Sacred Celebration Retreat

October 15th & 16th. Canmore Opera House, Canmore Alberta.

Early Bird Pricing until August 30th $275.00

After August 31st $333.00

Explore this Sacred Celebration Spiritual Retreat that might just rock your world that comes with a divine energy to birth a meaning that meets Radical Joy while we spend the weekend in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where no one can talk you out of sacred play. If you are a divine rebel, like myself, working deeply with the universe to bring divine truth, purpose, creativity, and authentic self-expression, then this retreat is for you. All are welcome, beginners and advanced to join and reconnect to the vibrant energy of the Sacred Rebel within, discovering a deeper sense of courage, purpose and freedom with Radical Joy!

You are a sacred rebel on this earth, so this gorgeous divine weekend isn’t about sitting around and discussing, but more of an intervention where the room is filled with divine circus energy and the sacred rebels helping to create your destiny. Why does this sound so silly? How can we dive into our creativity by being serious?

Oracle Deck created by Alana Fairchild

Divine celebration with Divine Circus calls your heart where nothing can leave you unattainable to your goals for the truth is, you liberate yourself, you are Rare, Raw and Real, and what strikes the pose, is that you are different than anyone else, and that vibration is the moment you live freely in life. This divine workshop is held in such sacred celebration where you move from your heart to your belly and treat your body like it already knows the moves.

You can remain true to you and that’s where we dive into the Sacred Rebels, which elevates you and create the movement needed so you can trust what is forming in your life, and it is very healing to create such a divine rebel within you, where the strength of the divine masculine takes your hand and walks with you, where you can collaboratively dream to banish anything that destroys your soul from happiness.

This Divine retreat creates an alchemy where your feet dance, you celebrate your aliveness, and you have fun working out all the details that continue to work with you and anything less than that, is banished or transformed into the light, as the being you are.

Healthy vibrations are felt here, goodness is felt here, being raw and real is felt here, and letting divine play in your life that benefits all spiritual beings on earth is felt here. This weekend is not about being loud for the sake of it, but more about being real and free. Explore your heart with a deeper purpose through channeled energy templates, guided visualization, moving meditation to healing music, and an honouring sacred ritual of completion, all held in a supportive and loving group environment.

Oracle Deck Created by Alana Fairchild

This weekend includes:
Guided Visualization and Healing Processes
Sacred Ritual and Moving Meditation to Music
Support for Self Expression and Authentic Connection
A Respectful, Positive and Honouring Group Energy

There will also be some beautiful and inspiring vendors at the location, offering their creativity, passion, inspiration, jewelry, books, and a few little extras. They will also be part of the retreat weekend as we bask in this beautiful energy together.

The journey is about you, divine rebel who makes this so easy for yourself now. Let’s make you smile with this sacred retreat where the badass in you isn’t so shy anymore to perform any act that helps out your sacred play, your movement, your purpose and takes you beyond your limits where you find exactly what you need in a ray of beautiful circus colours.

Let your wings soar and celebrate a worthy weekend, forming a circle of hope, creativity, and badassery that takes us all beyond the limit

Let’s celebrate a worthy weekend, forming a circle of hope, creativity, and badassery that takes us all beyond the limits and let LOOSE.

Saturday, October 15th, we move, breathe and feel with the Sacred Rebels Oracle and healing process written and created by Alana Fairchild. Through this divine day we gather together, trust in our own discerning wisdom, bring forth our divine masculine and bring to our hearts purpose that grows from within. The sacred rebel within you wants to be unleashed and by the many forms of this healing day, love is intended for all. Throughout this day, we will live, breathe and join forces with the light and make purpose grow. This is also a beautiful day to empower your soul with authenticity and self-expression of your own creativity.

Time 12:30-7pm.

Sunday, October 16th is the movement that brings a Divine Circus Energy where we meet Radical Joy and let loose to help free our minds, to celebrate what we are all about and this is the moment badassery comes alive. We will really grow through this day, because this Divine Circus Oracle and healing process created by Alana Fairchild, works so deeply in our hearts, you believe in yourself a little more, you get really real with yourself, and you embrace behaving more unapologetic which brings the joy and intervention that makes our hearts celebrate with divine music, creativity and badass trust that works with all hearts of humanity. Radical Joy is a commitment that brings forth an inner knowing and inner light where encouragement takes our hand and leads us to help us on our destiny. This will be an incredible day filled with no-nonsense, but silliness that helps us out. As lightworkers, we need time to have this sacred play, find more about ourselves and LIVE by curiosity from within.

Time: 10-4pm

We will have mini-breaks throughout the weekend, and a full hour break each day. Meals are not included in the weekend. There is a kitchen with a fridge if you prefer to bring your own meals & snacks. Outside the building is the beautiful spring creek with pathways, and park benches to eat at, or you can eat in the building itself. There are also a few quick restaurants in the area to grab something to eat. I simply ask everyone to stay fairly close to the building.

Hotels: There are many gorgeous places to stay in the Canmore area. Follow your heart where you feel guided to stay. The Malcolm Hotel is very close and within walking distance and also runs along the spring creek, just as a suggestion but honour what works for you!

What To Bring

Yoga Matt,
Journal & pen
Water bottle
Comfy Clothes, or whatever you feel guided to wear
Anything else you feel guided to bring

Offering for the Altar, this could be something dearest to your heart, a Crystal, Jewelry, Photograph, whatever you feel guided to bring. It will soak up in the energy of the altar for the weekend, and you can take it home afterwards.

For Sunday: a special request, bring something like your own angel wings, a fun hat, a sparkly sweater, a boa, as we are going to make this day fun!

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