Saraswati Healing is the heart, where our souls grow substantially.

This was my day today, this is my passion and I truly love to share this experience with you about Divine Intervention, Abundant Blessings and Gratitude.

I was so honoured to teach a Crystal Goddesses 888 Workshop with Saraswati Healing™️ today. We worked with the 888 vibration, which brings us trust in our divine mother, how she shows up for us, how she guides and directs us and the support and direction given is so abundantly received. Abundance and Blessings!

I honour such a profound truth with Saraswati Healing, the direction she shows me, how I show up for my workshops that I teach, the trust in the heart, the courage that comes, and how the divine mother leads us. To me, how I have experienced her, Saraswati is a goddess of divine timing, creativity, and she sparks this light within us, which breaks us free and lights up our world with our true divine purpose and destiny. She creates, not only from words, but she lives and breathes within us, which creates our own trust in her and seeing our hearts like a spiral of creation, giving us our own passion, our soul’s expression, and to be FREE to be you as you were always meant to be. She always makes me smile as I am learning to trust even deeper; she takes out the guesswork for us, she divinely directs our souls where our hearts can lead us. She definitely can spark that within us, filed with unconditional love. She is the gratitude for our earth which can make all hearts smile.

My own heart was shown the way today; it was an incredible gift simply by being in such integrity with my own heart. Great success can happen even when we don’t realize it. I trusted in the divine mother’s direction today, not my usual workshop because there was this divine intervention that showed me grace can happen regardless if anyone else shows up. Although this was a group healing, what came from this shifted the energy in the space where it didn’t matter, no matter how many I was uncertain of coming because I understand plans can change or unexpected events can happen. There were a few that paid but didn’t come in the end. I am certain all were guided to trust in their own hearts. It was still a truly abundant day because I realized that sharing from the heart, even with those who were there, gave my heart permission to expect less from others, to see that even right in front of me, why my heart felt so much gratitude. In fact, my words were, “I am so grateful because I can love myself no matter what life shows me, and that is where gratitude set in, in all hearts.

Those who didn’t show up gave me a gift because it gave me permission to be myself. After all, my heart truly realized how strong I have become since working with the Divine Mother. When we honour the roles as the healers we are, nothing will ever stand in our way. Saraswati Healing can conquer all fears, even though what works for one may not work for another. Creation sets in to allow the light to enter our hearts, see life incredibly and trust deeper in what works for our own hearts.

There is never any shame on why someone doesn’t show up because, from my heart, I trusted that all who did show up were meant to be there. Because some didn’t show up, it positively gave me great pleasure to love all, and that helps all conquer their own fears. I would love to honour those who didn’t come as well, as allowing them to have a heart-driven experience, because their hearts also have deepened, which is the incredible alchemy that keeps our hearts strong, healthy, alive and allows our souls to be who they are. They still benefited from this day.

Saraswati Healing is the heart, where our souls grow substantially. It’s not about how many show up, its pure heart, and the incredible outcome of this work shall always be received as an incredible journey that takes us out of our heads and into our heart and into the divine mothers care where we are nurtured, supported, and filled with light and purpose. Alana Fairchild and her Higher Spiritual Guidance has created and channelled this gorgeous and powerful energetic healing modality, responsible for her best-selling oracle decks, books and albums of meditation and music. 🙏❤️🍑🦁

My heart is smiling with so much gratitude for all the abundant blessings here for us on this earth, and just what I continue to receive myself fills my heart with passion, joy ,creativity and great pleasure meeting so many beautiful divine souls.

I will be hosting another Crystal Goddesses 888 Workshop in the new year if you feel guided to receive abundant blessings, divine direction and spiritual growth! A Spiral of creation in your heart 💞🎶🌈🌏❤️
Stay tuned!
Namaste 🙏🌹💚
Karen Neuls

Published by Karen Neuls

Welcome Beloved. My name is Karen Neuls, I am a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, as well as a Practitioner of Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission. My biggest passion is learning and leaning more into the light, healing myself from within and creating through with joy, compassion, fulfillment, prosperity and love. I love to intend to keep awareness on myself to keep walking a divine destiny that is rare, organic and feels pure in my heart. I adore being a spiritual teacher, it always felt very organic for me, even though I was so shy when I was a young girl, but somehow my heart was directed always through intervention and it just grew within me. Alongside that, I deeply love connecting to the universe to create courses, classes and workshops that fill and inspire my heart and that serves for the highest good. It fills me with joy knowing how deeply moved and loved we all are on this earth. Surrendering and letting go of old ways of thinking, beliefs, even how things should be or expected, flowing to awakening the heart to the divine feminine, embracing no force, limits or conditioning is how I love to move on this earth. It’s not an easy task, my goodness, I continually am learning how deep we are loving the fact life is so supported from the universe, and to be in the heart is where I love to sing with the divine feminine. It is part of what I love to teach and bring forth to our world, to receive more harmony, peace and liberation. I welcome you, if your heart feels guided. 🌹 Namaste, Karen Neuls

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