Archangel Michael

My heart is exploding this month to introduce this Archangel, whether you already know him deeply or it’s your first time learning about this magnificent Archangel! Welcome to the month of May! This above photo is created by Artist Jane Delaford Taylor.I loved this image and it really spoke to my heart with her creativity and how she shares her light with our world. I … Continue reading Archangel Michael

Today’s True to You Quote

What do you think the journey is genuinely about? What causes your heart to excitement? What intentions make you feel truly positive about yourself? What if all these reactions were your worth, and the way the world feels about love? Love is intended for our world, and resisting our hearts isn’t a bad thing at all, because in the end what works with us is … Continue reading Today’s True to You Quote

March’s Inspiration for our Soul

Mother Mary 🌹 March starts to bring spring and new beginnings, which is why I would love to share this with you today. Mother Mary cherishes our world. When your heart feels love from Mother Mary, you instantly have a reaction of unconditional love around you, and when you see her eyes, she is that invitation that is forever in our hearts. She radiates joy, … Continue reading March’s Inspiration for our Soul

February’s Inspiration for the Soul. The Goddess Saraswati, Healing with the Naga’s and Ocean Life.

Hello Beloved’s! 💖 Welcome to February’s inspiration for your soul.Let’s raise our vibration this month together by giving ourselves permission to just be who we are. May your heart feel inspired and felt by the Goddess Saraswati, Healing with The Naga’s and even my healing story with them. PLUS, a gorgeous intervention with the ocean, and the sharks that swim and share their light with … Continue reading February’s Inspiration for the Soul. The Goddess Saraswati, Healing with the Naga’s and Ocean Life.

January’s Inspiring Newsletter: The Year of the Tiger 2022

2022 is a year of completion. What doesn’t serve our highest good shall not remain and will help honor our true selves, taking steps to see our future align more in our hearts and having more gratitude for our lives.  There won’t be as much resistance in 2022, which is where our homes will be more felt, more re-connections made, and more allowing the universe to … Continue reading January’s Inspiring Newsletter: The Year of the Tiger 2022

Archangel Metatron

There is always a direct response to Archangel Metatron. His gift to you is waiting for the perfect time to arise within you where he shall spread his wings upon the earth where he makes his presence known.  He works with all who ask him for his help.  He knows your truth, your wisdom and the courage it takes to find this.  With his knowledge, … Continue reading Archangel Metatron

Archangel Michael

While saying prayers to Archangel Michael, his work not only shields you from fear, but his undeniable strength gives him the power to stand by God.  He makes his way into our world just by knowing that all circumstances lead us to great strength, and where you stand, today is exactly what is benefiting you most.  He shows himself in many ways which help us … Continue reading Archangel Michael