Goddess Retreat

April 22nd and 23rd 2023, Canmore Alberta

Welcome Beloved to Awakening the Heart to the Goddess

of Abundance and Blessings.

Love your Inner Goddess with this high frequency weekend is your heart’s invitation to love, receive, and embrace your destiny.  It is filled with unconditional love, divine truth, and works for all humanity with our own spiritual empowerment that increases our worth, our value, and can speed up your process to your own fulfillment. If this speaks to your heart, for an incredible weekend filled with heart felt positive movement, yoga, breath work and a reconnection to Abundance & Blessings with the Crystal Goddesses 888 vibration with Saraswati Healing, Crossing Thresholds, Loving your Inner Goddess with Awakening the Inner Priestess, we welcome you.

All are welcome, new beginners to advanced souls.

There will also be some beautiful and inspiring collaborators as part of the retreat, offering their creativity, passion, inspiration, jewelry, books, moon readings, spiritual coaching sessions, chair massages and much more with a few little extras. They will also be part of the retreat weekend as we bask in this beautiful energy together.

Crystal Goddesses 888 Book and Crystal Mandala Oracle created by Alana Fairchild. Artist Jane Marin

Saturday April 22. 10:30-7pm

Live your Divine Destiny, Manifest with Intentions that create from your heart with the Crystal Goddesses 888 vibration, including visualizations, healing processes, abundance and blessings, and crossing thresholds to receive what your heart truly wants to receive in this lifetime.  

This creates a way through this threshold to be held by grace, unconditional love, with a deeply moving healing template.  We work with breath work, moving meditations, writing, and free dance as part of living it up, so our earth’s connection feels this vibration of worthiness, intervention, and divine support, showing us the way through which works with all hearts of humanity.  The 888 vibration creates the alchemy, which is like a perfume of liberation, welcoming also into the heart.  Welcome dear one.  

Sunday April 23rd 10-5pm

Awakening the Inner Priestess with celebration and playful wisdom, where we shift and recalibrate heart transforming ways of life, through our own beauty, love, warrior energy, and work to invoke our own inner priestess, from our cocoon to our magnificent butterfly.  This day is incredibly trustworthy on all levels, from our own value, to what speaks to us so deeply, to our cherished being allowing worth, success and free to be me, vibrating our cells so deeply. Even through our gentle restorative, yin style practice with Yoga this day, creativity changes to allow a deeper connection to your own heart.  The inner priestess gives us the balance we need to trust in her, let her into your heart, to be serene with her, and allow her playful wisdom, so you can see through the eyes of the divine the way you are meant to express yourself now.  This day can be profoundly healing for our voice, trusting in our own wisdom, and taking the journey to celebrate and love your inner goddess with authentic expression, celebration and working with the sacred feminine.


Including in the Weekend

Channelled Energetic Templates

Guided Visualization & Healing Meditation

Moving Meditation to Sacred Music & a Dance Journey

Gentle Restorative, Yin Yoga & Breath Work

A Supportive & Loving Group Environment 

An Honouring Graduation Ritual

We will have mini-breaks throughout the weekend, and a full hour break each day. Meals are not included in the weekend. There is a kitchen with a fridge if you prefer to bring your own meals & snacks. Outside the building is the beautiful spring creek with pathways, and park benches to eat at, or you can eat in the building itself. There are also a few quick restaurants in the area to grab something to eat. I simply ask everyone to stay fairly close to the building. 

Hotels: There are many gorgeous places to stay in the Canmore area. Follow your heart where you feel guided to stay. Booking hotels in advance can be less expensive. The Malcolm Hotel is very close and within walking distance and also runs along the spring creek, or there is Spring Creek Vacations which has lovely Condo’s, Vrbo has many gorgeous and affordable choices as well, so depending what you want to spend,  just trust your heart and honour what works for you. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Dear Beloveds, this is Karen Neuls. Practitioner of the Kuan Yin Transmission & Saraswati Healing. Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner & Divine Channel who deeply loves to dive deep within to discover divine truth, and work as a light bearer on this earth, grounding in the light, love and unconditional grace our world lives for. Welcome dear one 🕊

Divine ones, this is Emily Gladys Toll. Being a Breathwork Facilitator, Akashic Records Practitioner, Vibrational Consultant, and Quantum Healer, Emily lives for the magic of creating space to witness deep transformation and Soul remembrance. She is not one to swim in the shallow end. To those who seek it, she desires to give the permission slip they need to explore their Soul’s true essence beyond human conditioning, trauma and programming.

Love your Inner Goddess with Brittany Holburn as she is a 500hr E-RYT, yoga was her introduction to wellness and she has since expanded her practice to include Reiki, Herbs, Breathwork and natural, non toxic products. Her passion is helping others live a wholistic lifestyle that suits their needs so we can lessen our impact on the environment and live in harmony with Mother Earth.

What To Bring 

Yoga Matt

Journal & pen
Water bottle
Comfy Clothes, or whatever you feel guided to wear
Anything else you feel guided to bring

Offering for the Altar, this could be something dearest to your heart, a Crystal, Jewelry, Photograph, whatever you feel guided to bring. It will soak up in the energy of the altar for the weekend, and you can take it home afterwards.

This beautiful weekend is part of Saraswati Healing and Saraswati Healing Tantric Flow which was created by Alana Fairchild and her higher spiritual guidance, responsible for her best-selling oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music.

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Our Location is at the Canmore Opera House, in Canmore Alberta where the Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of creation, music, and diving timing guided me from the heart for us to experience this healing vortex assisted with the Three Sister Mountains called Faith, Charity and Hope. It is a very magical place to do this work.

“I gained the gift of discernment at the Sacred Celebration retreat – I more clearly feel and know my truth 💕”

“I was part of something that made me realize our worth, our love, our intentions, and the incredible space we all felt together. I will be back for more!

“This past weekend was super validating for what I have been feeling and witnessing within the collective. life.”

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