Crystal Masters 333

This will be a divine healing workshop to empower your soul purpose and sacred life path. Explore your soul connection through channelled energy templates, guided visualization, moving meditation to healing music, and an honouring sacred ritual of completion, all held in a supportive and loving group environment.

You will be held in a sacred space, while the Crystal Masters 333 holds you in divine protection. As these Ascended Masters work with each participant, an incredible mastery is shown to each heart.

Buddha would be one of the many Ascended Masters, Jesus, St. Germain and Mary Magdalene, just to name a few. They are considered enlightened masters who aren’t karmically bound to the earth. They have all walked the earth before, and these enlightened masters gave their life knowing the suffering of the world. Their hearts have taken a vow to help with our world, as they help humanity release karmic lessons, help heal our wounds, and give us the strength we need.

Within the book written by Alana Fairchild, Crystal Masters 333, Initiation with Divine Power of Heaven and Earth she says The Ascended Masters want to work with you, and when they connect with you, you naturally feel drawn to do so. It’s like a beautiful smile from a friendly, loving person, that just makes you want to move closer and connect somehow. There is no more good reason than this.

They have a very compassionate healing presence about them where you feel spiritually bathed in their presence.

The Crystal Angels are also part of this day. Their vibration helps to raise our planet and bring awareness to our hearts. There is an angel in every crystal. Picture an Amethyst, for example, within that crystal radiates a pure essence of crystalline energy known as the crystal angel of Amethyst. The angel within the Amethyst is the healing vibration that works with a certain Ascended Master.

Allow your heart to be fulfilled by this unconditionally loving divine presence of these higher enlightened beings. Empower your voice, strengthen your true self, and experience what Saraswati Healing has to offer. This is a gorgeous and powerful energetic healing modality that was channelled by Alana Fairchild and her Higher Spiritual Guidance, responsible for her best-selling oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music.

How do you know if you need this healing workshop?
💖You need balance in your life.
💖You feel like you need to release the old.
💖You feel ready to allow more light into your life.
💖You are ready for a new life.

Stay tuned for dates for this workshop

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