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Lemuria was an ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis. Over a million years ago, many intergalactic civilizations came to Lemuria to live. Archangel Michael with his blue flame angels and many beings of light, escorted the first souls who were to become the seeds of the Lemurian race. At this time, earth existed at a 5th dimensional realm, where the beautiful souls who came were assisted by Angels and Lemurian dragons on how to live. Many people including perhaps yourself…know deep down you come from Lemuria and have already made the connection.

Lemurian Dragons are here to bring harmony and balance back to the earth. They carry a very high frequency of light and can be felt very deep in the heart chakra. They assist the earth by bringing back the necessary light of true divine experience. When you are with them, your vibration feels uplifted and clear. You will know when one is working with you when you are going through a really big shift. They are your guardians and especially love to work with healers and reiki energy. They are working to help with the new golden age of ascension and with your help they will help assist you with activation codes from many sacred sites around the world, knowing in your heart the truth of the light inside of you helping to reclaim your power. There is such a heartfelt connection when you connect with the Lemurian Dragons.

This beautiful evening, you will learn and be held by your very own Lemurian Dragon. The Lemurian Dragon will place a crystal in your heart…where the wisdom of the Lemurian dragons exist.
He/She will help assist you in helping you remember your role and who you were in Lemuria, what healing abilities you had in Lemuria and if you can integrate this into this life time to help with your souls journey and purpose.

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Each month is a new teaching/meditation with a new angelic dragon that wishes to connect with us!