Angelic Mediumship

What is an Angelic Mediumship Session?

These are gorgeous healing sessions to help you receive grace, and unconditional love with a past loved one while working with the Angelic Realm that not only helps to heal your heart but is a way to communicate with a past loved one to grieve, understand, trust and be more at peace. The way I like to describe this kind of mediumship, is that we do work with the higher realms which gives us the sacred space to create more love in our own hearts and why you may find this so special, is it can elevate any stress or disappointment how the soul left the earth.

People yearn to hear their loved ones in heaven, and my heart has such gratitude to see such beauty from when a soul does leave their body, return to heaven and then return as a soul in our hearts where we can communicate with them every day just by knowing how much we are loved without any judgement or pain that might have caused our hearts to feel before they passed.

This is an incredible way to feel the angelic kingdom in your heart while we work with a passed loved one. One may feel all sorts of emotions regarding a session, and this is why I share this now. I am also grieving someone very special in my life, and this soul came to me after they had passed with a divine message that has given me more purpose to share an angelic mediumship session that creates a sacred space where truth and unconditional love is felt and being in this space takes us beyond any confusion of why they soul left or needing to leave to understanding that the higher realms of heaven and earth are our true divinity taking us beyond any limits that don’t create happiness within us.

Gratitude will be shared, instructions on how to grieve will be shared, and to know all who have suffered can benefit from this angelic mediumship session.

These sessions can be offered via Zoom and last about 1 1/2 long.

Cost $ 144.00

To book an Angelic Mediumship Session, or if you have any questions, please contact me below.



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