“When our hearts trust, a vision is

created to our destiny”.

Karen Neuls

From spiritual growth and empowerment, to be free from limits or to enhance your healing practice there are many workshops, spiritual retreats and group healing sessions I offer, that involve discovering your true authentic self.

If your heart speaks, listen. Join Me!

Spiritual Retreat

Take your passion, and Make it happen! Join me with the Three Sister Mountains along the spring creek in Canmore, Alberta that holds a very glorious joy where your heart is lifted, embraced, and joined by many healers. If this speaks to your heart, for an incredible weekend filled with heart felt positive movement, yoga, breath work and a reconnection to abundance & blessings with the Crystal Goddesses 888, crossing thresholds, Loving your Inner Goddess with Awakening the Inner Priestess, we welcome you. April 22, 23rd, 2023.

Registration coming soon!

A monthly inspiration that dives deep to integrate messages from the universe and a courageous amount of spiritual empowerment to work with.

Create from the Heart. Manifest for 2023

My favourite thing is being creative and creating an alchemy where we can be re-introduced to our own vision that we want create in our hearts. This is exciting and because it can feel very real to one self, I am in love with creating with others while we tap into the healing light of our hearts and ask Archangel Michael to assist and re-create what is valid, and what we can manifest. Join me, if you heart feels guided. Location, Crystal Shores Beach House, Okotoks AB.

Jan 14th 12:30-3:30pm

Saraswati Healing Sessions

Discover this beautiful modality with the power of Heaven and Earth where integrations and healing processes dive deep into your heart to help with self-expression, creativity, purpose, spiritual empowerment and the glory of living your divine destiny.

Angelic Mediumship

Work with the higher realms with your past loved ones where you are held in a temple of sacred space that helps you grieve, heal, understand and connect to the angelic realms to receive light in your heart to work through and benefit from any past trauma while having a conversation with those who have past.

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