I am beyond my beliefs

This beautiful quote came to me from the universe not too long ago, and it felt incredibly freeing to acknowledge this from within. I am not challenging anyone’s belief systems, because I see the world that I live in as part of healing humanity, but I recognize within myself that belief systems don’t affect me the same way they used to.

There are many belief systems in our world, and many of these belief systems manage our world without considering what the world says as to what the world does and the world has faced many fears regarding belief systems.

The universe has made me face many fears involving not only my own but other people’s belief systems, and what was shown to me was their understanding of what the world is for them. But it wasn’t me. It is very encouraging, as I understood the possibilities that makes their belief systems known, and to be able to comprehend that I am not at all what people expect me to be. That’s the juicy part which can get messy, but within that mess, comes absolute beauty from within!
This was a fear I faced, and without this truth and making an appearance of what was shown to me, I noticed how unhealthy my life was. This was the guiding light within me, which made me realize I wasn’t aware of recognizing patterns and belief systems causing blame, guilt, and not recognizing how much hurt I had inside of me.

I see my beliefs as a way to serve our world without any conditions, no expectations, and I am healthy the way to see the world. I didn’t always acknowledge what made me feel so poorly, and I got used to feeling this way. It was a belief. I eventually noticed each sign that allowed me to see life differently and to make those brave changes.

What do you suppose is not a belief system?
Here are a few examples that you may ponder!

❤️When we find our own truth within
❤️When we question fear and learn from it
❤️When we find our own happiness inside
❤️When we expect nothing
❤️When love shows us the way

Belief systems change, and this is why many people are always in confusion. If we were to change the way we view belief systems, our minds would be more at peace, only to show us that our hearts can lead us. And if we can show others how to lead with their hearts, we are given even more reason to live, and with giving comes so much receiving, joy, abundance, and freedom.

When we are not afraid to see the world the way it is, truth is shown, and even if it can be hard to see, this is the closet experience of fear the world has yet faced. If we could honesty be shown all that humanity has already faced, the world would be beside themselves in not fearing at all. Humanity would already feel more self-reassured and would put on a new smile daily!

I am honoured in your truth and may you feel free in your heart to acknowledge your truth as well. I recognize you 🥰🙏😇
Namaste, I love you!
Karen Neuls

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Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner of the Kuan Yin Transmission™️ and Saraswati Healing™️. I am also a Karuna Reiki Master and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. I have been on my path for over 12 years, and I have really been entertained for how beautiful, unexpected and glorious the divine can be with us. I love my role as a healer, being connected to the divine each and every day and I deeply love to teach, inspire and help others feel this divine love that the universe has for each and every one of us. My own heart has received so much love, grace, and mercy from the divine within my own healing and I have a huge passion for helping guide others on their sacred path. Passion and Purpose were something my heart was really desiring, and doing this work has allowed me that divine alchemy to feel such unconditional love with the divine, and the joy I was wanting to receive.

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