husbands work…it has always worked out.

But it needs to be in your heart, not your ego. When we look at wealth, it isn’t about the money, it’s the spiritual wealth we carry within us. It’s about knowing our true happiness. As the Goddess Lakshmi would say from Megan Watterson’s Oracle Deck “It doesn’t come from our bank statement, it comes from a state of mind we enter when we know we are contributing great worth to the world in the effort to becoming more love”.

It’s the courage of following our hearts, and when I choose this, not only does it help myself but YOU as well. I couldn’t feel more empowered knowing what I do in my heart, helps this world one step at a time, regardless of those who might think differently, think I am selfish or whatever they feel. If it triggers them, it is within them to heal. Everyone is allowed an opinion and a choice. It’s just up to them to find the one that suits them best.

Maybe one day it will speak to them in their hearts! Everyone is doing the best they can, and perhaps even those we don’t see following their hearts, actually are in their own way, for their own healing, for their highest good. Who should judge that? True forgiveness is allowing others to be who they are without any expectations.

I looked at my schedule, as I am a hairstylist as well and a spiritual teacher. I had one week where I only had 2 hair clients booked all week. The week before I was crazy busy and the week after I was already booked. So I knew I could fly from October 15-19th and be back before the 22nd. My husband asked me to go after the 22nd, as he had two hunting trips booked both weekends, and would prefer if I did that.

“ Oh Universe, what is the lesson here. How may I serve?” There is always some sort of obstacle. Right! Can you think of how many times your heart wanted to do something, but was asked of you to do something else, or at a later time? Maybe someday, but not today. Someday isn’t part of the week!

So should I do what my husband asked of me, or should I listen to my heart? We don’t want to make others upset or mad, so what would the answer be? The heart works very different than the mind.

I sat with my guides and told them, I want my husband to go hunting, this is in his heart and what he loves to do. My guides told me “ don’t get pulled into the guilt and just book your trip”. So I did.

I understood later what my guides were telling me about not getting pulled into the guilt. I had a little epiphany in the shower before I booked my flight and accommodations. I can fly Monday- Friday and will be back for both weekends, and if my husband would be gone an extra week day, I would just ask some friends to take the kids. Our kids are already really good on their own, it’s just the overnight thing they would need. Perfect!

To my husbands reply ( here is the guilt thing my angels were informing me about) and what I mean by this, is I still his innocence within him and this is a regular conditional thing we do. We sacrifice our hearts for others….which is not the case in this scenario. I was learning so much!

We can be very ingrained and typically do this. It is how we have been growing up in society for many generations, sacrificing our joy for others…which is the total opposite of what we should be doing. We want Joy and Love, but sometimes are too afraid to ask for what we need. We don’t want to upset others, which authentically stops them from healing. The more truthful we are with others, the more healing that would happen in this world. Regardless of their reaction, which might set off a crazy tantrum, is only showing you what needs healing in their own life and hopefully they find it.

When our heart breaks, it is only breaking open. The people who hurt us by being truthful are only helping you heal your heart to receive more joy and love if you choose to open you heart and see the positive. How beautiful is that. This is where we start to learn and receive the gift of gratitude. Sometimes this can take awhile to truly feel and see, but keep going, because it is the most freeing feeling you will ever feel!

What an amazing healer you are! When we are in our hearts, loving unconditionally, there is no judgment or blame, just being able to love those for who they are and trusting God and their angels are working with them for their highest good. You may not know what is for their highest good, it is just for you to continue working on yours!

We see so much on Facebook of pain, suffering, lost loved ones, cancer, and so on. What if knowing by you sharing your truth, would help shift this world so there would be less pain and suffering. Those who deny their truth only end up suffering themselves. How many people have to parish before this world starts following their hearts?

Anyhow, back to this guilt thing….My husband then told me…”I guess I just won’t go hunting”. To my response “ It’s all going to work out, I trust in the universe. The Divine loves you just the same, and would want you to follow your heart”.

For me to get pulled into the guilt, would be to TRY and FIX it for them…to make them feel better or feel guilty for my choice. Or even sacrifice my own heart and joy for someone else. And this is where I saw what my guides we pointing out to me. My husbands guilt is his own guilt of not following his own heart, or not that he isn’t following his own heart, but he is so used to giving up so much of his own joy for others and was made to feel guilty for his choices.

