Heal with the Crystal Angels 444 Group Session

Come join me at Big Rock Crystals, Minerals & Fossils in Okotoks AB, and Heal with the Crystal Angels 444. This is a beautiful evening session on the Summer Solstice where I guide you, connecting soul to soul, with the Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck, Channeled Exercises and Divine Energy. I will guide you into deep healing to restore your soul and be your authentic self.

This is a very beautiful evening with the Angels, and Crystal Angels where the Angels can help you feel supported, comforted, nurtured , and to really feel that light within your heart. I have seen myself so many beautiful miracles that have come when I work with the Crystal Angels and have been very moved to see that shift within my own heart. We all have our soul journeys in this lifetime, so all are welcomed to join me, from new beginners to advanced souls, As this healing works with a higher wisdom that benefits each heart the way it is needed to be shown. So I find group work very empowering in this space, to see each soul as the light they are.

I have space for 8 participants.

Cost $44.00

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Please message me if you want me to save you a spot. You can e-transfer for this event.


Karen Neuls

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