Spiritual Retreat

April 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2022. Canmore, Alberta
Location: Canmore Opera House by Spring Creek
Cost $250.00

When your heart speaks, listen. Join me!

Enjoy a Soul Fulfilled Spiritual Retreat in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, while we connect with the Crystal Angels & Crystal Masters for Spiritual Growth, Purpose, Empowerment, and Heal through the Divine Power of Heaven & Earth.

This is a sacred space that we will be held in experiencing divine protection, while we lead each other with group work, meditation, sacred dance, and to allow our hearts to be fulfilled by this unconditionally loving divine presence of these higher enlightened beings. Empower your voice, strengthen your true self, and experience what Saraswati Healing has to offer.

There will also be some beautiful and inspiring vendors at the location, offering their creativity, jewelry, crystals, books, and a few little extras. They will also be part of the retreat weekend as we bask in this beautiful energy together.

Friday Evening April 1st. 6:30-9pm

Earth offering with a meet and greet and a small invocation with meditation to start the weekend. This time is created and offered to help settle everyone in, what to expect for the weekend, enjoy some beautiful tea from Kenya, and allow our hearts to connect and feel supported within a loving environment. Plus, it gets us inspired for the weekend!

Saturday April 2nd: Connecting with the Crystal Angels 444 and Heal with the Power of Heaven and Earth. 10-4pm

Sunday, April 3rd: Connecting with the Crystal Masters 333 for Spiritual Growth through the Divine power of Heaven & Earth. 10-4pm

Throughout these two days, nurture your divine destiny and tap into the healing light of your heart, and allow the divine to empower your soul’s purpose and sacred life path. Explore your heart awakening through channeled energy templates, guided visualization, moving meditation to healing music, and an honoring sacred ritual of completion, all held in a supportive and loving group environment.

What to Bring and more information about the weekend.

Yoga Matt


Cozy socks or slippers

Dress in layers to be comfortable



Anything else you feel guided to bring

Offering for the Altar, this could be something dearest to your heart, a Crystal, Jewelry, Photograph, whatever you feel guided to bring. It will soak up in the energy of the altar for the weekend, and you can take it home afterwards.

If you have the Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild, you can bring it, but it is not necessary. I will also have some for sale if you feel guided to purchase them.

Breaks and Lunch.

We will have mini-breaks throughout the day, and a full hour lunch break each day. There is a kitchen with a fridge if you prefer to bring your own meals & snacks. Outside the building is the beautiful spring creek with pathways, park benches to eat at, or you can eat in the building itself. There are also a few quick restaurants in the area to grab something to eat. I simply ask everyone to stay fairly close to the building. No eating during the healing session times, unless it is something you need for your body, then I ask that is something quiet that doesn’t disturb the group.

Hotels in the Area:

There are many gorgeous places to stay in the Canmore Area. Follow your heart where you feel guided to stay.

Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild, Artist Jane Marin


” I have had the opportunity to experience this beautiful healing from Karen. She is absolutely the most perfect healer 😇. I love her excitement, gentleness, honesty, laughter and all the experience she brings to the table. It’s amazing when you feel safe and protected how the words and feelings flow out. Highly recommend 💝. Thank you Karen for your amazing kind huge loving heart ❤️ so many people will benefit.

Toni Elliott

Let’s create our authentic expressive voice together.

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