The Goddess Isis Workshop

Heal with the Goddess Isis of Ancient Egypt and Experience the Power of Courage, Hope and Renewal.
Help bring deep spiritual relief with this sacred workshop through divine energy and spiritual protection.

Explore the ancient mysteries of Egypt from the depths of The Goddess Isis, while renewing your capacity that benefits your courage. And from these depths arises hope, faith and renewal, and with these initiations heals from deep within your heart.

The main theme is empowerment through love, which helps gain the confidence we need. We as lightworkers can sometimes feel very distraught, unsure, or not even recognizing the light within us. Although this is part of our spiritual growth, offering to the Lady Isis, the help or direction you need, to trust in our divine mother to guide and align us with courage, strength and love that awakens within our hearts. The Lady Isis can heal many past lives which aren’t for our highest good anymore. Her element is fire, which creates the divine alchemy to purity our hearts from any darkness. This is also a great workshop if you are going through a crisis, or dealing with a particular loss, or feel a sense of losing that connection to the light. It is a very empowering day.

The Goddess Isis is known deep within our hearts, and she can be that fire inside of you that burns through any darkness, sorrow, feelings of betrayal, and bring it all to the light. How she loves to serve is seeing your own heart banished of fear and hate, so she can empower you and your soul. She loves us unconditionally, and her light works with all on this earth, and how she works is an unconditionally loving movement that benefits all spiritual beings. She also loves to intervene, as she is a fiery badass goddess from the depths of the realms of Egypt, where her own resolution of healing destroyed all evil, which arose the birth of her son Horus, the Egyptian Falcon.

So within these ancient mysteries of Egypt, we work in a sacred pyramid template, where Isis, Horus, Thoth, Sekhmet and Bastet create the alchemy intended for your healing and empowerment. This can be a very sacred movement, which may help you birth your soul in a way that creates divine alchemy, with a rejuvenation of feeling the surrender in your heart that allows the way through any darkness.

This beautiful day is part of Saraswati Healing ™️ which was divinely channeled by Alana Fairchild and her higher spiritual guidance, responsible for her best-selling oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music.

Empower Yourself, Revive Yourself, Heal to be your Authentic Self

Throughout the day, we are empowered with a channelled energetic template.
There are Guided Visualizations and Healing Meditation
We deeply dive into a healing ritual to sacred music.
There is an honouring ritual of completion

Cost $111.00
Future Dates coming Fall/Winter 2023

Location: Joy & Vitality Centre, Calgary AB

163 Quarry Park Blvd Unit 1106

  • Please bring:

Yoga Matt or meditation pillow (there will also be chairs to sit on)
Journal and Pen
Snacks for breaks

Something of the altar, like a piece of jewelry, crystal, photograph, whatever speaks to your heart as it will bask in the energy of the day.

Lunch is not included. There are many restaurants within walking distance to choose from. No food or coffee/tea is allowed in the yoga studio. We will have mini breaks for you to have your snacks, which you can bring with you if you choose.

Isis Oracle created by Alana Fairchild, Artist Jimmy Manton
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