Today’s True to You Quote

What do you think the journey is genuinely about? What causes your heart to excitement? What intentions make you feel truly positive about yourself? What if all these reactions were your worth, and the way the world feels about love? Love is intended for our world, and resisting our hearts isn’t a bad thing at all, because in the end what works with us is our truth, and our destiny loves for us to receive what works with us.

Love may be enjoying ice cream with a parent, or cherished friend, or even taking time for yourself, like a yoga class or even a walk outside in the fresh air. The journey to the light is your destiny, because it is an initiation of all the earthly realms of existence that create passion in our eyes for what we want to receive. The earthly realms are all existence helping each other out where are hearts feel one with each-other.

The journey helps break us open, so that we can receive a much-needed life where our hearts decide what works for us. The Journey can take us out of working so hard to help others on their path, because that can be quite straining on the soul, and instead give ourselves permission to know what works for us instead.

Why is this so different than what society typically does? It’s not punishment, nor shameful when we want to help others. In fact, it is in our soul’s journey to remember that punishment isn’t from our earthly realms nor shame.

The journey to the light is reaching out for help from the universe, or from a certain worship that makes your heart feel worthy of love. Even a religion can be inviting to visit in times of need. What works for one soul may not work for another, but all reach their own destiny the way the light directs them.

Even someone like the Dali Lama, his energy radiates his soul from such a deep place in his heart. When he moves into this journey, all souls feel his movement from his own heart. This is why, for instance, trying so hard to please others, or finding a journey that isn’t true to you, isn’t worthy of you.

What is worthy of you is your time, your place, your commitment, which comes from your heart being excited and lets the light in to help you find your destiny.

Enjoy today’s blessings.

Namaste, Karen Neuls 🙏

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