All hearts come for a place of their own destiny.

There is a whole part of my own destiny where I continue seeing more truths from the universe, where my heart needs to heal, and plenty of times I have argued with others. However, eventually, I came from a place in my heart where I was shown a new reality where all hearts come from a place of their own destiny, and that made me realize that core value in my own heart receives so much love, but letting people be who they are. I love them and want them to heal and find their destiny. And this also works for me, because I can see their views as miracles happening in their lives, and that’s where my gratitude shifts my reality and plays a significant role in my own life and my own destiny. I just heard the universe say to me the other day, “Trust in their fears, Karen”. I instantly felt peace.

What is happening in our world right now is the divine path works alongside everyone and gives us the chance to review our life and what matters most to us. People’s views are part of their path, and by knowing that their hearts shall receive grace and truth through this, allows us and our hearts to lead with compassion.

Compassion always leads the heart. A scenario would be not letting others decide what works best for them, and concluding what works best for them, and where compassion sets in, would be no matter what they decide, their heart is always right and will work for them and help benefit them, and breaks a chain of not being able to see eye to eye. Many of this comes from past wounds, but when the soul sets in compassion, all wounds are healed.

Right vs Right can be discernment, but not all hearts receive such value, and this is where compassion works with the world and needs no argument by letting others be who they are, and this is what sets in compassion.

Our hearts are here to heal, which gives us purpose, and it doesn’t matter what other people’s views are, as they know what they need to help overcome their fears. You know exactly what you need to overcome yours.

Right decisions are always made, which makes our world safe to live in, and being part of our world gives us the balance we need to support us until there comes a time where our hearts believe in our destiny, and gives us the chance to request the divine for help and make decisions that are from the heart.

No matter what your heart decides, it will simply call to you and support you.

Whatever decisions are made, requesting the divine for help works with our world, and there is always a meaningful surprise that benefits all humanity.
All things work together, and that’s where we can simply pray and say

“May all hearts work together to overcome our fears, trust in the process, and know all is well in our world.

Karen 😇🙏🌍❤️

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