Archangel Metatron

There is always a direct response to Archangel Metatron. His gift to you is waiting for the perfect time to arise within you where he shall spread his wings upon the earth where he makes his presence known.  He works with all who ask him for his help.  He knows your truth, your wisdom and the courage it takes to find this.  With his knowledge, he directs you by first acknowledging what you have already completed.  If this were a question for you, it would be answered without doubt or confusion.  He makes his way through our world with definite delight because he trusts in you and what you want for this world.  Archangel Metatron owns his own power within the Angelic Realm, and him showing you today what it takes to recognize that power within you shall always remain with you. You are either a teacher, a healer or working with the Angels right now, and this is where he wants you to be because no one matters more than you.

Prayer: Archangel Metatron, please help me with guidance on what benefits my heart most that helps me create my purpose without doubt and may I use my own power and dignity to find it.

Enjoy his wisdom!

Namaste đź’–

Karen Neuls

Posted by

Spiritual Teacher and Practitioner of the Kuan Yin Transmission™️ and Saraswati Healing™️. I am also a Karuna Reiki Master and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. I have been on my path for over 12 years, and I have really been entertained for how beautiful, unexpected and glorious the divine can be with us. I love my role as a healer, being connected to the divine each and every day and I deeply love to teach, inspire and help others feel this divine love that the universe has for each and every one of us. My own heart has received so much love, grace, and mercy from the divine within my own healing and I have a huge passion for helping guide others on their sacred path. Passion and Purpose were something my heart was really desiring, and doing this work has allowed me that divine alchemy to feel such unconditional love with the divine, and the joy I was wanting to receive.

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