We then carry anger, resentment and sadness and blame others for our pain and lack of joy. How is that helping anyone. We love our family, our friends and relationships, why should anyone suffer or feel lack of joy.

I had to stand my ground a few days later, as I heard the guilt thing again. I put my foot down and said compassionately “ NO one is stopping you from hunting, only you are”. This was no judgment, just truth. That’s kind of the Joan of Arc within me, sometimes we have to call it out as it is, so others get their head out of the dirt and see the truth which will help them!

We can get so consumed we forget our purpose and as a lightworker, we might not always be liked because we have to shake and roll things up once in awhile so they get it. He agreed and saw it! ( I had a few words in my head, but that’s just personal stuff). Lol!

In the end before I left for Sedona, the guy who was going to take my husband hunting cancelled, and all worked out anyway.

Can you see how we can build up unnecessary guilt, anxiety, anger and stress by not following our hearts, sacrificing our hearts for others or even just trusting all will work out. My Angels and Guides always tell me “ We are working with you, Not against you”.

I told my husband “ I guess my guides were right”….to his reply “ Yes they were!” I love it!!!!! See how we can be the change for others! Is this starting to make you think? Take a second if you wish, place your hands on your heart and Ask… What does my heart want me to do today?” Don’t be afraid of the light.

The journey I had in Sedona was heart opening like I have never felt, and I am blogging about this trip, in another blog, the experiences I had with Angels, Guides and many more beings of divine white light. What I was doing down there was impacting every single loved one I know and for the world as well. Anchoring in something very special. I was told I wasn’t going to come back the same, and I didn’t. There was a big shift, and my heavy heart was cleared. I have never felt such a peace in my heart, which I will be able to bring forth in many of my classes and all who I meet, if they wish ofcourse. To see this world uplifted and inspired is one of my many goals I wish and will achieve in this lifetime! My heart says so!

October 22nd came around and I had to take my son to Black Diamond Hospital. He had been throwing up for 2 days before this, and his stomach was in so much pain, right by his bladder. I thought it was just a flu, but wondered if it was a kidney stone. He was admitted with IV and Morphine. The doctor figured it was appendicitis’s and might need his appendix out.

Wow, This was such a enlightening experience for me and my son. I told him, The angels told me I was supposed to be back from Sedona by the 22nd, because they already knew you would be in the hospital and I would need to be with you. They love you THAT MUCH! This truly made me and my son very calm and protected. He said to me “ That’s so neat mom”. The Angels just kept telling me to “ wait for the blood work”, “ wait for the X-ray”, etc. They wouldn’t tell me if he would have to get his appendix out, it was just trusting in all of it unfolding naturally.

We ended up having to take an ambulance to Children’s Hospital as they wanted to do a few more tests. We didn’t have to rush there, but it was forsure an amazing experience me and my son had to go through. As well as my husband on the other end. Even the Paramedics that came looked like Archangels, they were so lovely and fun for my son. It was a long night, ultrasounds, etc and in the end the doctors ruled it out as just a virus.

My angels also said to me, so I could trust in this. “Listen to the Doctor”, as I wanted to make sure they didn’t miss anything and would end up back in emerge. My angels told me he was feeling a really deep fear, fear brings on pain, so whatever he was clearing out of his cells, which is so awesome for him, was just a deep pain, perhaps from past life times and my son being so caring and sensitive, was carrying any fear from me or my husband as well. Infact anyone who would place fear on him. For example…I could hold my husbands guilt by trying to fix him or the situation and not follow my heart, which in return would just make me sick and feel guilty, and unworthy. Do you see how this world really suffers and how important at it is to take those leaps of faith and follow your heart?

NOW, if I wouldn’t have followed my heart, sacrificed plans for others, I would have been in Sedona, Arizona when my son would have gone to the hospital. It might have been a very different experience. Your heart will always tell you the way, your heart is your intuition. So instead of the world asking “ why does this always happen to me”, we need to ask “How is this helping me!”

See these Angels wings and also a heart, above in the creek. Breathe them into your heart. I took this picture right before I left Sedona, at the Oak Creek, where many orbs, fairies, and divine beings can be seen, as well as a healing vortex. May you feel this energy in your heart. You have the capacity not only to love yourself, but the world as well. My hope, dreams and prayers is that you see and experience all your heart has to offer you and that you share your beauty and inspiration with the world. I thank you from within my heart for all you have done to inspire me and this world. You are worth everything your heart dreams of! We are all in this together.

I love you. Karen Neuls

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