• An Intergration of Love

    An Intergration of Love

    The universe made me smile as spirit said to me “ This will be your most favourite quote Karen”. My heart leaps with joy with this, as I do love this rebel side of myself! May this benefit your soul to receive the love you truly deserve 🥰🙏❤️ When one meets their destiny, we know we are always being guided. When times get rough, it’s …

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  • I am beyond my beliefs

    I am beyond my beliefs

    This beautiful quote came to me from the universe not too long ago, and it felt incredibly freeing to acknowledge this from within. I am not challenging anyone’s belief systems, because I see the world that I live in as part of healing humanity, but I recognize within myself that belief systems don’t affect me the same way they used to. There are many belief …

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  • The Hindu Goddess Durga

    The Hindu Goddess Durga

    “Do not be afraid to see the world as it is now.” In Sanskrit, Durga means “invincible.” She is a Hindu goddess known as our divine mother who destroys evil. No darkness can ever defeat her. She helps raise us out of the darkness and destroys the evil around us. She who helps us see the light, allows us not to be afraid, and when …

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  • Kuan Yin’s Dragons

    Kuan Yin’s Dragons

    Kuan Yin is the master of dragons and is known as the goddess of compassion, mercy, protection and intervention. She could also be considered our universal mother who loves us unconditionally and is our guide to happiness, love, joy and freedom. She who unconditionally loves this world. I have worked closely with this Goddess of Compassion, one who supported me with the protection and love …

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  • Archangel Michael’s Dragons

    Archangel Michael’s Dragons

    Archangel Michael’s Dragons are intelligent and wise dragons and are being of assistance to this world in need, so that all spiritual beings benefit from this love and support. Their concern is how the planet is healing at this time, which will eventually lead to huge success for the earth. They are working endlessly on this earth right now, as dragons can go deeper into …

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  • Archangel Gabriel’s Dragons

    Archangel Gabriel’s Dragons

    I have always loved Archangel Gabriel, so when I heard about Archangel Gabriel’s Dragons, I was so excited to work with them. Angelic Dragons come to me often. They have shown me so much of my childhood, memories and purpose, even as a child. They have a few messages for us for this world and more information of why there are here. “People are apprehensive …

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