Intergrate the Master within you.

How would you like to meet the master within you? How many of you feel you were born to do something in this world? Something with a purpose to empower others, to heal others, perhaps to soar your wings and stand out in the crowd? I know you feel it, because it is in you!

Many of us have been here many lifetimes, and we carry a lot of past knowledge and wisdom from these past lifetimes. We have had many positive past lifetimes where you might have been a master or a leader in that lifetime and we have had perhaps lifetimes that brought a lot of heartache. Both of these past lifetimes can be beneficial for your healing and bringing forth the leader within you. But let’s focus on the positive and empowering ones! The ones where you were a leader or master in a past life.

When our soul and heart are ready, we can inter-grate this wisdom from that lifetime to help us in this lifetime. How do you know if your soul is ready? Well..if you are reading this and it sparks an interest to learn more about you..then yes the time is right.

This is something I first experienced and learnt in my Akashic Records, and now with healing sessions that I have offered and or classes I have taught, I have sometimes done this exercise with others if I feel guided and I have seen each individual have beautiful and profound experiences. So really enjoy this!

Right from the Akasha, I asked this question and this was their answer.

“What are the benefits of asking to integrate positive past lifetime masters/leaders that we were from past lives to help us in this lifetime?”

“It encourages you to be braver. It’s helps you become more one with the universe, it will speak to you within your heart and you will remember how you really feel about life. It encourages you to help find your life purpose. To retain knowledge and also helps from a little help from above! It is also very healing for you to discover and helps to bring in more joy, expands your creativity, encourages strength and you will find it easier to channel or receive messages from the divine easier. It will also help to open your heart more to serve this world.

A few things to do before this guided meditation with your guides to help integrate the leader/master within you.

1. Find a time when you won’t be disturbed

2. Sage and cleanse your space, light a candle to disperse all darkness and ask for only the white light to be with you

3. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and place a blue cloak of protection around you.

4. Ask the Fire Dragons, which burn away any negativity and lower vibrations around you, to build a wall of fire around you, protecting your space.

5. Sit, relax and take some beautiful deep breaths in.

Now you are ready.

1.Placing your hands on your heart chakra. Asking your masters/teachers and loved ones from the Akasha to be present with you.

2. Ask that they bring down a pillar of light in front of you…about an arms reach from your heart.

3. Use your heart and build a divine bridge from your heart into this pillar of light.

4. Ask specifically that your masters/teachers and loved ones bring forth your soul from a positive past lifetime that can help you in your life now. Then see this soul come on the other side of the pillar of light to speak to your soul and to ask for advice from your soul for this lifetime.

5. Sit and feel your body, listen for any messages that come to you.

6. You can ask if the master you were from this past life time would like to come back into your heart, to integrate into you. Let them choose. They will either come through the pillar of light, through the bridge and into your heart and you should feel them come, or they won’t at this time, and please honor that. They might have just come forth to help you with a seed of information or light to help you in this lifetime. Both ways will be what is best for your life purpose. It also may not be one of your past life’s, but perhaps a guide that wishes to come forth for you as well. Both are just as beneficial and healing.

7. Thank this soul or guide for coming. Asking now that the masters teachers and loved ones close the pillar of light and bring you back down to waking reality.

8. You are done. Take time to integrate what you have received, it can be quite a powerful and healing energy that comes to you, so rest, nurture, go for a walk, or do what feels best for you! Write out your experience as well if you wish.

9. You are a master! This is something you can do over again when you feel guided as you will receive new information and healings each time.

I will share with you one of my stories from a past life, when I was a master who helped this world. The story started out with my father in that life time. He was an aboriginal leader of a tribe from Australia . This was a very ancient life that I went to. I wasn’t born yet but he called for me from the sky. His tribe was in need of healing and he knew he needed this gift to help him. I was born in that life time and my father in that lifetime kept telling me, I was such a wild child…I couldn’t be controlled or told what to do. I was a very free spirit. He told me I really knew the buffalo. I was just a child when I started helping people. As I grew I became a healer and angel for the tribe, helping to heal the people. I had a daughter as well in that lifetime, and we left the tribe and followed more of my path, touching more people in their hearts, teaching people to heal . My own Masters, Teachers and Loved ones showed me in this lifetime , that I just had to place my hand on others and it would help them heal. I never married in that lifetime, but my daughter and I spread love, teachings and healings. It was a very profound experience to feel and see, and this soul did choose to integrate into my heart to help me help heal myself and this world. I was needing this soul in this lifetime now, to help me feel free in my life, and with her knowledge and healing abilities it has helped me overcome an even deeper fear of being alone, but not lonely, and traveling this world and being of service. You may overcome many challenges by being empowered with this gift. It can also be very healing for you. I have seen many more of my past lifetimes, all in time when you are ready to receive. It will speak to you and my intention is that it really helps you see the truth of this world and to serve from your heart.

Thank you for having the courage and strength to see your truth! I love you!

Karen Neuls

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Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner of the Kuan Yin Transmission™️ and Saraswati Healing™️. I am also a Karuna Reiki Master and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. I have been on my path for over 12 years, and I have really been entertained for how beautiful, unexpected and glorious the divine can be with us. I love my role as a healer, being connected to the divine each and every day and I deeply love to teach, inspire and help others feel this divine love that the universe has for each and every one of us. My own heart has received so much love, grace, and mercy from the divine within my own healing and I have a huge passion for helping guide others on their sacred path. Passion and Purpose were something my heart was really desiring, and doing this work has allowed me that divine alchemy to feel such unconditional love with the divine, and the joy I was wanting to receive.

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