February’s Inspiration for the Soul. The Goddess Saraswati, Healing with the Naga’s and Ocean Life.

Hello Beloved’s! 💖 Welcome to February’s inspiration for your soul.
Let’s raise our vibration this month together by giving ourselves permission to just be who we are. May your heart feel inspired and felt by the Goddess Saraswati, Healing with The Naga’s and even my healing story with them. PLUS, a gorgeous intervention with the ocean, and the sharks that swim and share their light with us!

When Saraswati sings from her soul, we can all hear her vibration. Remembering that it doesn’t mean your note or your song must sing the same viewpoint, because it doesn’t have to. What we can remember is where our own heart is leading us, and how Saraswati is directing us. With compassion, we lead with our hearts. And even in that single note, love is achieved, but not reacting to another soul’s path. Love is also achieved when we give permission for others to heal the way they need to heal, and trust in their movements regarding their health or their life. When we work with others that feel the vibration of Saraswati, it helps remind us that sometimes Saraswati intervenes to say something to help shift another soul from feeling depressed or in an undesirable state.

Lightworkers work to help shift the planet and make our world feel safer by allowing them to be themselves. With the help of Saraswati and her movement in your heart, you lift up your life and feel her presence with you. This gives you a smile on your face and makes way to either become more of a writer, an author, a baker, any movement that creates something that lives within your heart. Even the possibilities that make our hearts sing with joy. That’s where Saraswati genuinely arrives in our hearts.

She trusts in you with every step you take and makes a connection to continue helping you grow, to feel more empowered, and let your vibration soar. I share this with you today, because Saraswati has transformed me and helped me in my own life. The way she connects people that I can trust, move with, laugh with and be myself with is her movement.

Enjoy 🌀🌈❤️

The Goddess Saraswati

This month, I have dedicated this newsletter to writing about the Goddess Saraswati. She is known as the creative goddess of divine timing and trust, and she is typically shown sitting with a white swan and playing a musical instrument. She is in every living thing and lives and breathes within us. Her heart works with us; she speaks to us divinely more than we know. If you feel guided, you can open your heart to her, and she will play you a song. Her heart plays a song for the world, and with that light, she sees us making our beautiful song come to life.

The story about Saraswati is one of many tales, and it begins with the Hindu God Brahma. He was known as a deity who worked with creation, song, music, and he built a beautiful temple where Saraswati would enter each day. She would sing him songs, and he loved her very much. Brahma was Saraswati’s husband, and he never expected anything from her. Still, she did surprise him, as he had many followers on his path. When it came time for Saraswati to arrive at a specific ceremony, Brahma was worried she wouldn’t be on time, so he gave way to a new wife instead. This is where Brahma didn’t trust in the timing. Saraswati did arrive right on time, but not a minute before. She was livid about what Brahma had done. Saraswati had seen this new woman, and although she was distraught with her, she gave her mercy and let her return to the crowd.

This is a story about divine timing, and when we work with Saraswati, she will create in divine timing for you. She is the trust we need in the world today, and she sees us like beautiful swans learning the balance of trusting, especially of divine timing. Working with her energy is like a spiral that awakens our hearts, almost like a void to clear space to be able to hear our own song.

She helps us with our creative expression, what drives the passion in us, helps us out when we need to trust in divine timing, and even in uncertainty, she is known to help all who need her help. She is like a guide from our own heart, where you can feel a rainbow energy surfacing that brings the joy out in you. It’s like a spiral of movement that helps us out. Saraswati blesses our world with her compassion and unconditional love, and sees the divine plan for everyone in our world. She cares deeply for our world, and she comes to us with her white feather, like the swan, and makes the shifts we need to better ourselves, that helps us see our truths, and that gives us all high fives for being alive in this world.

She works with many spiritual teachers, writers, authors, and most importantly, she works with you and helps you trust in all outcomes of your life. She could be similar to the goddess Kuan Yin, and can also be known as White Tara. She can take any form she needs, because she is the goddess of time. She could be considered a matrix where everything within time brings out what she will manifest into. She comes in so many forms. You know she is with you because you feel it and she comes singing her song in the most gentle forms. She can clean up the clutter in your life too!

This is an image of the Ocean in Bali, Indonesia, that I took when I travelled there and was first introduced to Saraswati. She came to me more in a form of White Tara, and what struck me most was the details that made me see such purity in the life of Bali. My heart opened there, I fell in love with the people, how they smiled and struck me each time I was introduced to them. I remember seeing a whole family on one scooter while I was in a shuttle bus touring. They looked so peaceful and happy, and they gave me a smile, which made my heart burst in tears for the love I felt. They had so much gratitude.

That is when I started to feel Saraswati with me. I travelled to many temples, even walking across the ocean floor, when the tide was down to reach a sacred temple that was an island. I received a beautiful blessing from a Balinese man, while he placed white rice on my third eye, recognizing my truth. What came to me was actually sorrow for what I wasn’t receiving, so instead I was nudged a little to trust more in the divine plan in Bali.

What I received through that was an intention that perhaps my divine plan wasn’t what I expected to receive in Bali. By the time I went to a fire ceremony, I became stronger, and with that intention I no longer received the pain I had felt. So when I opened my eyes to this, it led me down a very different path where I knew my heart needed to go. Saraswati was my direction and helped me honour my true feelings, which is where she stays in my heart.

