March’s Inspiration for our Soul

Mother Mary 🌹

March starts to bring spring and new beginnings, which is why I would love to share this with you today. Mother Mary cherishes our world. When your heart feels love from Mother Mary, you instantly have a reaction of unconditional love around you, and when you see her eyes, she is that invitation that is forever in our hearts. She radiates joy, heals our wounds, and she can blast us with the energy we need to end the suffering we are in. There are so many forms of Mother Mary, which is more about the energy of March, where we will see Mother Mary more like The Lady of Guadeloupe.

The Lady of Guadeloupe is the Mexican Mother Mary, and when she appeared in the Mayan, she brought peace to the Mayan people, as well as the Catholics that were invading and at war with the Mayan. This form of Mother Mary works all over our world, more as a black madonna, or as in Mexico known as Mother Mary.

I recently visited the Mayan in January, and this is the message I have received from her. In her many forms, she instructed me the love that was intended for me on my trip.

My heart grew in the ocean with these fish I love to call “Angel Fish” and when I first entered the ocean there, one of those fish nibbled on my swimsuit bottoms. It totally stunned me, and for a moment, I said to the Ocean, that is it…no more nibbling!

Then these courageous fish started pushing me from behind, and their intention was to help me remove shame from others, and the ocean was protecting me from it.  I felt Gaia on that ocean floor, and I trusted more in the ocean and sang and swam with these fish.  

They just knew exactly what I needed when I was standing on the ocean floor. They love all beings who enter the ocean, and one day I had a swarm of them, including one different looking white angel fish, with longer fins, very angelic. He loved swimming between my legs and would rub his body up against my legs, like how a cat loves you. This fish did this 4 times and brought me such great joy and connection with the ocean life.

Here I am now, even being blessed by Mother Mary, and although I have gained a lot of consciousness on her, she still moves me with every breath. Sometimes she has made my mouth drop by her astonishing energy. Her heart moves our world.

Here is a beautiful way to work and invite Mother Mary into your life.

Buy yourself some roses

Let them be the invitation to open your heart and be moved by Mother Mary.

There is no forcing with Mother Mary, she knows what you need, so you can trust in that.

A simple prayer to invite her in is “Mother Mary, please work with me. Hold me in your arms, and help me with the courage to trust in your faith and the way forward in my life”.

Then simply hold your hands in prayer, and say thank you.

This above photo is from the Mother Mary Oracle, created by Alana Fairchild and artist Shiloh Sophia.

I sat with Archangel Metatron today and asked him about a simple prayer that might help our world and Ukraine. He said to me, just a simple prayer with one word on your heart, and with that intention all hearts feel this vibration instead of the fear of the world.

And as simple as this may seem, what comes from this is the start of a new generation where more love is intended instead of hate.

My word is Love. And you can make yours, whatever you intend. Simply let this one word spread across our world, and may all beings benefit and receive this.

So love is my word, and when I start to feel that in my own heart, it makes sense to make more love in my life. And making the intention that love is everywhere in the world helps me trust in my own life, where more joy and passion arises within. So with your word, perhaps its support, divine connection, peace, compassion, destiny, just to name a few ideas, let that be your intention.

Here is a repeat after me to send the prayer

“I am without a doubt a sovereign being of light, and I can shift this energy now by simply making myself aware of the joy always around me. With the one word of (your word), my heart amplifies trust in our world as well. I know in my heart that our world knows peace”.

This is an image of the 3 sister mountains that overlook the Opera House in Canmore, Alberta, and where the Goddess Saraswati guided me to host this retreat at the Canmore Opera House. I received such a moving message from these healing mountains. Enjoy 💖

It has been an incredible journey of mine to receive this healing modality written and channelled by Alana Fairchild and her higher guidance. I have felt the Canmore Opera House is part of a tribal communication of divine souls, leading with their hearts and with the intervention of The Angels and Ascended Masters. Here are my words about the passion I have received with Saraswati Healing through this modality.

