• The Reiki Journey

    The Reiki Journey

    You are worthy of your dreams. May it be so. Om Shanti Shanti Om. This is my story with the journey of Reiki from the Universal heart and Universal Compassion. Enjoy Just for today, I will not anger, I will not worry, and I will do my work honestly, be grateful, and I will beContinue…

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  • Celtic Blessings from the Goddess Brigid

    Celtic Blessings from the Goddess Brigid

    The Goddess Brigid is a Celtic goddess from a realm we know in Avalon, or throughout Ireland, and many other countries that consist of the Celtic Goddesses. The Goddess Brigid, is the sword of Archangel Michael, which works with our throat chakras and helps assist humanity in their hearts in times of need, times ofContinue…

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  • How to Create through Toxic Behaviours

    How to Create through Toxic Behaviours

    Enjoy my newest blog on how to heal when around toxic behaviours and create through them with strength, confidence and to live your divine destiny with more purpose on our path. The Divine Feminine is our hearts way through any challenge, bringing love, abundance and empowerment when we create like the light we are. MayContinue…

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  • Returning to the Light

    Returning to the Light

    Hello Divine Ones, as we start to celebrate Winter Solstice on the 21st, I would love to introduce you to the Goddess Inanna, or more known as Ishtar, as when I received guidance through my own Inner Priestess, I felt very guided to believe in something from the heart. Where a must trust connection toContinue…

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  • Trusting in a Higher Plan

    Trusting in a Higher Plan

    Hello Beautiful Beings ✨ This newsletter is sharing some wisdom from the universe, authentically about our own worthiness, and I have been really feeling this shift profoundly changing our world, which is exciting, and definitely part of our spiritual growth. I talk about worthiness, conditional love, unconditional love, trusting no matter what, and help fromContinue…

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  • Creating Purpose with the Goddess Bastet

    Creating Purpose with the Goddess Bastet

    This is the Goddess Bastet, who is known as an Egyptian Goddess, who helps humanity love all beings, and her symbolism is known as a goddess and can transform herself into a black cat, very mysterious but yet fun to play with. She has the most stunning eyes and even that movement is incredible toContinue…

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