“When our hearts trust, a vision is

created to our destiny”.

Karen Neuls

From spiritual growth and empowerment, to be free from limits or to enhance your healing practice there are many workshops, spiritual retreats, reiki certifications and group healing sessions I offer, that involve discovering your true authentic self.

If your heart speaks, listen. Join Me!

This 7 week online Sacred Inner Journey is for anyone who wants to strengthen their purpose, live and breathe more in their truth, as within you, you know you are a healer, a lightworker, a truth seeker or divine rebel on this earth. Take the Journey to Create within your heart, liberate your authentic self and see, feel, live, be with Mother Earth, and liberate your soul to see fulfilment, liberation, and empowerment as part of your divine destiny. Spread your wings, with an intention to laugh more, enjoy life more, and create all possibilities for your life purpose. The Sacred Rebel is your own reflection of knowing you are the light, and being your purpose is driven from this sacred inner journey to benefit all spiritual beings. It is our hearts way to reclaim our power who we are destined to be. You are the Light, Go forward and Believe Anything is Possible.

Starting September 13th, 2023

A monthly inspiration that dives deep to integrate messages from the universe and a courageous amount of spiritual empowerment to work with.

Reiki is a Gift you Give yourself. These Reiki Certifications from Level I, Level II to the Advanced and Mastery Levels are offered through the Reiki Attunements as well as learning how to heal yourself and others on your path. How Reiki benefits is through universal life force energy, not our own energy, so we learn compassion for oneself and others and we find more of our life purpose through experiencing the Reiki Training. Reiki is Oneness, Self-Awareness, Abundance e & Prosperity and Healing ourselves gives us the balance to find Peace, Joy, Spiritual Growth, and Harmony in our lives. Reiki Certifications help humanity simply by allowing your own heart to discover your life purpose through being a Reiki Channel and transcend time and space to heal our world with unconditional love.

Information and Registration coming soon!

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