Reiki Certifications


Receiving your Level II Reiki attunes you to a higher frequency of reiki energy. With this you are able to channel reiki as well as the use of the Level II reiki symbols and mantras. You will be able also have a stronger connection to your angels and reiki guides.

Level II reiki helps with a deeper focus to the mental and emotional levels of our healing path. This is one of my most favourite levels to teach, as you are committing to a deeper level of healing, not only yourself, but others as well. You will start to feel like a piece of the puzzle within you returns that helps you give a feeling of peace and contentment.

The second level attunement opens you up more spiritually and psychically which then helps you on healing deeper levels of self love, health, happiness, courage and abundance into your life.

You learn and receive the Three Golden Keys which are sacred reiki symbols and mantras of reiki which you can use to enhance the reiki energy as well as be able to send distant reiki to loved ones or animals, as well as past and future events that might need healing. This is a profound shift just waiting to happen within you!

You will learn to use this reiki connection to heal your present situation by sending healing to wherever the issues originally occurred. This opens our awareness as we learn to connect to our own childhood, for example, to the people from our past who still affects us in some way today.

By learning and focusing our intention on healing, you will in turn, through the ultimate nature of Reiki, send love to whenever it is needed. It cannot be more beautiful than this!

How the Reiki Symbols work:

🙏 They power up and enhance your Reiki Energy
🙏 They help to open you your chakras and heal our sacred wounds
🙏 They help to empower yourself and others
🙏 They help to charge your crystals, visions and goals
🙏 They can be used to bless food, gifts, water, etc!
🙏 They help dissolve negative issues
🙏 They help to remove physical ailments
🙏 They protect you from negative energy
🙏 They help to resolve disputes
🙏 They most importantaly help you with your divine truth and bring to you the awareness to all that is and all that can be seen and received in this world!
Date : February 9th, 2020

Location: Balance Everywhere Retreat Studio. 19 Elma Street, Okotoks AB

Time: 9:30-4:30pm

Cost $222.00