Level III ART & Mastery Certification

I find this level can bring so much peace to our hearts, through our journeys and receiving a deeper connection to source as a divine channel of love and healing, gratitude, abundance, joy and liberation for our life path ahead. Being a Reiki Master isn’t about mastering others in their life, but more of a soul journey that takes us within and out of darkness. It is that mastery Dr. Usui believed in. It is very special that a mastery level awakens the souls of others on their journeys if they choose, and being Reiki Love in your heart as you walk your divine destiny births our human collective constant healing around the globe.

This is level of Soul Level Healing when attuned to Level III Reiki or the Advanced Levels of Reiki. This attunement is received when the soul is ready for mastery in their life, or if they are wanting to teach Reiki to other participants. Soul Healing loves unconditionally and when attuned to this frequency of Reiki, the participant welcomes more unconditional love in their heart, and knowing that love is all they need. When you receive your Level III attunement, sometimes shifts occur that work to help the soul in times of deep compassion, working more on self healing, where as the Mastery Level attunement is opening up as a channel of Reiki to help assist others being attuned to Reiki Energy.

What you will learn from the Advanced/ Mastery Reiki Certification

  • Soul Healing and working on healing Karma. This will be a guided meditation with the master symbol, the Dai Ko Myo and your heart where you will be journaling and receiving wisdom for your life path. The heart accesses the Akashic Records with this meditation.
  • How to remove psychic cords if needed or if it is requested.
  • Receive the Usui Master Symbol with the Level III Attunement
  • Learn how to work with the Usui Master Symbol for Soul Healing. We will be working on each other as a guide on the Reiki Table to heal the souls karma and connect to your spiritual body.
  • Work deeper with your Reiki Guides, including Angels & Ascended Masters. There will be self readings on each other, or in a small groups to help trust in yourself as a divine channel with your soul healing and this can heal lifetimes of acknowledging that you are healing your souls journey. It is very special to receive this wisdom and sometimes can be that nudge to trust in your own inner wisdom.
  • Learn how to dive deeper into your heart with unconditional trust.
  • Learn how to connect through as a divine channel of healing with soul healing.
  • Access the Akashic Records for soul healing
  • Work with the Mastery Level, learning how to pass attunements and receive the Reiki Mastery Attunement
  • Working with Deep Reflection for your soul path after the Mastery Attunement and healing through journaling. This will help to dive deeper into your own wisdom as a Reiki Channel and Divine Leader in this lifetime.
  • We will be working with the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, The goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin for this mastery level. While being introduced at the beginning levels of Reiki, compassion and mercy help us out throughout our mastery and into enlightenment so receiving help with the many forms of this unconditional loving guide, you can work more profoundly with her help for your highest good. Avalokiteshvara ends all suffering, including our hearts from past lives, a re-connection to our soul contracts and helps to heal them just by knowing that unconditional love is our truth with this level. Not only that, but Kuan Yin’s mercy allows grace on our earth when we learn how important universal life force energy heals humanity simply by healing ourselves and with that, benefits all spiritual beings.
  • Receive your Mastery Certificate as well as your manuals with added support from me when I am offering Reiki Circles, Reiki Shares or from any of my other offerings that I create.

Cost $777.00 for two days. I do offer a payment plan if needed.

Date September 30th/October 1st. 10-4pm each day.

Location: Mastery in the Yurt at Shawna Whitlock Wellness

12040 338Ave East Okotoks, Alberta

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