Compassion comes from the Heart

When we disagree with others, what comes is distrust in our soul. If we agreed with others with no expectations of otherā€™s opinions, our souls grow. Agreeing with others, is not the same as living your own truth. We can make life much simpler if compassion gave our hearts a chance to let each other win and we would be of service to each other where no shame or fear is spread onto the world. If fear and shame are going to be our constant battle, no one would ever feel uplifted or take charge of their own life.

If compassion sets in, instead of arguing and rather than ignoring our own feelings, give gratitude for what was shared, we would love each other. Pain and suffering leads to a heart that continues to feel betrayed, and fear takes over. The worst part about fear is that it constructs our souls to feel damaged, not part of the divine, as where the light each day carries us, and our souls go beyond our fears and helps us out.

If we consider our whole life story a reaction of love, we would see a gift within us, a surprise each day, a love that helps us shine our lights, and a great change of our souls come from this. What was damaged is now healed, and from the Angels perspective, all hearts work together in this world, even if they are in despair or anguish. All hearts know truth, and given this chance, liberation is achieved.

Compassion comes from a place from the heart, and trust works with us, not against us. Liberation works with trust, and any issues around the heart are always shown the way. One of the most magnificent things about compassion is that it is like a ripple effect that reacts so calmly but consistently, shows us love, respect, inspiration, renewal, and is a source of help that gives us a chance to break free from the damage that constantly goes through our mind.

Each day I find forgiveness in what I cannot change, and my heart shows me the way. Please share this if you like, and may you feel encouraged to let your heart decide how compassion creates simple measures that take you beyond your fears, and to view life as a life filled with love you will share.

Namaste! I dearly love you
Karen šŸ„°

Gratitude to this amazing photographer Dana Pugh!

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