Archangel Michael’s Dragons

Archangel Michael’s Dragons are intelligent and wise dragons and are being of assistance to this world in need, so that all spiritual beings benefit from this love and support. Their concern is how the planet is healing at this time, which will eventually lead to huge success for the earth. They are working endlessly on this earth right now, as dragons can go deeper into dense, thicker energy, move it and clear it, as they care so deeply for us. They can also teach you how you can be of service to the planet’s ascension . Archangel Micheal’s dragons do not have free will and are of service for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

In your own life, these dragons can encourage you with their wisdom, the clarity you are seeking and the strength you are perhaps needing. They can also help remove any concerns you may have, including challenges, worries, anxiety or any fear. They will align and lead you more in your heart, protecting you and those you love and shall receive divine assistance wherever needed. They can also spread their cosmic fire on you and the earth and through this element, it will help decrease any fear associated with pain, guilt, manipulation or any form of negative influence.

They’re also very passionate dragons. Welcome the chance to enlighten this world with opportunities allowing new doors to open for you and with your willingness, they will help enhance the frequency and wisdom of Archangel Michael within you. They will light up your world!

The one thing these dragons have taught me is to trust, and do not force anything. Let them help you with beautiful outcomes and the removal of all obstacles. I have experienced this with my own eyes, and they can bring so much joy into your life. No more anxiety, less fear, less drama!

They are a multi tasking dragon and be what ever you need to help you with your choices, navigate you and direct you and align you in your heart.

Here are some ways you can work with these dragons.

💙Ask them to raise your vibration of your crystals
💙 Ask them to raise your vibration of your third eye chakra, clearing away illusions so you can see more clearly.
💙Ask them to raise your vibration of your heart chakra, removing negative influences, draining energies, and any judgement that might still be lingering, or we are ready to deal with.
💙 Ask them to spread their cosmic fire through your energy field, increasing abundance, joy, love, prosperity.
💙 Ask them where can they go in this world to help raise the vibration of our world right now.
💙 Ask them how they would like to work with you!

Enjoy these dragons in your life!
Karen Neuls, The Divine Oracle


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