Creating Purpose with the Goddess Bastet

This is the Goddess Bastet, who is known as an Egyptian Goddess, who helps humanity love all beings, and her symbolism is known as a goddess and can transform herself into a black cat, very mysterious but yet fun to play with. She has the most stunning eyes and even that movement is incredible to receive her wisdom to dive deeper onto your path. She came to me about a week ago, while I was doing Yoga, So here we are!
This beautiful art work above is from Artist Nic Phillips @nicphillipssacredart.

She can be a goddess so true to your heart, where her encouragement takes a step to joy, and can be a helpful guide for you.  The Goddess Bastet honours sacred dance, celebration, divine truth and movement in all hearts of humanity.  She plays in the real world like an activation to create happiness. She is also a goddess that loves to live within you, and make you aware to trust in all things that make the light switch turn on in your heart for what you are here to celebrate.  Her divine truth gets things rolling, so deep in our belly to our womb, its births us with substantial growth as a sacred celebration to become a divine destiny that helps to heal our world.  She can also be enormous change for our life, to feel so liberated her own paws love this enormous change by being a generous and substantial grace.  One thing she shared with me, is to be more like a cat once in a while…rest, nap, play, chill!!  

So, no matter where you are in the world, beginning the month of July was honouring the energy of Sirius as a completion and to help make a difference with serenity, growth, and what I would like to call as Sacred Celebration. This also goes well with working with the Goddess Bastet.

Some may know her deeply and profoundly, as others may describe her not really knowing much about her.  Either way, all hearts of humanity are cherished by her love.  She knows our hearts destiny and the unfoldment of letting curiosity be what it is on our earth.  She is consistently working with our earth,  and she is here today as a sacred celebration to discover what it is meant to find purpose,  to call out to your dreams and to banish any fear that might get in the way. 

So let’s consider this, in what manner could you create purpose by deciding spiritual growth is honest with your heart.  Is it capable to dream such a dream that makes this honest yet trusting voice within that says, “ I am meant to be in this lifetime where I know my deep purpose isn’t about wondering about my future, because I trust that no matter what, my heart knows this future, and I call it my destiny”.  I just find that so badass.  

No matter how much shame people project on you,  your heart is incredible and shines like a star in the sky that makes suggestions to you each day, and from that place you SOAR without even knowing the details that are unfolding in your life.  So let’s celebrate an honouring for this month of July, making it most momentous without fearing the unknown in our life, and to take the Goddess Bastet’s hand.  

Fear can destroy us but ironically speaking, movement with Goddess Bastet is knowing all is well, no matter how hard it may seem to be. So let’s make an offering to our world, with an incredible smile that makes our destiny real, authentic and bold. From now on, if you wish, let your life be a sacred celebration where destiny follows and incredible awakening for our earth, and to trust in the most unconditionally form that sees how heavenly this earth can be.

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. My name is Karen Neuls, I am a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission. My biggest passion is learning and leaning more into the light, healing myself from within and creating through with joy, compassion, fulfillment, prosperity and love. I love to intend to keep awareness on myself to keep walking a divine destiny that is rare, organic and feels pure in my heart. I adore being a spiritual teacher, it always felt very organic for me, even though I was so shy when I was a young girl, but somehow my heart was directed always through intervention and it just grew within me. Alongside that, I deeply love connecting to the universe to create courses, classes and workshops that fill and inspire my heart and that serves for the highest good. It fills me with joy knowing how deeply moved and loved we all are on this earth. Surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, even how things should be or expected, flowing to awakening the heart to the divine feminine, embracing no force, limits or conditioning is how I love to move on this earth. It’s not an easy task, my goodness, I continually am learning how deep we are loving the fact life is so supported from the universe, and to be in the heart is where I love to sing with the divine feminine. It is part of what I love to teach and bring forth to our world, to receive more harmony, peace and liberation. I welcome you, if your heart feels guided. 🌹 Namaste, Karen Neuls

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