Archangel Michael

While saying prayers to Archangel Michael, his work not only shields you from fear, but his undeniable strength gives him the power to stand by God.  He makes his way into our world just by knowing that all circumstances lead us to great strength, and where you stand, today is exactly what is benefiting you most.  He shows himself in many ways which help us discover more about our soul’s growth and what we can do to help discover it. He has a magnificent sword where he lights up our world with it taking down unnecessary energy that create chaos in our world.  You can see him or feel him with his sword by just knowing he is with you now. Give him your strength, and your confidence shall remain true to you.

You shall be freed from your fear.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to trust in faith as I walk my path of courage, whether I know where I am going or not. I do not need to fear these steps as I am already being directed, and I shall see this on my path without even knowing it because I can make a stand to trust in my own heart where Archangel Michael lives.

Enjoy ❤️

Namaste Brave Soul🙏

Karen Neuls

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