Healing with The Nagas for Purification and Emotional Healing

Alana Fairchild, author, spiritual teacher and mentor describes The Naga’s as akin to water-sprites of Eastern spiritual traditions, very similar to elemental beings. She states in her book, The Kuan Yin Transmission, where I first learnt about the Naga’s “ is that they have access to secret teachings and great blessings which they share freely with those who are open-hearted.”

The Naga’s have shared with me that it is alright to have the emotions that we have regarding anything in our lives. With the water element, which is how they bless, makes our world a better place. They can lean into the hearts of humanity right into their spiritual cells, healing the damage that might have caused them pain. They are quite the feisty water sprite, which makes way for even more purpose with them. You can heal in the bath with them, even by offering a small cup of water in your healing room, before meditation or even at your nightstand while you sleep at night. They could even be in your water vase where you place your flowers!

The Nagas want to help humans trust in the Ocean. This is why I feel this month to dedicate this to the sharks. This month my heart really opened up to them by showing you the picture that made me fear what was in the Ocean. This image was from a friend of mine who took this right on the beach. My instant reaction was, “HOLY CRAP” I could not believe it was swimming so close to shore.

I would hold my heart in fear to trust walking into the Ocean. I have swam in the Ocean many times, but I have always been fearful. Not only that but that poor shark in the image was portrayed as not being something liked in the Ocean. This is why in February, I will be swimming in the Ocean, and in those waters where I will see Sharks like the Angels and like every other living creature in the Ocean, I will be a peace with the Ocean for what it brings me.

Wherever there is despair in life, there isn’t always light and what angle we see this strikes us as the unseen, the inevitable, or the fearful. I, too, took this shark as something I would never want to see in the Ocean, and I would feel fear. Here is this beautiful shark in the Ocean, who I would not trust; give me the pleasure to just allow it to be swimming for some food.

Sharks are not harmful to humans; in the way in which we see them, they actually can give us great pleasure being with them. For example, by letting them trust in us and not worrying that a shark attempt is what they are looking for.

Sharks are a very clearing species, and they help the Ocean and the many beings within the Ocean, so this is why I wanted to make this month’s prayer to help the sharks in the Ocean receive the light they need. They carry a very certain vibration about them, which helps to clear the oceans, and their vibration creates a sound that makes life in the Ocean abundant, alive, and in harmony because of sharks. There is a reason why they are also in aquariums as well. The Aquariums are healthier because of this.

Prayer for our Oceans and Sharks

“May all sharks in the ocean receive the balance they need, as life has gifted them purpose and even in despair when we see sharks, may their hearts be healed like a song Saraswati sings to them in every cell of the ocean”.

Here is a Naga Practice you can do if you feel guided 💖

Simply pray and ask the Nagas to heal the oceans, rivers and lakes, and even in our communities where we live that contain a water element. Even the drain pipes and sewage systems can receive this light. Because this is an element of water, all living creatures and beings shall receive more love and an instant reaction to trust in all life.

If we were to jump into the middle of the Ocean with a bunch of sharks, there could be an attack, but if we are just swimming out into the Ocean, enjoying our time, the likelihood of a shark attack is not even possible. Sharks know humans are in the water, which makes all humans benefit.

The Ocean is filled with sharks and they live and breath in an ocean so vast, and we could describe this Ocean just for getting wet with the idea that all life is magical, even the tarantulas, scorpions, anything that we may find fearful. What is so magical about our earth is that heaven has created everything to match a certain vibration, and even as peaceful as the dove, all sing a cellular note which is connected to all of us.

Peace brings less fear in our world and gives us the strength to know that all living creatures resemble harmony in their own way. A simple as that sounds, our own hearts can help assist the planet by living our lives, enjoying the sunshine, talking fresh breathes of air when we walk outdoors, and even the gorilla, when we see one, they know us.

Our planet is filled with magnificent beings, including the shark.
Here’s a cute giggle that the Naga’s shared with me to help me trust swimming in the Ocean. They said to me “Karen, the sharks know you will never enter the ocean again if you see one, so they will create that love for me as my intention to heal in the Ocean and the gift the Ocean will give me is a gorgeous intervention of swimming with no fear”.

Enjoy these upcoming events if your heart feels guided, please join me! I will be at Joy & Vitality Centre in Calgary, Alberta and also in the Rocky Mountains in Canmore Alberta for my upcoming Retreat!

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. My name is Karen Neuls, I am a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission. My biggest passion is learning and leaning more into the light, healing myself from within and creating through with joy, compassion, fulfillment, prosperity and love. I love to intend to keep awareness on myself to keep walking a divine destiny that is rare, organic and feels pure in my heart. I adore being a spiritual teacher, it always felt very organic for me, even though I was so shy when I was a young girl, but somehow my heart was directed always through intervention and it just grew within me. Alongside that, I deeply love connecting to the universe to create courses, classes and workshops that fill and inspire my heart and that serves for the highest good. It fills me with joy knowing how deeply moved and loved we all are on this earth. Surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, even how things should be or expected, flowing to awakening the heart to the divine feminine, embracing no force, limits or conditioning is how I love to move on this earth. It’s not an easy task, my goodness, I continually am learning how deep we are loving the fact life is so supported from the universe, and to be in the heart is where I love to sing with the divine feminine. It is part of what I love to teach and bring forth to our world, to receive more harmony, peace and liberation. I welcome you, if your heart feels guided. 🌹 Namaste, Karen Neuls

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