Sacred Inner Journey Online Event.

The Sacred Inner Journey is our roots connecting to our divine mother, creating passion, without conformity, and creating life purpose that helps our roots become enlightened consciousness and our hearts way to live in the world, but not of it. Our hearts can be healed when creating, and how to do this is your sacred rebel letting you trust that you don’t need to be drained by energies that constrict you, and your worthiness is your creative strength that works for you as the enlightened being that you are. Your sacred rebel is your authentic divine truth, and knowing what it is to live a life empowered by healing wounds, and being authentic about it, so that you can live and express the help that the universe guides you with each day. By being authentic is your way to your heart, always. Being Love isn’t the same as being liked, and showing our hearts that divine help is our enlightened consciousness. Living authentically is your heart healing, and typically we tend to not heal our wounds by blaming others instead of healing our hearts where our hearts need divine assistance. So continuing with this Sacred Inner journey is a beautiful invitation to heal your heart, create like the badass you are, and make waves doing so.

I remember a story that Lady Gaia shared on social media, about a relationship she had in her life, where she was all sorts of shame for her decisions, and she told this relationship, “One day, you will see me on TV as a star, and her sacred rebel really spoke to me, because her encouragement was that no one was going to tell her what her dreams should look like, and that really spoke to my heart. Sacred Rebels follow their hearts, and with the help of the universe, it can make it very possible for you to receive help and intervention that holds you almost like your breath receiving rest and enduring each breath as gratitude.

Definition of Sacred Rebel:
A soul who leads, not follows, a soul who dedicates their truth to heal our world, a soul who liberates and lives with faith, courage, and doesn’t follow the typical logical way of life. Instead, they live a life where the impossible becomes possible, and lives to heal humanity with creative purpose, divine truth, higher will, and knowing that their hearts destiny is one with the sacred rebel. Wild and free, choosing love instead of hate, destiny instead of hard work, and purpose instead of lack. Being a Sacred Rebel is worthiness, prosperity, strength, badassary, and is filled with unconditional love, which is this 7 week online sacred inner journey.

I invite you if your heart speaks to you 🌺.

What is included:

2 Live Zoom Calls inspiring your Authentic Sacred Rebel working with Channeled Energetic Templates, Guided Visualizations and Healing Meditation with Saraswati Healing™️ which is a gorgeous and powerful energetic healing modality channelled by Alana Fairchild and her higher spiritual guidance, responsible for her best-selling Oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music.

Extra Zinger at the end if your heart chooses with a 3rd Live Zoom Call, receiving Radical Joy with encouraging excitement, raising your vibration, creative confidence and a blast of must live life fulfilling my destiny to create a heart based joyful life or aka….the loving fuck off of mean spirited energies. One of my favourite healing templates that gives you the gusto you need with the Divine Circus Oracle created by Alana Fairchild.

We are working with two oracle decks, Sacred Rebels & Divine Circus, both created by Alana Fairchild. You don’t need them for this online event, but if you have them, you can work with them.

All zoom calls will be recorded.

You will have communication via email with me once a week within the 7 week journey, and messages from the universe to support your journey.

Creating an Altar as an offering to support your healing process and divine integrations to strengthen your creative purpose.

Possible Divine Masculine Integrative Practice via Zoom

There is a Facebook Group Page just for this group, so that you can connect with the other Divine Soul Tribe if your heart feels guided, share your stories, enlightened activity, and even to our altars, and also a great communicator to reach out if needed! You may perhaps just choose to read as to posting, and that is fine.

Starts September 13th – November 1st 2023🦋🌺🌎😇

Live Zoom Dates. September 13th 6:30pm-8:00pm MT

October 4th 6:30pm- 8:00pm MT

November 1st 6:30-8:00pm MT ( Extra Zinger)

Cost $ 111.00.

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