Expressing our true voices is an individual choice, trusting by the heart and where the heart guides us. I trusted my heart with the Canmore Opera House, and when I opened the doors today, I was shown a heart centred reality for what is to come for this retreat.

When we create with Saraswati and her higher guidance, which includes the Angels and Ascended Masters, their own voices are within each and every one of us, and to describe Saraswati Healing is something the heart needs to feel. The 3 sister mountains overlooking the Opera House represent Canmore and its ability to heal others just by visiting these mountains.

They are an incredible mountain, and what struck me the most today when I visited them is the trust they had in me, for wanting and offering a foundation of love to pore over these mountains and into the hearts of many.
This will be shown to all of them, including myself, for the work we will be doing and the incredible journey that is in store for us.

The names of the 3-sister mountains are Faith, Charity and Hope. I must thank Leigh Ann Betts, who is bringing Kate King jewelry to this event, including the other collaborators who know these mountains with me. They have all visited Canmore before, some live in Canmore, Alberta, and Leigh Ann just made me smile today with their names. Holly Hawkins Marwood, who is my instructor for all my Akashic Records certifications, also visited these mountains and lives in California. Not only that, but many of my close friends have also seen these mountains.

The Goddess Kuan Yin turned into this mountain, and her instructions for me were to see this with my eyes open for the unconditional love, acceptance and grace that is in store for Canmore and all who visit. Mother Earth, with all her mighty wings, gave birth to those mountains where many tribal leaders from past generations gave their lives for freedom. The way Canmore lives now is like a tribal communion, like the Canmore opera house, that takes away our guilt, and gives us more pleasure and joy by breathing in the light and the fresh air those mountains give. Those mountains are the light for Canmore, and their spiritual guidance is similar to the Crystal Mandala Oracle written by Alana Fairchild, and we will be using them at this retreat.

Mother Mary’s Angels are upon us, working with the Opera House now, and working deep into Mother Earth and all our spiritual cells unfolding before this retreat. This is another reason why I am sharing this, as an invitation to receive Saraswati Healing in your heart, without even knowing what it may represent to you, because it is already in you.

You are the light, and you are an incredible soul dedicating purpose and spiritual growth.

To complete this, all souls are welcome, men and women who feel guided to come and sing in their hearts with the Angels and Ascended Masters. Those who feel guided to come, just know in their hearts. Some may not know anything about Angels or Ascended Masters, and some may already have been introduced to them. Either way, Saraswati’s healing compliments all.

To all who this may concern, I am an individual soul light-worker on this earth, dedicating my spiritual purpose to my heart, to Mother Earth and my own expressive voice, and through that may hearts benefit by me just being myself on this earth, and that is what this retreat encourages you to find within YOU!

You are the light, you hold great space, and I welcome you to this retreat. If your heart sings…listen.

April 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2022 in Canmore, Alberta
Click to register or find out more!

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. My name is Karen Neuls, I am a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission. My biggest passion is learning and leaning more into the light, healing myself from within and creating through with joy, compassion, fulfillment, prosperity and love. I love to intend to keep awareness on myself to keep walking a divine destiny that is rare, organic and feels pure in my heart. I adore being a spiritual teacher, it always felt very organic for me, even though I was so shy when I was a young girl, but somehow my heart was directed always through intervention and it just grew within me. Alongside that, I deeply love connecting to the universe to create courses, classes and workshops that fill and inspire my heart and that serves for the highest good. It fills me with joy knowing how deeply moved and loved we all are on this earth. Surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, even how things should be or expected, flowing to awakening the heart to the divine feminine, embracing no force, limits or conditioning is how I love to move on this earth. It’s not an easy task, my goodness, I continually am learning how deep we are loving the fact life is so supported from the universe, and to be in the heart is where I love to sing with the divine feminine. It is part of what I love to teach and bring forth to our world, to receive more harmony, peace and liberation. I welcome you, if your heart feels guided. 🌹 Namaste, Karen Neuls

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