Reiki Certifications

Reiki is a gift you give yourself.   Reiki is a simple form of healing that anyone can learn, but creates powerful results. It is a beautiful and powerful healing system.  Not only does Reiki help to heal pain and and much more, it can also be considered an opening of doors for many and leading them on their spiritual path. Reiki is also a beautiful way to heal from within and bring peace and balance back into your life. 

Receiving your Level II Reiki, brings a deeper focus to the mental and emotional levels of our healing path. You will feel like a piece of the puzzle returns to you that helps you give a feeling of peace and contentment. You will learn how to use the Three Golden Keys for advanced & distant healing. This helps to increase the power of healing, opens you up to a deeper connection with the universe, helps to heal the emotions and the mind, clear and heal karma as well transcend time and space.

To be a Reiki Master, is essential for how we unfold organically on our life path. For some, mastery is something mastered through lifetimes, where as becoming a Reiki Master, is our hearts allowing blessings, healing, master of self, and self awareness to how divine beings who love you unconditionally, that work with you, are your life path with the mastery level. To live with Reiki, is to live with compassion of self, and with others. Being attuned to the mastery level, heals soul life times which benefit one’s self. The bonus is you may wish to teach Reiki yourself, but many choose to allow the mastery level to be an awareness towards their destiny. Being a Reiki Master isn’t about mastering others in their life, but more of a soul journey that takes us within and out of darkness. It is that mastery Dr. Usui believed in.

A little about myself.  I have taught Reiki for many years as well as trained many reiki masters. I have a very strong connection with the Angelic realm, Ascended masters and the Divine Feminine which have all taught and helped me heal with the path of reiki. The goddess Kuan Yin, or Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara spoke to me the very first time I taught Reiki. I knew that the many forms of Kuan Yin, has helped me learn what compassion truly is and how beneficial my life path has been working with her as I continue healing my life. She has moved me, guided me, helped me through immense suffering, including loss, healing betrayal, deep compassion and forgiveness where I feel more free and liberated in my heart. I have learnt to let her be a guide for me, helping me trust that no conditions will ever let suffer again. Kuan Yin, is the Goddess of Mercy, and love is my intention for all hearts through the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara to help all sentient beings be happy and free. It has been so beautiful to see each and every soul awaken to such a deeper knowing of love and healing.  I have loved seeing where Reiki has taken each soul on their path. For me, Reiki was a starting point in my life,  seeking balance and happiness and most importantly love. I never thought by taking a reiki class I would end up so connected to the universe, so deeply in a space of love with myself and having such a gift to be able to open the hearts of so many others.  You don’t need to do what I am doing, as your own reiki guides will guide you as they know what you need most in your heart. Remember Reiki is for YOU.

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