A Message from the Stars

Have you been feeling New Life Emerging within you?

Can you feel this movement? It is happening on our earth! It is sacred celebration for our hearts today! Here are some blessings for you, incantations and welcoming in this new life, where you blossom, create, and live with purpose that does benefit all spiritual beings.

I have been working with some beautiful activations from Star Guides who love us unconditionally and I have been feeling this movement with our collective.

Enjoy this Abundant and Sacred Celebrative Movement for our Hearts!

Is it your heart felt destiny, is it the growth you are needing, or wanting to receive?

I have been sitting with some Star Guides, recalibrating my heart, and since then I have felt depth of this new life. The Goddess Saraswati, known for sound, music, dance, creativity and divine timing, is our hearts connection with abundance and blessings, whether it may be in our home life, with our spiritual work, to letting go of what no longer serves. I myself have realized that growth is possible when we shift our awareness to make life happier for ourselves.

What this means is leaning on the universe to help us, not to correct us! That is so heart felt to know, how deeply the universe unconditionally loves us. Spiritual growth is recognizing YOUR JOURNEY is beautiful, just as you are now. We are healing our vows, our soul contracts, and karma that is in your heart to receive this unconditional love and blessings from the support of your divine team of angels and guides.

We are all healing our hearts, and we are not separate when it comes to knowing that life reacts to you how you choose to be in your life. This is the shift we can see where life begins anew in a ray of beautiful colors, that extend in your heart allowing your life to be more alive and free from the nonsense that emits negativity, and let’s go of the realization that life is too busy and that we don’t have enough time to make choices that align towards our destiny.

I am also feeling that the negative mothering complex, is the shift we need to let our hearts decide what may help us out. The Negative Mother Complex is evolving, where it isn’t necessarily negative, it is just more possessive or wounded within men and women. It needs that security, instead of realizing our worth, the time we relate to, the healing that makes us aware of more self love, and less resentment. Healing the negative mother complex isn’t a hardship nor is it necessarily our own mistakes. Nothing is ever a mistake. It is more welcoming in the universal response of playful wisdom, feeling secure, and love and gratitude for all beings on this earth.

For instance in my own life, I have so much gratitude for helping my daughter each morning, spending time with her, helping her do her hair, make her sandwich, drive her to school, or being the soccer mom, driving all over the city, to working….. but I also feel this energy of resentment where I wish I had more time to myself, and although I shift once I leave and drive my daughter to school, something shifts in me where abundance is present, and I am so blessed for this time that I have with my daughter. I know one day she will be able to do this herself, and I will still have time to laugh, play and be with her. The shift I received was more heart based. It wasn’t necessarily a negative mothering complex where we don’t like all the things we need to do, instead I leaned on the universe to help me, as I love my time to create and need that spaciness, so seeing new life for myself was seeing that all possibilities are abundant when I can let go of the hard work, because we don’t necessarily need to be constantly mothering, but allowing space to enjoy it in a positive abundant way. This is my story of what I have been feeling in my life, perhaps you as well, but not necessarily is this you. Infact today, I was blessing with space after getting home from the school where a client had to cancel and it created this newsletter which brought me a new crazy and abundant life!! Haha, I love it!

That is where abundance is creative, when we allow the universe the space to create for us, and then allow the blessings to bestow upon your life.

How do I know if I need help with healing growth to be able to see more abundance in my life?

First, it is up to you to decide that if you choose, second, you are already feeling this activation from our earth, where new life is upon us as a collective so journaling, perhaps studying more healing arts, where your heart feels guided to go, to even making yourself aware that new life can blossom just as your soul becomes more alive. There is always space to create, to love, to heal, and to allow this movement in your heart where you may feel a surprise or blessed energy and perhaps more of an enlightened perspective on life. Just ask for the space and then let go to receive.

You are in my heart as I am with you, always as I can say to myself. When in doubt, I know life responds to me when I open myself up to realize I am worth new life, I am worth joy, I am worth love, I am worth a fullfilling destiny. Let it be so.

Our purpose is shown to us, not by a conclusion, but by an initiate that takes the journey to the soul. The initiate is not about hardships, anger or hate, it’s not even a conclusion, because our soul remembers life as being blessed and not destroyed. So the journey is truly welcomed when we take this step to heal ourselves and those that we love, whether they have passed on, to not even being in your life, to even those who are with you now. All benefit when you recognize that the journey is a soul remembering the light and who you came to be on this earth. There is strength in seeing the journey so compassionately that it gives new life to all beings when we create from a space of light and love.

I have so many beautiful inspired classes and events in person for this spring that I have had so much fun creating, and can help you with your spiritual growth, bring in more light into your life as well as heal your heart to create what it is you want to manifest and become if this speaks to your heart. Keep checking my website, as I do sometimes offer zoom sessions as well, when my heart feels that offer to create that!

Let’s celebrate together!

Incantation for New Life:

I am welcoming in new life now, I am no longer healing a wounded mothering aspect, and I ground into the earth, new life that creates joy, love, health, wealth, security, support, unconditional love, awareness, and be with what is that makes my heart love more on this earth. I am born anew. May it be so.

Karen Neuls 🌹

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. My name is Karen Neuls, I am a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission. My biggest passion is learning and leaning more into the light, healing myself from within and creating through with joy, compassion, fulfillment, prosperity and love. I love to intend to keep awareness on myself to keep walking a divine destiny that is rare, organic and feels pure in my heart. I adore being a spiritual teacher, it always felt very organic for me, even though I was so shy when I was a young girl, but somehow my heart was directed always through intervention and it just grew within me. Alongside that, I deeply love connecting to the universe to create courses, classes and workshops that fill and inspire my heart and that serves for the highest good. It fills me with joy knowing how deeply moved and loved we all are on this earth. Surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, even how things should be or expected, flowing to awakening the heart to the divine feminine, embracing no force, limits or conditioning is how I love to move on this earth. It’s not an easy task, my goodness, I continually am learning how deep we are loving the fact life is so supported from the universe, and to be in the heart is where I love to sing with the divine feminine. It is part of what I love to teach and bring forth to our world, to receive more harmony, peace and liberation. I welcome you, if your heart feels guided. 🌹 Namaste, Karen Neuls

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