Level 1 Reiki Certification

Receiving your Level I Reiki is a beautiful unified healing system with a deeper connection to healing, love, support and connection with the gift of Reiki. It can also be regarded as a spiritual journey or a life path. Many people say that the healing and balancing of the body’s natural flow of energy create a sense of openness.  This offers the opportunity to expand one’s consciousness, as well as to release long-held stresses and pains.

If you have been having trouble with trust, self-worth, relationships, anxiety, stress, any health issues, or any type of judgement, criticism or betrayal from your past, then Reiki would be a huge benefit to experience the miracle of healing and welcome a new start of living a new life filled with compassion and love.

Level I Reiki also helps to awaken the healer within you and enhances your spiritual growth, develops a more positive attitude, as well you start to make an even deeper connection and awareness to your angels and guides!  You start to trust more in your own intuition and become more of a divine channel. 

We care and love to help others on their path as well. We can experience their pain as well as our own, and by receiving the wisdom of reiki intelligence within your life, you will discover more about who you are, and how you can help heal this world.  You can do reiki on yourself before bed, on your pets, your food, your children, your loved ones and so much more!  The doors that open for you are miraculous.

Level 1 Reiki Certification: 

Within the Level 1 Reiki Certification you will learn and understand:

  • What Reiki truly is
  • What Reiki Feels like
  • The History of Reiki, and Meeting the Grand Masters of Reiki
  • Meeting your Reiki guides and divine beings that love you unconditionally, they will be part of your reiki path.
  • Learn about chakras, auras and energy fields 
  • Learn to trust in your own intuitive messages
  • Learn how to protect and ground yourself
  • Learn how to clear your home & space
  • Learn how to Self Heal yourself
  • Learn how to Heal others
  • Learn to Create healthy boundaries for yourself and others
  • Learn who the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, The Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin is and how they area part of reiki healing which you will find very beneficial with Reiki Energy as a guide to compassion, supreme protection and help when needed.
  • You also receive a attunement which are powerful spiritual initiations opening up your crown charka to the reiki energy. This is something very special to receive and something you will always remember🙏
  • You will always have you reiki and never lose it.
  • You receive a Level 1 Reiki Manual & Certification Certificate 

-And so much more magic because I LOVE to teach with spirit!!! 

Reiki is a gift you give yourself. Allow yourself to receive 💕

Location: Joy and Vitality Centre
163 Quarry Park Blvd
Unit 1106, Calgary AB

Date: May 28th 9:30-5:00pm

Lunch not included. There are many nice small restaurants in the area that are in walking distance.

Cost $222.00

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