Mother Mary’s Grace

🌹Mother Mary’s grace is shining down upon our earth right now. With her knowledge, unconditional love and her divine protection, there is a whole new world emerging from our hearts. You are capable of miracles. May we always be protected in Mother Mary’s grace as she divinely guides us through unexpected events, problems we don’t know how to solve and that she is our survival.
Continue praying for miracles, healing and her grace each and every day, especially when fear arises. She is our mother, our grace and our light for this world. She heals temptation out of our hearts.
Mother Mary’s grace saved my own family from an entanglement of darkness, her grace not only is healing, but can be your guide to protect you in times when you need her. I was on the ground in tears with so much love for how she saved us. This came up for me with The Kuan Yin Transmission, created by Alana Fairchild.
Even in our own darkness, may we never forget the abundance of love that is here for us and that we are worthy of receiving, with no judgement no matter how terrible we may feel. She will never turn away from you.
May all hearts be healed on this earth and may they endure this greater love within them.
Karen Neuls


Artist: Jorisvo

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