The Hindu Goddess Durga

“Do not be afraid to see the world as it is now.”

In Sanskrit, Durga means “invincible.” She is a Hindu goddess known as our divine mother who destroys evil. No darkness can ever defeat her. She helps raise us out of the darkness and destroys the evil around us. She who helps us see the light, allows us not to be afraid, and when she comes to you, you no longer need to fear. She will teach you how to discern what is in front of you and what you are fighting. She loves to teach you about this! Durga can help make this visible to you to open the door to the light. We are given choices, just like others. We can choose to fight and get angry with ourselves or others, or we can allow Durga to intervene and change this pattern and align you more in your heart. She is an excellent guide to help us trust in the divine intelligence of how this world needs to heal without us being pulled into darkness and fear. May we all overcome this.

The Goddess Durga was created to combat evil. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva’s trinity came together and created this powerful female form with ten arms, which protects her followers in all directions. The goddess holds a different weapon in each hand, gifted by the gods for her to fight against evil. She will hold you in her fort of goodness and strengthen this within your heart. Durga can understand the clarity you are seeking, which is why she is so wonderful to work with if you need direction and alignment on your path.

I want to share with you one experience this beautiful goddess taught me, from my heart. She has been working with me profoundly, and through her teachings, she has helped me define more of who I am, helps me appreciate with clarity, cuts out the confusion and helps step me out of fear. She’s not afraid to show you this either! I loved this, as it helped me with my confidence, helped my frustration with myself and others, and my ability to raise my vibration while honouring those around me.

One day I was battling choices in my heart, and it was an experience I was going through with someone I love. I have found it hard to see someone make these choices. I was trying to keep myself busy, so I didn’t have to think about the day, what might happen, how much longer I would have to witness this and suffer. I know I am not alone when it comes to emotional stress, worry and what we cannot control.  

Durga said to me, “This is merely the separation from the heart, Karen.” She pointed out that I was forcing myself to be busy so that I didn’t’ have to endure my anger and frustration. She reminded me that I will see a different side of things soon and that one must not deny your feelings but believe that your joy is leading you in the right direction.  

My joy is writing, learning and having a beautiful relationship with my guides, angels and family. I love lots of laughter, dancing and singing! So much that fills my heart.

There is even a simpler way than that, and this is the side of life people don’t often comprehend. Surrender and let the universe take over. I know these are significant steps. Durga will help those out of their darkness while protecting you. She can guide you by letting you know with so much love, not to be afraid of those around you, no matter what their choices are. The more we are determined to grow through this, every step leads you more in your heart. So let life happen, continue doing what brings you joy, and she will take care of the rest. As time has gone by, I have seen a difference in this loved one and myself; the more I don’t force or get involved, no matter how fearful it may be, more healing has happened without struggle or fighting. It’s very liberating and peaceful .

She says to me as she speaks to you now;

“Don’t be afraid to see the world as it is.

“You don’t need to fear evil. When you come face to face with darkness, the right direction will be shown. Those who are so hurt are determined to fight. You are bound to grow through this, and with every step, this growth helps lead you more in your heart. We want the world to see life again. Durga has claimed her power here on earth, and she is helping with making wise decisions that help reclaim our power. When Durga comes to mind, do not be afraid to see darkness because there will be signs that show you the direction and more importantly, it gives you the chance to welcome the new in your life. Durga says she has seen the truth, and with this separation of hearts, “I won’t make this world fight, but I absolutely will bring back humanity and help heal this world. This is where I conquer. I want what’s best for this world, and so it shall be done.”

Invocation for Durga:  You can place your hands in Anjali mudra, which is a prayer position of hands on your heart. 

Repeating below;

Durga, Divine Mother of the universe, please help me open doors to new life. May you hold me in your fort of goodness and truth, uproot and lift me out of darkness, help me overcome my fear, and clear way what hasn’t been serving me. May you stand in my fear and continue to guide me with no force, instead with wisdom and unconditional love, for I shall become more than I ever imagined. May I stand for courage and no longer need to fear evil. Soha

A beautiful way to connect with Durga is singing or chanting her mantra while in meditation or just throughout the day! It’s excellent to do when you seem to be fighting with yourself, your thoughts or others, or when you feel guided.

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha 

Om: The Divine Word and primordial origin of Sound

Dum: The bija for Durga*. ( bija means seed) 

Durgayei: A formal name for Durga (“The Fort”)

Namaha: I bow to you

May all hearts benefit from this beautiful teaching from Durga. 

Namaste 🙏

Karen Neuls 🌹

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. You have found my page and it is my honour with gratitude to share with you my story as a healer and why I have created my purpose through my destiny, as I dearly love to help all on this earth receive unconditional love with grace and mercy. Many of you may be healers who have visited my website, so it gives me the pleasure to say hello divine one. I honour you and your truth so deeply and profound that I hope this creates a space to offer what I am all about. Deep within my soul, I have created a liberating peaceful signature that loves to work on anything that doesn’t seem fitting for our heart truths. I am a lightworker, and I feel I have found myself over many moons and lifetimes of generational pain where I could trust so deeply in the movement of unconditional love, that it gave me the strength to walk beside so many earthly beings, to help me create my astonishing destiny in my heart where my soul grows everyday. I am a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing™️, an Intermediate Saraswati Tantric Flow Practitioner as well as a Pracitioner of The Kuan Yin Tranmission™️. With all of these beautiful modalities, I have also come across lifetimes of Angelic Mediumship, where I cherish even in this lifetime a connection that gave me the strength across the bridge to reach past loved ones and with the help of the angelic realm. My destiny wanted to offer peace as a way through any of these modalities that can give you spiritual empowerment, heart based messages, trusting your path, empowering your soul, creating like the badass you are, or simply just being true to you. So in my words, what works best for you is trusting your own heart, and when your heart speaks, listen with gratitude for how the universe shows us it's our turn to receive, be, live, come alive, work through divine play and encouragement that makes all beings benefit through your own heart.

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