About Karen

My name is Karen Neuls. I am a Graduate & Practitioner of The Kuan Yin Transmission, Karuna Reiki Master, Angel & Angelic Dragon Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher.  I am also married to a wonderful man and have two sensational children. Our life can be messy sometimes, but there is such wonder in our diversity! It has made me see a whole new perspective on life.

I honestly want to share with you how I teach, live and choose to heal.  It might be different that you have been taught or how you enlighten yourself, and I see no judgment, shame or wrong when it comes to learning about our healing journeys. The universe has shown me this very gracefully.  What may be true to me may not be true to you and that’s how I recognize divine wholeness and unconditional love in all of us.

I can only teach you what I have learnt, moved through and healed myself. Through that inspiration, my angels & guides have shown and taught me many things. Things I never imagined could be possible and in many various ways that we don’t expect. For example, if we are wanting to manifest love, when love comes, it comes to you in a way you never imagined. I know it, because I have recently gone through it.   Through this the universe never shamed me once, instead I was held in love and grace.

As a healer and guide,  I prefer to hold space for you through my teachings or healing sessions, in order for you to find your way, your blessings and purpose as supposed to me, telling you what to do, that maybe your throat chakra isn’t working or you aren’t speaking your truth.  This is judgment and doesn’t help any soul to feel inspired or loved. No judgement, no expectations, no shame.  It’s such a beautiful way to trust in the divine and allow the divine to do the work. I know it takes tremendous strength, but we can all do it if we choose. This is how I am continually becoming to carry this wisdom, hearing my angels from the divine, through healing my own soul path, which is something we can all obtain in this lifetime if we choose it into our lives.

The divine has moved me many times and in many miraculous ways. It hasn’t been easy but I received   miracles I never expected.  Through that, it has led me to compassion for others and myself, The Goddess Kuan Yin helping me heal my inner child, reversing all the damage and those all connected to me through her healing and lifetimes of healing. Realizing my own darkness and the part I have played in healing and growth, and flourishing to be even more heart centred and divinely guided. I like to unique in my own way.

I am also a little a bit of a rebel, hence sometimes I tend to walk more alone, and love to be sensationally fun, laugh and be pretty eccentric while I work.  I used to be so afraid to do this, from jealousy or being intimidated. It makes my heart sing with joy, dance in the light and this is what I am so honoured to share this with you.


Karen Neuls 💕