Our Universal Mother, Kuan Yin

🌸The Goddess Kuan Yin is our universal mother who helps us with mercy, compassion protection and intervention. She who unconditionally loves this world. I have worked very closely with this Goddess of Compassion, one who threw me so much support and love when I least expected it, and when needed it the most.
The divine intervention I needed to help assist me when I had to confront others, see horrible things I had no idea how to fix and when I needed protection from negative influence and energy. She has given me strength in my heart to trust her completely and I allow her to guide me, with gentle loving energy, which has also helped my loved ones as well. She can help you detach from the fear, negativity and anger that has been arising.
Trust in the divine right now, trust in Kuan Yin’s power to help problem solve what we seem to have trouble with. She knows the highest resolution to help this world, she doesn’t deny, judge or betray anyone. Trust in what is coming 🌸
For those of you that don’t know much about Kuan Yin, her story entails that she was a Buddhist who through great love and sacrifice during life, had earned the right to enter Nirvana, a place of peace and happiness after death. While standing at the gates of heaven, she heard a cry of suffering from the earth below, and she turned back to earth, and devoted her reward of bliss eternal to immortality in the hearts of the suffering.
I love you, Trust in what is coming 🌸
Karen Neuls , The Divine Oracle



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