A Message from the Goddess Tara

A Message from the Goddess Tara, the Goddess of liberation and freedom.

She tells me, she is bringing the world back to life! She is our movement, our answers, our prayers, our courage, our strength and the way to enlightenment. She is moving out what no longer serves. She loves us so deeply and can be quite the rebel. She doesn’t hold back!
What you seek is seeking you, she says. She is going to be quite healing and powerful with the world as December has been so challenging for many. She is lighting up our world. You are not alone, and even when you are under pressure, she is consistently moving you.

Asking for her help, brings in great change, just like the wind. She is vivacious and swift with her work. She is wonderful to call upon when we feel we cannot move forward.
She is helping remove the obstacles of the world right now, and she can help you establish an intention to start living your life NOW. What you have been challenged with, will be no more. And in honour of this, I will share with you how moving she was with me.

When I was receiving the Kuan Yin Transmission, she removed all negativity and jealousy out of my auric field. She walked with me through the darkness, she encouraged me to trust in her light, her movement broke me open, cleared my heart, reclaimed my power and showed me my own strength. She said, NO MORE will this happens to you. This was my liberation as I crossed the threshold into a whole new life. A different life, nothing I expected, that is so truthful, authentic, compassionate, and I feel even more vibrant, radiant, vivid and free. This is here for all of us!

To reclaim your power, remove negativity, drama, and move more into your success, dreams and destiny…

Repeat this daily up to as many times as you like. I tend to sing it quietly when I am out I’m about, or am in a bind with difficult energy that I don’t always know how to get out of.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soham. (sounds like OHM TAR-RAY TWO-TAR-RAY TWO RAY SOH-HUM)

May this world be enlightened with the healing power of Tara and her wisdom she is bringing to this earth. May beings be free.
Karen Neuls

Artist Zen Hao, Image from The Kuan Yin Orcale by Alana Fairchild

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Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner of the Kuan Yin Transmission™️ and Saraswati Healing™️. I am also a Karuna Reiki Master and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. I have been on my path for over 12 years, and I have really been entertained for how beautiful, unexpected and glorious the divine can be with us. I love my role as a healer, being connected to the divine each and every day and I deeply love to teach, inspire and help others feel this divine love that the universe has for each and every one of us. My own heart has received so much love, grace, and mercy from the divine within my own healing and I have a huge passion for helping guide others on their sacred path. Passion and Purpose were something my heart was really desiring, and doing this work has allowed me that divine alchemy to feel such unconditional love with the divine, and the joy I was wanting to receive.

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